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How to Book a Flight to Rocky Point, Mexico

In this tutorial we will help with directions to Book a flight with TAR Airlines to Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) Sonora, Mexico.
To read more information about TAR Flights read our previous posts:
TAR Airlines Schedule and Fares
TAR Airlines to begin flights to Puerto Peñasco
Now we begin with the Tutorial:
1. You have to visit the site: and you will get the following:


2. Then you go the panel on the right side and choose from “Sencillo (One Way)” or “Redondo (Round Trip)”:

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-2On this Example we are going to choose “Redondo” (Round Trip)

3. Then we are going to choose our Airport where it says “Desde” (From) and a Popup window will appear:

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-4We picked Tijuana for this Example.

4. Then on “Hacia” (To) you choose your destination in this case Puerto Peñasco

5. Then you will click on “Salida” to pick a Departure Date (On the Box with the date)


6. On the Popup window appears a Calendar choose your date there, we Selected Thursday Julio (July) 21st:


7. You do the same for your “Regreso” (Return Date), we selected Sunday July 24th (Julio 24)


8. Then you choose the number of passangers: Adulto = Adult , Menor = Minor(kids under 17), Senior (60+)


We Picked just 1 Senior for this Example

9. Then you just click “Buscar mi vuelo” (Search Flights)


10. On the Next Page you will choose the Class for your flight which are the Following:

Promo: No Discounts, 1 checked bag 25kg (55 pounds), No Name Change, No Refunds
Eco: 10% Discount, 1 checked bag 25kg (55 pounds), No Name Change, No Refunds
Flex: 20% Discount, 1 checked bag 25kg (55 pounds), No Name Change, No Refunds
Star Club: Priority Help Desk, Seats 1-5 row, Priority Boarding, 2 Checked Bags, Name Change anytime, 25% Discount

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-11We Selected “Promo” for this example, You can see on lower right side the Total in Mexican Pesos

11. Then You click on “Vuelo de Regreso” to pick the class on your return flight.


12. We picked promo again and click on “Continuar” (Continue), to go to the next page:


on the right lower corner you can see the Final Price on Mexican Pesos

13. On the next Page you are going to be able to fill the following spaces:
Nombre = Your Name
Apellido = Last Name
Fecha de Nacimiento = Date of Birth
Genero = Gender
Asistencia TAR = TAR Assistance (Personal Attention and Traveler insurance)
Maleta Adicional = Additional Bag
Mascotas = Pets (Pets on Cargo or with the Passenger)
Asistencia especial a pasajeros = Special Needs Passangers, Handicap spaces, Wheelchairs and others (No Charge)

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-14Fill out all the spaces and click “Continuar” (Continue)

14. On the Next page you are going to choose your seat by clicking on the seat number:


We picked 10B but you can choose any seat you like

15. Then you can click on “Vuelo de Regreso” (Return Flight) or just scroll down to pick your seat on your return flight.


We picked the same seat “10B”

16. Then scroll down and just Click “Continuar” (Continue) to go to the Next Page

Flights-to-Rocky-Point-TAR-1717. Then you have to fill the following information: Datos del Contacto = Contact Information
Correo Electronico = E-Mail Address
Confirmar Correo Electronico = Confirm E-mail Address
Telefono = Phone Number
Celular = Cell Phone
Direccion = Address
Calle y Numero = Street Address and Number
Codigo Postal = Zip Code
Estado = State
Municipio = City


13. Then you have to choose a payment method


You can also pay on Local Stores like “Farmacias Benavides” or “Farmacias de Ahorro”:


14. After you enter your payment method you can read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click on the check mark to approve


Then you will click on “Pagar” (Pay) and that’s it, you will receive a e-mail confirmation on your email address shortly

You have any question feel free to reach to us on our page

If you have any more questions or need help booking a Hotel or Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico Please call us at: 1-800-997-9431

