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Rocky Point, music for your ears

If you are reading this article it is because some way or another you’ve heard of the town of Rocky Point. Most likely you had the opportunity to spend a good time enjoying the beautiful and unique Rocky Point. It is not a surprise that Rocky Point is having an impressive tourist boom, becoming the main tourist destination for Mexican tourists and tourism mostly from the US. Visitors can identify with a welcoming city where people are more than used to receiving thousands of visitors every year. Rocky Point is quite unique, having periods where tourism comes mostly from the Mexican republic and other holiday seasons where you could say that the official language is English due to the streets of Rocky Point being populated with American tourist wanting to experience the warm and beautiful beaches that the Sea of Cortes has to offer, tasting the cuisine of the region, enjoying the most beautiful sunsets, and most importantly having fun listening and dancing to the best local music.
If we talk about music and the musical culture in the Port, one can conclude that Rocky Point is immersed in a musical and artistic atmosphere. From an early age children and young people take interest in learning how to play an instrument.  About 10 years ago Rocky Point lived for punk rock music and was extremely common to do the usual “Let’s hang out this weekend” to find yourself going to a show and having a great time listening to the local music scene. Rocky Point was then taken by an urban music movement where rappers would team up with producers and give life to a different music scene that identified what was happening in the streets of Rocky Point.

Rocky Point, Music,

Today, with the growth of tourism music has become the modus vivendi of many. This is because there is a constant flow of tourism told that want to have fun and have a great time. Musicians or bands have the demanding job of keeping the party going at places like clubs, bars, restaurants, parties, weddings, etc.  Versatile bands repertoire include classic Spanish rock bands such as Mana, Enanitos Verdes, or Jaguares.  Some musical sets might start with some reggae tunes alternating a Latin sound with classic songs by the legend Carlos Santana. And ending with a nice up beat blues making people want to dance, dance, and dance! You can’t end a night excluding English music where it is essential to play the tunes of legendary bands such as: Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Boston The Police and Journey, lastly don’t forget to request some modern style songs by bands like; Maroon 5, Daft Punk, John Mayer, or Bruno Mars.
The music scene in Rocky Point is extensive and includes different genres for different audiences. From Banda or Sinaloense, to Latin Jazz, and landing some classic rock in both Spanish and English. If you want to experience the diversity plan your next vacation in Puerto and get ready for a great time dancing, listening to music, and simply having fun.
Miguel Jezoar Gonzalez

How to Make Rocky Point Shrimp Ceviche

One of the things you plan ahead when taking a vacation is to visit as many restaurants as possible to try the different kinds of dishes of the place to visit.  Here in Rocky Point is a must to try out the many different sea food places around town, even though on their menus you can see most of them offer the same dishes you must remember that not everyone has the same style or taste when cooking.

Ceviche Rocky Point Mexico

In Rocky Point one of the main rental services is for condo resorts, where you can find a full equipped kitchen in every unit, that gives you the advantage to cook you own meals and that way save a lot of money instead of going out every day of your vacation.  One of the main sea food item to try out in Rocky Point is shrimp, and you can prepare them in many ways but one of them and one of the most popular is to make shrimp ceviche (do not mistake it with shrimp cocktail) if you do not know how to make it you can ask anyone at the fish market at El Malecon and you will be able to get it.
Next I will give you the one shrimp ceviche recipe that my family has been making for years (even decades).
-2 pounds of shrimp
-3 medium tomatoes
-2 red onions
-4 celery stalks
-1/4 cup of chopped cilantro
-1/2 litter of clamato juice
-10 lemons
-White vinegar
Dice the shrimp and onions and put them together in a bowl, squeeze the lemons and pour the juice on the shrimp and onion as well as two tablespoons of the white vinegar mix it and let it sit for about an hour or until shrimp gets “cooked” (the meat will take a white-ish color”.  Dice the tomato and the celery and put them together in another bowl adding the ¼ cup of chopped cilantro.  Once the shrimp is ready drain the lemon and vinegar mix.  Mix the shrimp with the tomatoes, celery and cilantro and pour the clamato juice, give it a stir and listo!
You can either put the ceviche on a baked or fried corn tortilla or on saltine crackers, also as a garnish put some avocado on it and a little bit of hot sauce and of course don’t forget to get some cold beers to completely enjoy this dish from the balcony of your condo admiring the wonderful view of the Sea of Cortes.
If you decide to try it out and make it let us know or post a picture of it.
Packy Uriarte

