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Labor Day Punky Reggae Party

Labor Day is the busiest times of the year of the year in Rocky Point. With nearly every resort at full occupancy every year, it brings an atmosphere unlike any other! With all kinds of great Labor Day Parties and festivities planned all throughout the weekend, you are going to have a lot to choose from! Labor-Day-Beach-Party-Flyer2Let me help narrow your decision and tell you that the Punky Reggae Beach Party is going to the best party all weekend. This Reggae Beach Party is planned at Manny’s Beach Club on Saturday, August 31st. With 2 great bands from Arizona and no cover charge, this beach party is a no brainer! And it’s all ages show, so anybody can go and enjoy the music. The first band that is playing is RAC from Glendale, AZ. A 5 piece reggae dub band returns to Rocky Point and are sure to bring their fresh reggae vibes back to Rocky Point. To hear some of their tunes check out their Facebook. Also playing the show is Valley Love. Another AZ local, this 5 piece band plays a mix of rock, jazz, blues, reggae, and hip hop. If you want to get a taste of their blend check out their ReverbNation. Both of these bands have made a name for themselves in the local reggae scene in Arizona and are going to give Rocky Point a taste of some Arizona “desert reggae.”
As if a free reggae concert wasn’t cool enough, Manny’s Beach Club has added a beer pong tournament that will go throughout the night! Who knows you might face off with some of the members of RAC and Valley Love! One Love Events Promotions is throwing this event and you can find more info about them on their Facebook.
If you are thinking about making the trip down to Rocky Point check out our website for reservations or call us toll free at 1-800-997-9431. This is a weekend in Puerto Penasco that you do not want to miss!

Funkalicious Volleyball Tournament

In 2009 Rocky Point welcomed the first official Funkalicious Volleyball Tournament. Starting off small, Funkalicious Volleyball only had 29 teams the first year the event was held and this past October they welcomed 93 teams to this amazing tournament. Growing rapidly and becoming more than just a volleyball tournament, participants are sure to enjoy everything that is planned during this Funkalicious weekend. With 2 tournaments held per year, each tournament is given a specific theme and each team is encouraged to come up with a creative team name. The upcoming tournament this year is being held on November 9th at Las Palomas Resort. Groovy_Movies_135-345x224Competition in this tournament spans to all levels and no matter what your level of experience with volleyball might be, you can still compete in this tournament. This tournament is a 4v4 style play and you are allowed up to 4, 5, or 6 players on your team; if you would like to register click here. Registration opens September 1st and is $180/team. Check the website for exact details on a “funkalicious discount” that can get you up to a 50% discount on your stay at Las Palomas.
On top of an amazing weekend of competition, we still have yet to tell you guys about the best part of the weekend. Funkalicious Volleyball has 2 player parties for the participants in order to keep the excitement going all weekend long. A63-323x205The first party takes place on Friday night at the Phase II pool bar to make sure we kick off the weekend right and to wrap up the event come join the Funkalicious crew at 9pm on Wrecked at the Reef for the post party. All weekend long you can eat at the breakfast burrito bar for only $10/person and enjoy the 2 for 1 happy hour deal at the pool bar. With over $2400 in cash prizes and $2000 in sponsor prizes awards, don’t bring anything less than your A game down to Rocky Point on November 9th weekend. For a more thorough description of the structure of the tournament, rules, and any other details you may desire please visit their Funkalicious’s website here.

Puerto Viejo Coffee Shop Opens in Puerto Peñasco

This Saturday Puerto Peñasco welcomed a new coffee shop to the Old Port area, Puerto Viejo Tostadores De Café. Puerto Viejo is one of a kind coffee shop and is sure to bring some fresh new aromas to the area. The interesting part of this coffee shop, is that there are 2 areas; The Roastery & Coffee Bar.  972068_276675372475662_1242839329_n994562_276994802443719_1696832952_nAll the coffee that is served at Puerto Viejo is roasted and brewed in house. Puerto Viejo serves organic coffee brought from the Chiapas State and has plans to tap into other locations which will allow to them receive coffee beans from other origins such as; Veracruz, Oaxaca and occasionally  of  other countries. You can also buy the same beans they use in the store to take them home and brew up some delicious organic coffee in the comfort of your home. This will be officially the only place in Puerto Penasco where you can try this type of fresh roasted coffee and coffee brewed from the different methods that Puerto Viejo uses.
Avid coffee brewers and coffee connoisseurs believe that the preparation process,544438_276960032447196_56121873_n how the coffee is535730_282786578531208_1003614488_n brewed, is arguably one of the most important processes of coffee. Changing the method used to brew your coffee changes the way it tastes, strength  of the coffee and smoothness. In order to provide it’s customers with the options to choose how their coffee is brewed and perhaps explore different brewing methods, Puerto Viejo is using a variety of methods to make their coffee. Some examples of the brewing methods that Puerto Viejo uses are Chemex, V60, Cold Brew and French Press. Before you buy your beans, why not check them out in the “tostadora” that can be seen inside Puerto Viejo! Check out this awesome picture of some beans being roasted and prepared for the brewing process. Puerto Viejo has also an amazing deck overlooking the Sea of Cortes, if it’s your first time in Rocky Point, or you are a local we recommend that everyone come check out Puerto Viejo for some of the best coffee in town! Enjoy. Going Green

