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Beach Bar Radio in Rocky Point, Mexico

Beach Bar Radio in Rocky Point Mexico

Beach Bar Radio is a new concept for music in Rocky Point Mexico that you can listen to from anywhere in the world. When you are looking for new music or just a forgotten classic you can tune in to Beach Bar Radio to create the perfect soundtrack for you sunset with an Ocean view. We contacted Beach Bar Radio and we ask them a few questions about what is Beach Bar Radio and all the details.
We talked to Ken: Partner, Creative Director and Tech Guy of Beach Bar Radio:
What is Beach Bar Radio? Beach Bar Radio started as a thought and conversation and we’ve grown into a full blown audio station playing a dynamic mix of Beach Lifestyle music with new and fresh artists introduced whenever possible. We are a audio stream Radio Station or internet station
How was the Beach Bar Radio Started? A long conversation between Stephen Heisler, my partner in Beach Bar, and myself. No one is servicing this genre well, so we decided to give it a shot. I’ll venture to say that we are the cleanest stream in out there for Trop Rock/Americana. Also we are always open to ideas for new sounds, new bands and the other thing that is different is if you hear a song that just doesn’t fit, send a note, we’ll consider it. It’s your station, help it grow.
What style of Music is Played at Beach Bar Radio? Beach Bar has a format that is just breaking out, Tropical Rock is one name, another title is Americana..we also mix in some New Country and Reggae.
How can people call in and request songs? (Via Skype or normal Telephone) Via Google Voice at 970-823-2246
Where is Beach Bar Radio Located? Our main office is located in Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico with branch partners in the Florida Keys, Pensacola, The Gulf coast of Texas, Arizona and California.
How can we listen to Beach Bar Radio? If you visit our website at you’ll find a link in the middle of the page that will take you to out partner link, Tune In (
Is there a Phone App? Yes, with Tune in and our own mobile option that comes from our stream partner ( this link provides options for android, IPhone or Blackberry devices.
 Can new bands/independent bands contact you to sent you their demo? Not just yes, but touch base right away, we can help with promos and more.
How can we contact Beach Bar Radio in Social Networks and E-mail? also our “Contact us” page on the web.
What is the Website?
Special Thanks to Ken and Stephen Heisler for taking the time to answer this questions.

Beach Bar Radio in Mexico

So go check our Beach Bar Radio for yourself there is nothing better to listen when you are ocean side.

Amethyst Wellness & Spa opened its doors in Puerto Peñasco

By Nina Mier
Translated by Paty Gracida
The health businesswoman, Ms. Mayra Luz Gracida Valdepeña, opened the last Tuesday, April 29 the doors of the house Amethyst Wellness & Spa, a whole idea behind on integrated concept of welfare, health and why not, beauty, in every sense, emphasizing that the most important is to feel good, balanced with life itself.
I know to Mayra Gracida from three decades ago , in the process of her life, apart from enriching it with very intense personal experiences, she has studied abundantly about many topics, like the investigating from the human mind by means of the psychology, as well as attending to the prescripts of diverse religions, devotions and spiritual educations of masters, adding her knowledge the art´s appreciation , acquiring degrees , diplomas ; overcoming barriers and helping to overcome obstacles .
So, she had another Spa that was called Nuevo Temazcal Spa located at the entrance to the colony “El Puerto”, where she already had conditioning always with the latest trends and the newest aesthetic equipment; later, she started a metaphysical study group to create a comprehensive system of health. Now, the word “wellness” that appears on her new design is in order to go first in pursuit of health, balance, resulting beauty, helped of course for everything that involves the traditional SPA and its traditional treatments combined with innovations.

Amatista Wellness Spa

“Amethyst,” says Mayra, “is a stone that represents the color of transformation, always toward the good, always upward and always forward”… and shared it in a speech offered in a toast on Monday, 28 around nine in the evening, surrounded by her friends, part of her family and her pushing power who brings to life all her dreams (This meeting was enlivened with live music the musician Richard Scott, the buffet by Aleida Grijalva, from whom soon I will write about her).
Were more than three months that she worked in every detail of the new home, located on the street Alejandro Sobarzo No. 254, Colony Lakes and rivers (Sports Unit). Of course, the House was adapted to provide welfare, it is decorated with Amethyst and violet colors in different shades.
The hours are from 9 am to 7 pm , there are many services packages available make an appointment for a general diagnosis, the most important is that Mayra Gracida can listen, understand , tolerate , support and provide solutions ; she has faith in her hands , you can believe in her words and she practice compassion and generosity; all this makes any client – that she called ” friend or friends ” makes everyone feel good in the first instance.
After the diagnosis it is advanced : relaxing and therapeutic massages , Radio Frequency, corporal modeling , Photorejuvenation , Facial , Face Lifting schock , pedicure, manicure, reductive treatments ….
In one of their creams we find: ” The Personalized Beauty Program Intensive multi – functional . It promotes the effects of the habitual cream . It covers the most important needs of the skin: hydration, protection, regeneration , Nutritional and firming . ”