TAR Airlines Schedule and Fares to Rocky Point, Mexico

Rocky Point Airport

Well the Great news is that the TAR Airlines Schedule is out. The bad news is that their web page is totally in Spanish and a bit more difficult to navigate than most of us might be used to.  But as time goes on, I am sure this will change as well.  But their PROMO fares are SUPER. I have done a couple of spot checks on fares for some one over 60 and they are very reasonable. They offer 4 different classes of service.  It appears the maiden voyage will be July 21th, so don’t bother to check for an earlier flight.  If they open earlier, we will let you know.
Puerto Peñasco to Tijuana : $933.20 pesos ($50 us dollars aprox.)
Round Trip: $2012.56 pesos ($108 us dollars aprox.)
Puerto Peñasco to Hermosillo: $1,020.80 pesos ($55 us dollars aprox.)
Round Trip: $2,228.60 pesos ($120 us dollars aprox.)
Puerto Peñasco to Cd. Juarez: $1,132.88 pesos ($61 us dollars aprox.)
Round Trip: $2,519.59 pesos ($136 us dollars aprox.)
All these flights are only Thursdays and Sundays both ways.

Go to If you want they have a toll free number of 01-552-629-5272 where they do have very pleasant English speaking people.  We will be showing you via screen shots fares and how to book a ticket.  The example we will be using is for a Senior (someone 59 or older) and flying from Tijuana (TJ) to Puerto Peñasco (PPE) Also don’t forget if you are coming across the border at Tijuana (TJ) go to to check on your ticket to walk across the newly opened Cross Border Bridge that I recently wrote about.  As of my last writing the ticket is $14 USD and you walk about 400 yards over the border and will be right in the terminal for your flight to Puerto Peñasco. 

RESERVATION DIRECTIONS: This blog will give you fare information and the following on how to make a reservation.

TAR Airline

And if you are looking for Hotels & Resorts in Rocky Point, Mexico visit this site:

Memorial Day Weekend and Beyond in Rocky Point, Mexico

Memorial day is fast approaching, so I hope you have your hotel or condo reservations already.  If not try and let them try to help you.

Rocky Point Bird Island

The weather and the water are great with daytime weather being in the mid 80’s.  There are plenty of water activities to par take in such as trips to Bird Island via Eco Tours, fishing on the About Time, fishing with Captain Adolpho Perez , sunset cruises on the ever popular El Rey del Mar aka The Pirate Ship, fun for all ages and take a sunset cruise on the Senorita Rita (the newest of the sunset boats).  The Seniorita Rita features an open bar as well as  Mai Tai’s, Margarita’s and cold draft beer.  Rocky Point is the place to celebrate Memorial Day, but don’t forget the meaning of it either.

Boat Sunset Cruise

Don’t like being on the water … can’t imagine why, but you can always go horse back riding on the beach. Don’t forget the ever popular Banana boats.  The water should be great for kayaking or snorkeling as well.   Bring your beach chairs down and just hang out on the beach and people watch or read a good book, while listening to the tide roll in and out.

Banana Boat in Rocky Point

If your thing is riding in the desert, there are plenty of places to rent those rhino’s and Quads.  Just be careful on them and don’t drive them through the neighborhoods, kicking up as much dust as you can.  Drive responsibly and don’t be a statistic.

Atv in Rocky Point

There will be live music at most of the cantinas on the Malecon and near the Sonoran resorts as well.
The Mermaid Market will be at the Sonoran SPA on Saturday the 28th from 10 am – 3 pm.  Looking for a special gift or something for your self, this is the place to shop.
One more thing is that the Marine Festival starts today and runs through June 5.  Many events behind the stadium as well as near the Old Port. This is always a fun filled event. In Spanish it is called Dia de la Marina.

Some tips when you come down, plan on long lines coming into Mexico on Friday and remember those same people will be going back when you do on Sunday, so be prepared to wait. You can go to to check on the crossing wait times. If you can go back late on Monday you should avoid some of the traffic.  Remember we have Sam’s Club here, so no need to haul meats and a lot of food that is now prohibited across the border.