We are entering a point in our lives where we all need to start to become environmentally aware. Scientist tell us that within the next 50 years we will run out of fossil fuels and environmental experts are always keeping an eye on the now depleting population of the worlds forests and trees.reducereuserecycle copyEntire rainforests are cut down to make lumber for construction and paper for schools, office buildings and simple everyday use. As Americans we use about 70 million tons of paper every year. On average there are 2 billion books, 350 million magazines and 24 billion newspapers published. It is more important now than ever that we try and make a change in the amount of paper we use, recycling efforts, and maybe even the challenging but reward “paper-free” environment. In order to try and do our part in this time of much needed environmental awareness, is now going complete paper-free in all of our offices. It wasn’t an overnight transition and definitely required effort by all employees, but we have officially converted to paper-free. All of our files are now digital and we try and do our best to minimize any paper that is used in the office. If any paper is used in the office for meetings, or specific purposes we pay close attention that we recycle it correctly and dispose of it correctly. Converting most of our files to digital format is has also allowed for better organization throughout the office. Instead of misplacing a paper it is simply in a folder on of our computers. To be sure that all of our files are safe we have also backed our digital files onto external hard drives. We recommend that if you’re going for the paper free office, you should also back up your files to be secure. img_PaperlessGuy_540x360Going paper free may not be the best option for you at the moment, but keep it in mind. Don’t have the mentality that you going paper free won’t change anything in the grand scheme of things, because you never know you may set off a trend and influence more people to adopt the paper free lifestyle. Before it’s too late and the forests are all gone lets conserve our paper and make sure that there is still paper to recycle in 50 years from now.

Beach Music For Your Next Vacation

Music is a huge part of our day to day lives. It is something that can dictate the way we feel, how we perceive certain situations and even what we see in a sense. I know personally I never go through a day without listening to some of my favorite songs, bands, or albums. I never go on a vacation without creating a new playlist and getting some music to fit with the type of vacation I am going on. ipod_beach_by_wolfkiing-d4anwpc In this blog we wanted to give you guys a few suggestions for artists to listen to on your beach vacation, or places to find some create playlists. As always some of the best places to find on the go music are websites and apps such as Pandora, Spotify, or 8-Tracks. Pandora allows you to create a “radio” that off of your favorite band and plays you all sorts of music that is related to this artist that they believe you will also enjoy. Pandora gives you a great variety and you won’t have to worry about listening to the same song twice. Spotify also has the option for a “radio” type play, or you can search virtually any song and stream it for free on your laptop. jack johnson copyThere are certain songs/artists that aren’t on Spotify, but I’ve never had a problem with it. 8-Tracks is a perfect website to find playlists created by music lovers. Simply search, “beach”, “beach vacation”, “chill”, etc. and you will see hundreds of results of different playlists and combinations of music to listen to on your beach vacation.  Some of my favorite artists to listen to while I’m on a beach vacation are Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Michael Buble, Bob Marley, or Rebelution. Personally I try and listen to more relaxing music; acoustic, reggae, light rock or something along those lines. That way when I am laying on the beach listening to the Sea of Cortes, I feel right at ease.