Amatista Wellness & SPA

In the Services Packages , we found three that stand out: Body Modeling ( 12 sessions) , Facial ( 6 sessions) Relax Spa (3 hours) ; but you will certainly find what you need or you are looking for, also you can make use of a basic gym, nutritious food and smoothies with special proteins by ” Aleida sazonerías ” , this service is in the morning , you can have breakfast in the garden (from 7:00 a.m. to 13:00 ) accompanied by music with worthy chords for your soul.
” Everyone have a drink to say ‘cheers’? ” Said Mayra before to raise his glass with “sangría” to the air to drink . She finished his brief speech saying: ” thank you very much , I love very muchh all of them.”
Phone for appointments is a local number, I will write the area code for if anyone anywhere else in the world wants to come to Puerto Penasco to receive health, wellness and beauty in ” Amethyst Wellness & Spa ” put your appointment, Mayra Gracida speaks English perfectly so the health tourism is welcome too : (638) 383 4947, the Facebook page: Amethyst Wellness & Spa
Ms. Mayra Luz Gracida Valdepeña , Owner Amethyst Wellness & Spa. SPA Manager certified by ALS . Cosmiatra supported by UNAM and SEP . Facialist and Masofilaxia by UTBE . Member of ISPA and the Association . Latinoamericana de Spa. Certification M; these are their latest certifications as Cosmiatra.
Always, to put our welfare in the hands of specialists is a risk, because it´s through the body, mind, spirit, in addition to the soul when faith is implied , that is why you should look for the best option, we recommend ” Amethyst Wellness & Spa ” you could to visit the place, perceive the vibrations, speak and hear in search of options looking for the right treatment ; there are many ways to heal, to beautifying from the inside , everyone , like caterpillars are at different stages , sometimes we spend more time in one section because we have to keep on working a part that does not recover heal in order to progress to the next stage , each who has his “timer” (time) , each person we are a world apart within a universe .
Definitely ” Amethyst ” is here to help, to take care of you, to steer you , so that you can also to give the best part of you and move forward together in community. Lic. Mayra Gracida Valdepeña, is that, a human being who has designed a space full of love, of the art of the life, of the support of the advances in the cosmetology , the feeding, in order to which you achieve your well-being(comfort). Are you thinking about how to feel better? Here a proposal. Aché!
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Pancake Breakfast to benefit Community Center

Pancake Breakfast in Rocky Point

This Sunday May 25th there is going to be a Pancake Breakfast at the Lighthouse Restaurant on the top of whale hill. The Breakfast is going to benefit Esperanza para la Nueva Vida A. C. Community Center that is located in barrio San Rafael, the money goes directly to help pay the utility bills during the summer months.  Breakfast is from 8am to 11am.

The Menu will include Scrambled Eggs, Coffee, Tea and of course Pancake with Sugar Free Syrup available at price of 75 pesos or 6 dollars. There are going to be Mimosas too! at a special price of just $2.00 usd.
The will also have a silent action with great prizes like:

  • An original oil painting of a Lighthouse, donated by the Lighthouse Restaurant
  • Two tickets for a Sunset Cruise aboard the Rey del Mar Pirate Ship, donated by Balboas Restaurant and the Rey del Mar
  • A New in the box Tablet.
  • A Mosaic Tile Table
  • Two night stay in a Sonoran Resort

The Restaurant will be closed to the public so please RSVP to the following E-mails:
Barb O: Contact Barb by phone: MX – 638-383-4963… or USA – 602-324-9529

Sonoran cuisine and seafood, a fusion with Bacanora

Written by Nina Mier
Translated by Eddie Wharez
A few days ago, Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora & Bar, a very sui géneris restaurant opened its doors to the public. Bacanora is the base for all the dishes prepared at the restaurant. Bacanora is a 300 year-old artisan agave-derived liquor originally distilled in the Sonoran side of the Sierra Madre.
The menu in this first opening season is typically Sonoran, prevailing beef, seafood and soups from different parts of the state, flour tortillas, exclusive drinks, original desserts among other dishes worth of your tasting, excellent service, awesome views, enthusiastic people, warm atmosphere, cleanliness, fair prices, where you will be personally served by the business partners Carmen Martens, Martín Martínez, Jorge Bonillas and Eddie Wharez along with their staff.
The dishes, named after our Sonoran jargon, have names like Del Norte (From the North) -Alambre norteño (Northern style beef fajitas, onions, peppers, all grilled, served over a skillet with hot layer of cheese on top), Del Rancho, Sonoran style arrachera, rib eye “El Elegante” (as the volcano in the Pinacate area), Chicken “Yaqui”, Molcajete de Bacanora, Parrillada Sonora Querida.