Stop by any of our local produce places or out of the back of a truck and get the sweetest watermelons in the world.  It is also Mango and Pineapple time.  Speaking of Pineapples, try one from the green truck on the corner of Calle 13 and Plutarco Elias Calle.

When you come into Puerto Peñasco from the north, the new overpass is open if you haven’t been here in awhile and makes that intersection that goes to El Golfo/Mayan Palace so much nicer.

Biker Rocky Point Rally 2015

As you get near the old airport, notice the huge billboard advertising our biggest event of the year, the 2016 Rocky Point Bike Rally.  It will be held November 10th – 13th.  Make your plans early as hotels are filling up already.  You can now register on line for $20 at and pick up your package when you arrive here at the registration area by Barklin Gas Station/Circle K.  Easy to find, parking lot is filled with bikes.  Last year it is estimated we had 8500 bikers from all over the US, Canada and Mexico.  Shortly after Memorial Day we will be posting the list of entertainment and tentative schedule of events.

So I invite you to come visit our home city and say to you “Welcome Home”.  Have fun and be safe.

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News FLASH: TAR Airlines to begin flights to Puerto Peñasco

In a meeting today with Fernando Antillon/General Director of Mar de Cortes International Airport and Alonso Dominguez/Administrator of Mar de Cortes International Airport I received the word that TAR Airlines which is based out of Queretaro will begin 3 new flights 2 times a week into Puerto Peñasco starting July 21st. TAR will be flying 50 passenger jets from Juarez to Puerto Peñasco direct then to Tijuana then to Puerto Peñasco then  to Hermosillo then to Puerto Peñasco then to Juarez.  As soon as I see the exact route, I will post it here.They will fly here on Thursdays and Sundays.

Airport in Puerto Penasco

For all the exciting details, please go to to see the details. This process to build the crossing bridge which  is located in the State of Baja California Norte has been in the works for over 40 years according to Sr. Antillon and finally has become a reality. To our knowledge, this is the only one like it in the world.  It will serve both the Tijuana as well as the San Diego Airport.  This will make travel so much easier for people from the US to fly out of Tijuana into Mexico.  Once you land in San Diego, they are several modes of transportation to get to the border or if you are driving you can park right near the crossing bridge from what I am told.
This flight program has the financial backing of the OCV, State of Sonora and Mexican government for the funding and promotions of it.
Because these flights are coming out of México they are considered Domestic flights and not International, thus not having the International fees attached to the fare. The schedule of the fares should be available on the TAR website starting the end of May. Please go to to follow the progress.
This is so exciting for us here in Puerto Peñasco as it opens the door for us to fly all over México. TAR has been mainly in the central and eastern part of México. It means we will no longer have to take a 7 hour bus ride to either Tijuana or Hermosillo to catch other flights to other major destinations.

TAR Airline in Puerto Penasco

The other flights will start in Juarez and come to Puerto Peñasco and then to Tijuana and Hermosillo.
If you live in Southern California and are flying out of Tijuana, you will be able to check in and get your boarding pass and then walk over the bridge and be directly in the Tijuana Airport. The fee to do this is $15 USD each way and there will be a ticket counter set up on the US side to facilitate this.
We will keep you updated every step of the way on this. If you are wondering, TAR mean Transportes Aéreos Regionales and is a fairly young airline but aggressive and forward thinking airline.
TAR Airlines... welcome to Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, México

TOMA COLOR Puerto Peñasco

For the 3rd year Puerto Peñasco will host TOMA COLOR.  The event will take place April 24 starting at the Plaza of the Governors on the Malecón. Come and join us for a 5K or 10K run or walk.
TOMA COLOR  is a race inspired by the Color Run that started in the United States in 2012 and soon spread across the World.  This has come as an idea from the Hindu tradition where Spring is celebrated with showers of color upon one another.  The promotion of health, happiness and individuality is the main goal of this race.