Ultralight Flights in Rocky Point

If you’ve ever been to Rocky Point I’m sure you have looked up on the beach and seen one of those “things” flying around over the ocean. Well those “things” are actually called ultralights and they are a very unique and exciting way to get to see Sandy Beach and the Sea of Cortes. ultralight copyYou get to fly around at the same height as all the resorts and admire Rocky Point’s beauty from a perspective that not many can say they have done! Ultralights started to become popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s after there was a large demand for affordable powered flight. As a result of this ultralights started to become slowly introduced to aviation. Ultralights may seem a little bit intimidating, but don’t worry you will not be driving one of these ultralights around! You will be riding with an experienced pilot who gives professional ultra light rides to tourists. ultraligh2 copyThere are even some pilots who give ultralight tours in Rocky Point that have over 25 years of experience, so you are definitely in good hands. Ultralight flights typically last about 8-15 minutes and can be purchased for anywhere in between $40-$50. You can purchase these flights pretty much anywhere along the beach in Rocky Point. A majority of the gentlemen who are selling rentals for jet skis and para sailing adventures also do ultralight flights. You will take off right from the beach on your ultralight flight and if you time it well enough you might be able to watch the sunset from your ultralight flight, something that not many people can say they have done. If you are an avid photographer try and bring either a Go-Pro, or a hand held camera on your ultra light flight, it’s not every day that you get to take pictures over looking all of Rocky Point.

Dirty Beach Mud Run October 26th

As we always like to tell people, no matter what your personal preferences are or what you enjoy doing on vacation, Rocky Point has something to offer ALL of it’s visitors. One of the most unique and not to mention one of the most exciting events that Rocky Point hosts is coming up on October 26th. If you are in Rocky Point on October 26th you will get to participate in this years “Dirty Beach Mud Run.” This isn’t your regular obstacle course though! Be ready because the “Dirty Beach Mud Run” has a few curve balls. dirty-beach-mud-run-2013-For example, along with the water stations there will also be beer and tequila stations along the way. Don’t drink too much though because this is a 5k event and you might find yourself having a hard time keeping that tequila down when your running around the beach and maneuvering your way through the obstacles. To give you an idea of what you are up against some of the names of these obstacles are: Walk the Plank, Slippery Slide, Tire Wall and Fall, and Wild Web. I can only imagine what some of these obstacles are! Regardless this event is an absolute great time local entertainment, vendors, food and drinks. Local charities in the area are coming out to this event to show their support and there is a massive after party celebration on the beach afterwards.
Registration can be done here by going to their website. dirtybeachmudrun1 copyIt is $45 until August 31st, $50 until September 30th, $60 until October 15th and there are late registration sign ups held at Playa Bonita from 6-8pm for those of you who decide to do it last minute! Each participant receives a free t-shirt and they are also running several specials for drink wristbands, etc. just visit their website for more info. You must be 14 years old to enter this event. Good luck to all the participants and we can’t wait to see your pictures. Here is a video of “Dirty Beach Mud Run” over Spring break: Mud Run – Rocky Point Spring Break 2013.

Featured Local Business of The Week: Head Out To Rocky Point

Do you like going on road trips, but hate being the person who has to drive? Even though Rocky Point is only a little over 3 hours away by car, driving may not be your first choice. What about if someone else could drive you down to Rocky Point instead? vanThanks to Head Out To Rocky Point, there is a business that offers this exact service! Head Out To Rocky Point is a shuttle service that will pick you up at your home, hotel, resort, or even Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. They will take you directly to wherever you are staying in Rocky Point whether it be a hotel, condo, beach house, or The Mayan Palace. This shuttle service is very quick and efficient only making one stop in Ajo for a short stretch break and you also have an opportunity to buy groceries if need be. Although, we do recommend waiting to get into Mexico to buy your groceries because there are several stores in town and it is less of a hassle rather than bringing them across the border.
Head Out To Rocky Point has over 40 years of Rocky Point experience so you are sure to be safe with these guys! They can tell you everything you need to know about your trip to Rocky Point when you are driving down with them.
Here is some info about pricing: palmTree
– One way trip: $100
– Groups of 7+ round trip: $100/person
Round trip door to door, per person rates:
– 2 – $190/person
– 3 – $170/ person
– 4 – $150/person
– 5 – $130/person
– 6 – $110/person
– 7 – $100 each
Call 602-971-0166 to make your reservation now!