Rocky Point Bike Rally Gallery 2013

We take a look to the Rocky Point Bike Rally Gallery 2013, the Rocky Point Bike Rally is an event that is getting bigger and bigger each year is almost compared to other famous holidays like Spring Break and Semana Santa (Easter Weekend). Thousands of Biker from all over Mexico and the United States gather in the Street of Rocky Point for 3 day long Party. With multiple events like the bike parade and music concerts.
We are going to keep uploading more Pictures and Videos about the Rocky Point Rally and other events here in Rocky Point so don’t forget to Like us on Facebook get all the latest news and check-out the 2012 Rocky Point Biker Rally Gallery Here
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Rocky Point Spring Break 2014

It is hard to find a more perfect spot to enjoy your Spring Break in 2014 than in Rocky Point, Mexico. Rocky Point has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for spring breakers for nearly 10 years, not to mention it is home to one of the most popular marine ecosystems in the world, the Sea of Cortes. With Rocky Point being one of the safest and closest (only 3.5 hours driving from Phoenix, or Tucson) Mexican cities for spring breakers to travel to, students from colleges all around the country come together for a week of partying and fun. During Spring Break there is never a lack of activities to participate in. With obstacles courses along the beach, banana boats, jet skis, para sailing, horse back riding adventures, snorkeling and several awesome clubs and bars to choose from, you will never skip a beat./ springbreak2014Don’t forget though, in order to cross the border (into Mexico and out of Mexico) you are required to bring a passport. Children who are under 16 years of age can present a birth certificate at the Mexican and US border and be allowed to cross. Everyone else must have a passport issued by your country of residence. Please check out our passport requirements. Be sure to reserve your condo early because Spring Break is one of the busiest times of the year for Rocky Point and resorts tend to sell out. Please be aware that most resorts require a minimum of a 3 night stay and there must be at least one person who is 25 years old in your group.
Please feel free to email, or give us a call to get a quote or your next vacation in Rocky Point, Mexico: – 1 800 997 9431.
Spring Break 2014:
University of Arizona: March 15 – 23
North Arizona University: March 17 – 21
Arizona State University: March 9 – 17

New Transportation Service for Rocky Point, Mexico

We would like to share the News of a new Transportation Service coming to Rocky Point, Mexico. The business is called Arizona Service Transportation there are many Transportation Services and Shuttles to Rocky Point but the plans of AST is to bring buses that can fit up to 36 People.
The buses will reach many cities other shuttles don’t reach here is a list of the Cities they are planning on offering this service:
Sierra Vista
Lake Havasu
Bullhead City
Palm Springs
Long Beach
Las Vegas
And other Mexican Cities like Hermosillo, Santa Ana, Nogales, Chihuahua, Magdalena and of course Puerto Peñasco.

AST buses
Arizona Service Transportation

The buses will be fully equipped including full lavatory facilities on-board and Wheelchair access. AST is also planning on carrying  packages if you need to send something to US you will be able to sent it the same day. Prices will start as Low as $23 usd (*Prices maybe subjected to change)
I talked to the owner Paul Cook and there are big plans for AST and Rocky Point that includes big deals, promotions and Vacation Packages for next upcoming holidays like Spring Break… now you don’t need to be worried to drive hangover you can just relax and sleep all the way back.
AST is planning on opening their offices later this year.
For more information check their official site:
Any other news we will be publishing it here on our site and please also Like Us on Facebook for all up to date news about Rocky Point