Bacanora Grill & Restaurant

From the Sea of Cortes: Old Port Shrimp ceviche, Shrimp or Octopus Cocktail, Shrimp or Octopus Molcajete, Catch of the day, Bacanora Shrimp, Breaded Shrimp, Traditional Seafood Enchiladas, Breaded fish filet, Peñasco seafood platter (for two).

Bacanora Grill Seafood

To begin: Sabor a México (platter served with quesadillas, sopes and burritos), Melted cheese, Shrimp or marlin-stuffed peppers, guacamole.

Bacanora Grill and BAr

Salads: Tomato and panela cheese salad, chicken caesar salad with their house Bacanora-chiltepin dressing.

Salad in Rocky Point Grill

Soups: Caldo de queso (potato and cheese soup), Classic soup, Tortilla soup, Chilpachole (seafood soup).

Soups in Bacanora Grill

Tacos: Governor taco (shrimp taco), Shrimp Lorenza (marlin or shrimp tostada with melted cheese)

Bacanora Grill Tostada

The dishes have been carefully chosen by the owners, well-known chefs in town helped in this process, one of them was Neftalí Ponce Hernández, executive chef at Mayan Palace, and chef Gustavo Gutiérrez who is in charge of the every day operations.
The restaurant is located in the marina area (docks), its ocean view and fresh breeze are just a plus; its fan page on facebook is: Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora y Bar. The address is Recinto Portuario Ave. and 3 street, Colonia El Puerto (Old Port Marina). Tel. for information and reservations is 638 690 7777. Business hours: 1 to 9 p.m. However feel free to make a reservation even in different hours for your special events.
There hasn’t been an official opening yet, it seems the owners are thinking of “5 de mayo” as the distributing company of bacanora might come for an official tasting, regardless of when they decide to do the opening, they will notify media members and special guests.
Bacanora Grill’s menu will be changing from time to time, in fact, there will be a buffet day of “tacos de guisado” tacos made with different Sonoran dishes, the buffet will be for a reasonable price so everybody can enjoy this Mexican delicacy. Be on the watch since this business is led by first level professionals, entrepreneurs, native and residents of Puerto Peñasco who in good and bad times are always supporting social, business and cultural causes, people who are always busy doing something.
From Blog we send them the best to them and their staff because we know about their professionalism, their amiable service towards the community and their large contribution to Puerto Peñasco in so many aspects. Success is assured. Always the best!
Marginal note: Attention! New restaurant! Their secret? The base for all their dishes and drinks is Bacanora! A delight! Something exotic and out-of-this world!
Personally served by their owners: Carmen Martens, Jorge Bonillas, Eddie Wharez and Martín Martínez. Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora y Bar… The best for today! Located in the Marina area, an spectacular view! In the heart of Puerto Peñasco, please come in.
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This Week Featured Local Business: Tequila Factory

This Week Featured Local Business is Tequila Factory.
Tequila Factory is much more than a simple Liquor Store is an Experience. You can find all the best brands of Tequilas, and also their very own Manny’s Beach Club Tequila which is produced in the small town Tequila in the Highlands of the Mexican State ‘Jalisco’. You can also find other products like Agave syrup and flavored Tequilas like Peach, Raspberry, Apple, Chocolate and many more.
Tequila Factory also sells other hard to find tequilas like Tiquilito (Artisan Tequila), Peñasco Tequila and the now famous Mexican Moonshine by the singer songwriter Roger Clyne. And don’t forget to ask for a  very special tour and Tequila Tasting (free) with Fernando where you will learn a little about the history of Tequila and the differences between Silver, Reposado and Añejo.
For more information please check out this video:

Tequila Factory is Open from 10am to 6pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
For more information please visit:
Phone Number: (638) 388-0606
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Toma Color 2014: Color Run in Rocky Point, Mexico

The “Toma Color” Race is modeled after the now world famous “Color Run” this is a colorful 5K race celebrated around the world.

Rocky Point Toma Color

Last Saturday March, 30 was celebrated the first Toma Color Race in Rocky Point, Mexico. The difference between this Color Run and other 5K races is that in the color run at the end of each kilometer you are splashed with powder colors.The race started in front of the baseball stadium and the finish line was in the Malecon were in a party vibe awards were presented  in the categories: Youngest Runner, Oldest Runner, Biggest team and best team costume. All the proceeds from this race go directly to benefit the Hemodialisis Unit here in town, there were approximate 800 participants and raised $120,000 pesos for this cause.
Video of the Event:

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For more  information please visit:
And Please like us on Facebook for more Events in Rocky Point, Mexico:

Boomer Fest Days in Rocky Point, Mexico

Tuesday March 26 @ Las Palomas Resort were announced the dates and some of the Bands for Boomers Fest Days 2014.