Rocky Point Beach Photography Tips

If you decide to head out to Rocky Point for your next beach vacation (we hope you do) we recommend that you bring your camera with you. Rocky Point is one of the best places for photography and in this blog we are going to share a few tips and cool photo ideas with you.
Rocky Point is generala relatively clear of clouds and the sun is always shining throughout the day. Sunrise at the Beach If you want to get the best pictures and ensure that your pictures aren’t over exposed and over whelmed with shadows try shooting within the Golden Hour of the day. The Golden Hour is first and last hours of the day. This is the best time in the day to take pictures because of the high quality light that is typically softer and allows for relatively non-existent shadows. The Golden Hour is a perfect time to take some family pictures and maybe get your next Christmas card picture. Set an alarm for yourself, so you don’t forget to take advantage of this golden opportunity.
Another great photography rule to follow is the Rule of Thirds. If you follow this rule throughout the majority of your photos you are sure to impress everyone with your photography skills, regardless at your level of experience. rule of thirds 2 michelleThe Rule of Thirds is where you imagine that your photograph is divided up into 3 imaginary parts. Place your subject in one of these thirds and allow for the image to be filled with the rest of the space you want in our photograph. Typically it is best to not have your subject be placed in the middle third, rather in one of the left or right thirds of the photograph. As you can see in this picture the photographer has decided to place his subject in the left third and filled the rest with the ocean and sand. This allows for a more visually exciting photograph.
Also if you want to try something different and have the chance to create some awesome pictures, you are going to want to try and take some silhouette photos during the sunset. In order to create a silhouette you are going to want to ensure that the sun is completely behind your subject, so that they aren’t lit and all you can see is their black outline created by the sun on your back. Get creative with the different silhouette shots you take, there are several unique and fun ideas that you and your friends can do during the sunset. Here are a few ideas that we like:
sunset_silhouette_by_medli96-d56psdy images
We hope that a few of these tips have helped you out and good luck on your next photography adventure in Rocky Point. Feel free to post your pictures on our Facebook we would love to see your beautiful pictures.

Summer Cocktails For Your Beach Vacation

Rocky Point is famous for its tequila and delicious cerveza, but what if you get a little tired of having to go to the bar and store to buy your drinks? You should consider making some cocktails in the comfort of your condo, that way you can save money and also try your hand at bar tending (just kidding).
Sometimes it’s nice to try something a little out of the ordinary, so here are a few drink recipes that we thought you guys would enjoy and might spice up your next vacation to Rocky Point.Food Network's Raspberry Mimosa The first recipe we wanted to share with you guys is the Raspberry Mimosa. This is a great way to start off brunch, or for a light drink at any point in the day! To prepare your Raspberry Mimosa you are going to want to start off with pouring 1 teaspoon of raspberry liquor into 8 champagne glasses. Fill the glasses halfway with orange juice and the rest with champagne and then add a raspberry for the finishing touch. Now enjoy!
Raspberry Mimosa is a great way to start off your day, but you might be looking for something a little different. If you are on vacation with your friends and family and bust out this cocktail you are sure to have everyone impressed with your cocktail creation skills. This next drink is called the Green Hornet. It takes a little longer to get going, but the end result is well worth your time. To start this drink you need to heat 1/3 of a cup of sugar and water in a sauce pan until the sugar is dissolved, once it’s done chill it. Pour this cold syrup into into a strainer with 1 cup of fresh mint and 1/2 cup of fresh cilantro and then strain it. Grab your 4 glasses and rub the rims of 4 glasses with a slice of jalapeno and a lime wedge. 05_Fun_Cooking_00035.tifAfter you’re done dip them in salt and sugar. Prepare your glasses with ice. Get a cocktail shaker and pour half of your syrup, the juice of 1 lime and 1/2 cup of tequila in a shaker, shake it well and then strain into 2 glasses. To finish the cocktail top it off with some ginger beer. And there you have the Green Hornet!
If you are having a get together at your condo, or maybe hanging out with a lot of people at the beach perhaps it’s best you create a drink several people can enjoy at the same time. Our suggestion for you is to whip up some Mojito Lemonade. Everyone loves Mojitos, so why wouldn’t they enjoy some Mojito Lemonade. To get started you are going to need some mint leaves, lime wedges, and a large pitcher (depending on how much lemonade you want). Take your mint leaves and lime wedges and muddle them at the bottom of a large pitcher. Add lime-mint-syrup, rum (be careful you don’t want to make it too strong), lime juice, and more ice to make sure it’s as refreshing as can be when people are drinking it on the beach. Top it off with some club soda to add taste. Now your Mojito Lemonade is ready to be served. Depending on personal preference you can garnish each glass with a lime wedge and mint leaf for some extra taste and traditional mojito style.
Thanks to TheFoodNetwork for all these wonderful recipes and photos.