Color run MExico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

In 2014 the race was brought to Puerto Peñasco by a civic minded young group of business people with the idea of giving back to the community by raising funds for our local charities.  It was a huge success with 800 people registered for the 1st race.  Last year we had nearly 1000 runners and walkers.   There were people of all ages and even little ones being pushed in strollers by their parents.  In 2014 it supported the Hemodialysis Center that received $120,000 pesos to further its’ progress.  In 2015 CAM La Montaña received $230,000 pesos for the construction of new bathrooms for the students.  CAM la Montana is a school for children with special education needs.
This year we will  distribute the funds in a different fashion.  Funds that are destined to support Social Projects here in Puerto Peñasco that will make a difference to the well being of our city will be evaluated and chosen by a  panel of local business people.  If you are a part of a charity that has on going needs, please ask for an application to be submitted to the panel.
Color Run Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

With the support of the city of Puerto Peñasco we will embark on our 3rd year of doing this.  Again both the 5K and 10K will begin at the Plaza of the Governors on the Malecón.  You may pre-register either as an individual or a group between March 9th and April 9th and save money.  Between these dates and individual is $250.00 pesos ( $15.00 USD) or for a group of 10 it will be $200.oo pesos  ( $12.00 USD) per person.  Between the 10th of April and April 19th the cost will be $300.00 pesos ( $ 18.00 USD) per person or $250.00 pesos ($15 USD) per person for a group of 10 or more.  You will receive a TOMA COLOR shirt and goodie bag as well as the comradeship of being a part of this great community.

Toma-Color-2015 (40)

Want to be a TOMA COLOR sponsor?  Email me and I will get you the information.  The sponsorships of this event are so crucial to being able to give more  money to the charities that are chosen.  If you can’t run or walk, being a sponsor is a way to help.  To learn more about TOMA COLOR and how you can join and have a fun day go to
Come out and JOIN the FUN.. sign up today.
Remember “Life Is A Journey.. Not A Destination and the Journey begins in Puerto Peñasco”.
Toma Color 2015

Toma Color 2014

Easter Holy Week in Mexico (Semana Santa)

I would like to introduce you to a bit of tradition in Mexico.  Easter is steeped with tradition and especially here in the States of Sonora and Sinaloa.  If you have spent any time here, you will see that starting on Ash Wednesday the Fariseo’s arrive from the south of Sonora and the north of Sinaloa.  They are dressed in masks made of usually deer or rabbit skin and adorned with feathers.  They also have leg bracelets made of shells.  They walk around  Puerto Peñasco and you can hear them coming for blocks away as the shells make a clicking sound and they always have drums and rattles.

Fariseos dancers

On a recent trip, they came up our street and my husband happened to be up on our roof top patio, so he leaned over and they saw him and started to preform.  Once he tossed money to them, they must have danced for 20 minutes.  It is  interesting that they never ask for food nor money, but people provide for them when they come through the neighborhoods.  If they are hungry, they can motion to their mouths and it is then you know that they are asking for food or water.
The unique thing about this ritual is that they never speak when they are traveling through out the cities.  I have read that many times they have a small wooden cross in their mouths, to remind them of why they are here.  They usually travel in pairs and this year we seem to have 2 groups here.
There are two groups of Fariseos, the Mayo – Yoreme  that come from the towns along the Mayo River in Sonora  and the Yaqui – Yoreme that come from the small towns along the Yaqui River in Sinaloa.  I refer to them as Yoreme (the ones that respect) whereas if you see the term Yori, it means they do not respect.