Bringing Your Pet to Rocky Point

What do you usually do with your pets when you go on vacation? Is it hard for you to leave your puppy behind? Well don’t worry because if you are coming to Mexico your dog can join the family on vacation. United States and Mexican Customs and Border Patrol obviously have very strict rules as to what can be brought back in forth, but according to CPB you can bring up to 3 dogs into Mexico without paying any fees, or buying any permits. Make sure that you DO NOT bring any dog food into Mexico from the US, Mexican border laws prohibit this. Don’t worry though, you will be able to find plenty of options for dog food at the local grocery stores in town, Sams Club, Ley, or Bodega Ahorrera.
Here is a direct quote that should give you a little clearer idea of what the rules are and the most important guidelines: “You need to bring a vaccination card with all rabies certificates in order. dog-on-the-beach If you want to bring more than 3 dogs into Mexico you need to pay a permit of 1817 pesos (this amount is subject to change according to Mexican law.” When coming back into the United States there are a few more rules you must follow in accordance with guidelines that CPB has set. Make sure that the rabies certificate you bring with you shows that your dog has been vaccinated greater than, or equal to thirty days prior to entry into the United States. This certificate needs to identify the dog, confirm the date of vaccination, the date of expiration for the rabies vaccine and be signed by your licensed veterinarian.
If you have any other pets, cats, birds, etc. and you would like to find out what the requirements are to bring them to Mexico and back to the United States, here is the link with all the pertinent information: here.  Mexico is a great place to bring your dog and there are many places where your dog can run around and enjoy Rocky Point, just ensure that you are following the rules set in place by CPB, so you and your pup can make it to Mexico and back safe and sound!

A Journey Through Calle Zaragoza

After the latest remodeling done on the Mallecon Area, also known as Old Port, it has the city has now come to life and now not only can visitors enjoy long walks on the streets, but also local residents can come any day of the week to spend some recreational time with family or friends.
At this time I would like to share a little bit about Calle Zaragoza, a street that is filled with delightful surprises and has much to offer its visitors and on an evening like this you can see people riding their bicycles, skateboarding, and others simply walking leisurely around. Just north of the beach in el Malecon, in front of Calle Zaragoza you can find Mexico Beach Bum Restaurant, which receives lots of visitors who come to try their street tacos that come with a margarita or cerveza. Its relaxed atmosphere invites anyone and everyone and also offers a great second floor view of the ocean.


For a little more fancy atmosphere, simply cross the street and you will see Mare Blu Bistro, an Italian restaurant that offers an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The view here of El Malecon and the Sea of Cortes are phenomenal and you can even enjoy a meal on their open air patio.

wall art

If you continue through the same side of the street towards the Church you will find on of the best surprises that was introduced in the summer of 2013, Yofrut. A healthy and innovative concept that offers several different flavors of frozen yogurt and 20 different toppings to finish it off, something that will go perfect for dessert after a night on the town.

Calle zaragoza yofrut

Only a few paces past this modern dessert joint we can something a little more traditional to the Rocky Point area. It is one of the best places to have local seafood and find some of the most exquisite preparations of fish, El Marlin Azul. It has flavors that will not let down any palette and with the best part of Zaragoza Street, that it has an excellent view!
But perhaps the most exciting surprise that the summer of 2013 brought us was, Puerto Viejo Tostadores Café, a place where you can see how coffee is toasted and prepared for the brewing process and also enjoy some coffee that is prepared through a variety of different brewing methods you can choose from. This is a great place to sit down and take in the beautiful view that the port has to offer its visitors. At this corner we have gotten half way through our journey, right next to the Iglesia del Sagrada Corazon de Jesus.

Cafe Puerto Viejo

If we cross the street we find ourselves at a famous ice cream shop in the port, and nobody can escape trying all of their wonderful flavors, this place continues being a favorite spot for people of all ages. Make sure you stop by Thrify and try and delicious ice cream.

Church in the Old Port

Another of the one the best places in the Port to enjoy food, or a succulent dinner is one of the most famous restaurants in the area, Med, offering a unique specialty of Italian food and adding to the variety of choices in the area.

Calle Zaragoza

Crossing the street we arrive at the Church, where you can take a break and enjoy the scenery around you, the ocean, palm trees, and the sunset coming down over the horizon. We continue our journey a little less through the restaurant side of town instead a place where we can enjoy human expression through art. Without going far you can see a breath taking piece that is recognized as one of the best in the area and done by Julieta Olalde.

art in rocky point

Going a little further down the street we find more art galleries and artist exposes, this one is called Galería del Mar Bermejo. A little further forward there are more galleries and Luis and Gabe offer galleries that showcase local talent. You can also enjoy several murals along the way that enrich the culture down in Old Port and are works of the artist such as: Melina Garcia and Izrael Rios y Bogarth.

mural in rocky point

If you haven’t made this journey on your latest trip to Rocky Point, or you haven’t tried one of the places we mentioned in this post, don’t miss out the next time you come down! The port offers so much, with activities to enjoy every night of the week there are several cultural events that you can attend for free. One of them is Cinemartes, which is organized by Cine Club Primera is a film organized by independent directors that gives us a look of what it’s like to travel around the world. This event takes place every Tuesday in Puerto Viejo.