Boomer's Fest Press Conference

What?: Boomers Fest Days 2014
When?: October 8-12, 2014 (
Where?:  Rocky Point, Mexico (In Sandy Beach Near competition Hill at La Choya)
Boomer Fest Days is the biggest event ever planned in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Bringing to this part of the Sea of Cortez about 40,000 attendees.
21 Major Bands – 3 Comedians – 5 days of Sun & Fun in the Beach.
Music that defined a generation and created a culture that changed the world
This annual Music Festival will also include a:
Food & Wine Festival
Celebrity PRO-AM Charity Golf Tournament
Charity Sport Fishing Tournament
Classic Cars and Motorcycles Exhibit
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Bands Announced:

Edgar Winter

Canned Heat

Big Brother & The Holding Company

Country Joe McDonald

Dr. John

Steve Mcarty

Javier Batiz

Jefferson Starship

There will be camping and RV options, Tickets will only sold via their Website:
And don’t forget to Like their Facebook Page:
For more information here’s the Slideshow of the Event:
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Spring Break Party in Rocky Point

Ignite Entertainment is offering a new concept for Spring Break and is a once-a-year phenomenon. There will be DJ’s all day and night bringing you the best of mash-up’s . The event is being held in the empty lot next to Playa Bonita.

Spring Break Party in Rocky Point
Spring Break Party

The event is on the 14th and 15th of March
Spring Break kickoff Party
On day one there will be Beer shotgun contest, Bikini contest, Six Pack Competition, Lap Dance Off.
Starts at 1:00 pm.
Admission: 25.00
Age restrictions: 18+
Box office: 1-800-274-5517
Spring Break Saturday Showdown
On day two the Saturday Showdown.
Starts at 1:00 pm.
Admission: 25.00
Age restrictions: 18+
Box office: 1-800-274-5517
Ying Yang Twins in Rocky Point, Mexico
Ying Yang Twins

VIP Tickets

  • Meet the Ying Yang Twins
  • Party with the Dj’s
  • VIP Section Access
  • VIP Area Food and Drinks
  • Early Entry to Event


  • VIP 1st day Ticket $80
  • VIP 2nd day Ticket $80
  • VIP Both Day Tickets $150

General Admission

  • All Access to the Event
  • All Day Music
  • All Day Shows
  • All Day Games
  • Early Bird Price


  • 1st day Ticket $25
  • 2nd day Ticket $25

Both day Tickets $45

Spring Break Beach PArty in Rocky Point
Spring Break Beach Party

To book a room at Playa Bonita or more information Call Toll Free 1-800-997-9431 or Free from Mexico 01-800-681-6534
Or Visit:

Peñasco Del Sol Hotel is having events you do not want to miss!

Peñasco Del Sol Hotel is having events you do not want to miss!

Spring Break in Penasco del Sol
Spring Break in Rocky Point

This upcoming March 14 2014 this hotel will be having a DJ, pool party, a disco night and volleyball competition. This year’s Spring Break will be better than ever. Make you reservation with us if you want to have some fun in the sun.
To book a room at Penasco del Sol or more information Call Toll Free 1-800-997-9431 or Free from Mexico 01-800-681-6534
Or Visit:

-Yaraise Jimenez

The Benefit of Using Facebook for your Purchases

Facebook is becoming the most effective way to purchase new and used items in Rocky Point. Facebook and other social medias are being utilized to create groups for buying and selling in Rocky Point. At this time it is not necessary to sell something new to enter this group facejob Peñasco.
Members of this group tend to upload pictures with brief description and pricing of what you are selling. New or used materials, toys, clothing, or anything you want to sell will always have people interested in this group. This group is used not only for buying and selling but also for announcements, news, entertainment, coupons and gossip.
Usually Rocky Point locals would take the initiative to put a yard sale in the most common areas of the port. Today facejob Peñasco is used to do exactly the same but without having to spend all day standing on a corner waiting. With facejob Peñasco just wait for those interested in buying your items and soon enough you will make a sale.


There have been people from out of town like Mexicali BC, Phoenix Arizona, San Luis Rio Colorado and other towns near Puerto Peñasco admitted to this group facejob Peñasco . Many people can even place orders with a small deposit when ordering something that is not available in Peñasco. For this type of order it is always good to remember that apart from the cost of what is charged there is also a small shipping fee for the order. As a frequent user of this group I can recommend to use it with confidence.
Same as facejob Peñasco, there are other groups such as venta y compra Peñasco, Bazar Peñasco, electronics Peñasco, and more. All of the groups mentioned are used to buy or sell on Facebook. So if you are interested in joining this group just click the following link ( , send your request to join the group and be part of  facejob Peñasco.
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