It is said that when a little boy gets sick, the parents promise that if he does not die he will be a Fariseo.  Normally it is for 2 or 3 years, but depending how deep the religion is,  it can be a life long commitment.   There about 10 little town along these rivers and the Fariseo’s go to the home of the Yoreme and take down the cross of Jesus.  This is done on Thursday before Easter.  Thursday is referred to as Holy Thursday or I have it seen it called Black Thursday.  It is on this day they do Corretear el Viejito (the persecution of Jesus). They dance around the yards just as they do here on the streets.  This ritual is called Conti and it is very important on Friday.  On Holy Friday the rituals go all through the nights at the little churches in the villages and on Saturday comes the resurrection.  It is interesting that on Good Friday, it is a very quiet day, no music or drinking or parties.  Unlike here once the Posada (the carrying of Jesus on the cross) to the mountain top is over, it is PARTY time.  On Saturday it is called Cantan Gloria and now the parties begin and go all night with music everywhere.

Deer Dancer and fariseos

Sunday is the day that masks are removed and burned and as they burn they put flowers on them.  It is here where the God Mother and God Father present scarves to the new  Christian.

yaqui dancer statue
Yaqui Deer Dancer in the South of Sonora, Largest Statue in Latin America

There is something else to note, that you will also see what is called Deer dancers.  These young men do not cover their faces but wear beautifully crafted head dresses and costumes.  They are the people who are invited to preform at parties along with bandas (bands) and it is not so much a religious feast.  You will see pictures of both of  the people mentioned in the above story.

deer Dancer

We invited you to come to Puerto Peñasco to spend Easter with your  family and friends, but ask that you be respectful to the people that live here.  If you go to the beach, pick up after yourselves.  If you should feel the need to rent Quads or Rhinos, remember do not fly up the dirt streets without regard for the people that live here.  We have had to many fatal accidents over my years of being here due to careless  driving of  these vehicles … make sure you are not one of them.  Come and have fun and be safe.
Remember ” Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination and the Journey begins in Puerto Peñasco”
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Desde México: 01-800-681-6534
or Visit:

Upcoming Events for March and April in Rocky Point

Spring Break in Rocky Point

Spring is just around the corner, but we have been enjoying Spring weather all of February.  For those of you who plan your trips a couple of months ahead of time here are just a few of the events you can come and enjoy.  First let me remind you of the major college  “Spring Breaks“.  From March 6 t0 March 13 is ASU followed by NAU and U of A March 12-20. There are still rooms available but they won’t last long.  We also have colleges in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Utah who come down,  so it is always pretty busy.

Mermaid's Market Pirate Extavaganza
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The Mermaid Market’s is always fun to go to at Shrimp Park.  They will be held March 5th and March 19th.  If you are looking for a “special gift” this is the place to go.  Everything from one of a kind jewelry pieces, apparel, home made candies and other food items, metal work and art and photos from local artists.

Mermaids Market Extravaganza

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day in the US but we celebrate it big time here in Puerto Peñasco.  Wear your green and go to any of the local bars for green beer and Irish fare.

March 18th – April 4th is Easter break for the schools in Mexico.  From Good Friday – Easter Sunday, it is called Semana Santa or Easter Holy week.  Lots of celebrating and Rocky Point is bursting at the seams.  March 21 is the birthday of Benito Juarez and it is a Mexican National holiday and long weekend.  Banks will be closed, so plan ahead.

In Cholla Bay the OTL (over the line) baseball tournaments are April 2, June 11 and Oct. 22.  Cholla Bay will have other events, but this is what we have so far.  April 9 is the CBSC Horseshoe Tournament.

At last Easter Sunday, when we can relax in peace and quiet.  Wonderful day to spend time with our families and friends on the beach.

Mermaid's Market Pirate Extavaganza
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

April starts out with a BANG.  On the 2nd is the  2nd Annual Mermaid Market’s – New Orleans  Cajun Party.  This year the Bayou Brother’s will be entertaining the crowds and were a crowd pleaser last year.  This is a great day, so get their early  for some great food and drinks and some cool music.  This is a great group from the San Diego area so we are looking forward to having them again.