art gallery in Rocky Point

13th Annual Rocky Point Rally

Rocky Point hosts a variety of different festivals and events for almost anything you could think of! Fishing tournaments, ATV races, volleyball tournaments and even motorcycle rallies. This year from November 7th-10th Rocky Point is hosting one of the biggest bike rallies south of the border. It is the 13th Annual Rocky Point Rally. Riders from all over the southwest part of the United States, Mexico and beyond make the journey to Rocky Point to enjoy a bike rally that also has a positive impact for the community.  11-x-17-rocky-point-rally-RGB-small-662x1024With tons of local sponsors backing the event the agenda for the weekend is jam packed with all kinds of riding events, black jack tournaments, live music, boxing matches, and a party every night to welcome the new riders who are joining the party. Registration starts every morning so for every new rider that rides into town, be sure to register at the registration station. Last year it was at Barclin Circle K Gas Station at the entrance from Sonoyta. Free beer and tacos were supplied for the riders by local sponsors. For an updated agenda check back to this website, it is still a little bit early but we expect the agenda will be released soon.
There are several contest and giveaways due to all the local sponsorship and support! Last year Rocky Point Rally gave away a free pirate boat ride to the first 100 bikers with a charity wristband. Even if you aren’t one of the first 100 riders, still do your best to contribute to the charity fund which is the reason why this event is so great and beneficial to the local community. If you aren’t a motorcycle fan, but still want to attend the rally and enjoy the fun weekend planned ahead, no problem! Go to the registration booth in the morning and talk to the people at the booth for tickets.

This Week Featured Local Business: Manny's Beach Club

This Week Featured Local Business is Manny’s Beach Club
Manny’s is one of the Oldest and better known Bar/Nightclubs in all of Puerto Peñasco. But Manny’s is not only a hot spot for Spring Breakers is also full equipped Restaurant as well as a Sports Bar with satellite TV so when in the Beach you don’t have to miss any games.

Manny’s BEach Club

This Popular spot in Rocky Point started as a Taco Stand called Taco Loco back in 1983 now Manny’s is a full blown Restaurant/Bar with a capacity for up to 1’000 visitors. For more information about Manny’s please watch the following exclusive interview for with Manny Sanchez himself.

Manny’s Beach is open everyday so feel free to come and have a dance party by the beach any night of the week. We can assure you there is no other Restaurant with this access to beach like Manny’s Beach Club.
Located at Matamoros & Arispe at the Mirador
For More Information Please Visit:

Phone Number:  MX Phone: (638) 383 3605 / US Phone: 011-52-(638)-383-3605
Please Like Us on Facebook to get more Updates and Videos about Rocky Point:
Manny's Beach Club Rocky Point
Beach Day

Dia De Los Muertos Volleyball Tournament

Dia De Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday where family and friends gather together to celebrate the life of their loved ones who have passed onto the next life. Sometimes planning an entire day of festivities yourself can be a little overwhelming, so why not leave it to someone else to do the planning and hard work. This year Dia Del Los Muertos falls on November 2nd, and Outta Town Productions is hosting a Dia De Los Muertos themed volleyball tournament, the perfect way to celebrate this holiday and also enjoy a beautiful day in Sandy Beach. Instead of painting your face and celebrating in your home, put on your costume and come hang out at Playa Bonita for a great event! To kick off the Dia De Los Muertos weekend, there is also an official player party on the Playa Bonita patio that everyone is welcome to. otp-nov-2-2013-670x555
The beach volleyball tournament officially starts on November 2nd and check in starts at 8 30am. In order to participate in this tournament you must pre-register. Registration opens up on October 25th, click here to register when it opens up. It cost $120/team to register. Register quick because this year there are only 30 slots for team. There are four divisions, top level division which is called Reincarnated (A Level), mid level which is called Purgatory (B level), or the fun division which is called Zombies (C Level). The fourth level is a new this year and is a draw division, which aims to balance teams more by gender than skill level. You could end up with players from A, B, and C levels on your team. For this division there is a max of 20 players that are each divided up into 5 teams, so get there early to be sure and reserve your spot. Registration for the draw division is $30/person.