Color Run Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Color run MExico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The TOMA COLOR RACE is scheduled for April and is a 5K and 10K.  For more info on this go to  Funds go to local charities.

Beach Beer Tournament

April 16th will be a busy weekend with the BEER BEACH OLYMPICS on Sandy Beach and as you can see form their flyer, it should be a really fun event.  Also again the 2nd Mermaid Market of the month.  The following weekend April 23rd will be the International Jazz Fest.  Watch here for more details as they become available.  Plan to come down for this one as we have some great music lined up for your entertainment.  Last but not least on April 30 is the RockyPoint Triathlon held at Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resorts.  The town will be filled with lots of athletic folks, so come and join them.

Rocky Point Triathlon

One more item to plan early on is the Torneo de 10th Anniversary at Las Palomas Golf course.  This event will be held May 13 – 15.  Check the flyer for all the details.

More Events Coming to Rocky Point:

Something Like Seduction at Banditos

Something Like Seduction at Boo Bar

Spring Break in Rocky Point

Rocky Point Carnival 2016

carnaval rocky point 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

As Carnival started on Friday with the big parade we arrived early to get a good spot, so we parked at the Tequila Factory on Benito Juarez.  Upon entering, Fernando was pouring samples for about 10 people and entertaining them with his stories.  We had the pleasure to speak with the Miller’s who are here visiting in their motorhome and staying   at Playa Bonita.  Mr. Miller explained they are part of a Winnebago Group and this was their 2nd group to come down.  They had nearly 20 rigs each time.  They have a full schedule of events, from sunset cruise to going to El Pinacate and everything in between.  We welcomed them and told them we looked forward to them coming back next year.  This is quite a group and they travel all over the US and Mexico.  Then we spent some time with the other 3 couples who were from Arizona and staying In Cholla Bay.  One of the couples is also part of the volunteers for the mission that I recently did a blog on.  It is amazing how close this little community is!

carnival puerto penasco 2016
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Now on to the parade.  It must have gotten a late start, but it did not disappoint the crowd.  My husband asked Martin Martinez one of the organizers, “Did it start at 3:00”  as by now it was nearing 4:30  and his response was “How long have you lived in Mexico?” You can see from the pictures, the streets were lined all the way from the start to the end. Saturday night, the bands entertained the crowds between Calle 12 and Calle 13 and everyone had a great time at the carnival itself, with its games and rides.

carnival puerto penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

It was a bit comical when one of the first floats got to the pedestrian overpass at Calle 13.  The beautiful young lady had to sit down to clear it.  Then came the Eternal Princess Guille who always put smiles on the crowds of adoring fans faces.  There were marching bands, stilt people, local motorcycle club riders and so much more.

carnival rocky point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

All 3 days of Carnival consisted of parades, bands from all over, food and beverage vendors.  The first night and Sunday night the sky was filled with large displays of the most colorful fireworks, something like I have never seen here in Puerto Peñasco and even Phoenix.  They lasted about 30 minutes each night.  The music lasted well into the wee hours of the morning.

carnaval puerto penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

I hope that next year, it will be even larger.  I invite you to come down and come along for the ride.  We promise you will be safe and enjoy our beautiful weather every day of your stay in Puerto Peñasco The whales are still here, so come on down.

carnaval rocky point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

CarnavalRocky Point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The times of our lives…..Amor por Amores Steps of Love Charity

I recently spoke about the Steps of Love and the upcoming Charity Golf Tournament.  On February 13th our foursome tee’d off to do their Shamble.  At first I thought it was a misprint but low and behold there is such thing as a Shamble and a Scramble.  Over 50 golfers turned out for this beautiful Chamber of Commerce day and it was enjoyed by all. As you can see from the photos, some had more fun than others.  The shotgun start started at around 9 and ended in the afternoon just in time for the wine reception at Las Palomas Golf Resort and followed with a Silent Auction.  I will tell you that due to the generosity of local merchants, artists and restaurants we had so many wonderful items up for bidding.  All of these funds go to the Steps of Love which benefits the Amores Children’s Orphanage here in Puerto Peñasco and Sonoyta as well.It is because of Kathy Duncan and her love for all of these children, that this has happened.

golf tournament in mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

As you can see from the 17th green the views are spectacular even though the winter grass is dormant, but beginning to green out.  Easy hole they said, but only a few people hit the green.
Golf Tournament at las Palomas
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Local Realtor and avid Golfer Glen Martinez and his partner on the 17th Hole
Golf Tournament Charity
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Team Captain Architect Plineo Rivera(in green shirt) and his foursome.  All great golfers and the most colorful of all the teams.
As I have spoken about many times we have countless things to do here in Puerto Peñasco, one of them of them being para sailing.  As you can see, from this guy who did fly overs all day long, he had a birds eye view of the entire Las Palomas Golf Course.
Parasailing in Rocky Point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The next pictures are of the foursome who although may have not been the scratch golfers, they certainly had the most fun.  We could hear them from several holes away laughing and falling down when they “wiffed” the ball, which on the 17th Hole seemed to be a lot.  But hey, that is what GOLF is about,  sometimes just having fun.
Puerto Penasco
charity Golf Tournament
Las Palomas Golf Course
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Remember when you come to Puerto Peñasco…, BE PREPARED TO HAVE FUN no matter what you are doing.
Golf Cart in Mexico Golfers in Puerto Penasco
Puerto Penasco Golf
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Another one bites the dust was the moto of the golf carts, another great foursome of great players and the last picture is Team Scott Poturaski and some of the volunteers, who helped the players as well as the Hole In One Volunteers which consisted of Bill Arrowood and myself, Ron and Judy Ridgway and Bill Bingham and Rick Busa.  Without the hard work (well not really on a beautiful day) some of this doesn’t always run smoothly.

artist donations in rocky point Crafts dibnations j

Arts Donations
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

As you can see in the above pictures, our local artists, wine shop  and Tequila stores, local merchants, photographers, local bars and restaurants and local jewelry artists donated so generously and we thank them so very very much.  If you have any questions about how to get in touch with these  business people, please email me at and I will get you their contact information.
The winners are: 1st Place: Natalie and Josh Jones and 2nd Place: Audrey and Will Feliz.
Thanks to all the golfers and Businesses who helped raise $10,000 net for Pasos de Amor Children’s Home in Sonoyta, the Amores de Penasco Children’s Shelter in Rocky Point and our new Civil Association AIMpenasco.

If you want to learn more about Steps of Love, Amores por Peñasco,  Read our previous posts:
Steps of Love Amor por Peñasco
Amores de Penasco Children’s Crisis Shelter in Rocky Point
Want to join in the fun for the 2nd Annual event, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.  Want to know about events in Rocky Point, follow us.
In closing remember “Life is a Journey… Not a Destination” and the Destination is Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

Puerto Peñasco Upcoming Events

As you know by now the Whale Watching season is in full swing.  Plan a trip to Rocky Point to see these beautiful creatures.  They don’t hang around for ever, so come down soon.  Make sure you have a reservation as the hotels and condos are filling up rapidly.  Here is a run down on just some of the upcoming events we have planned for you, beside our beautiful weather.

Canrnival Vive Penasco

Here are the four events taking place in Puerto Peñasco February 26-28.      As I tried to get onto Calle 12 today, it was completely blocked off with the 18 wheelers carrying the carnival games  for the Fiesta Cultura and Carnival.     This event happens every spring with Guille being the Eternal Princess of the 3 days of parades that start on Benito Juarez and No Reelección near the Baseball stadium.  It will start at 3 p.m. There will be bands and floats of all types and sizes.     The parade will come south and turn right by the Anchor at the entrance to the Malecon and turn right on Luis Encinas  and end at Calle 13, but all the other excitement will be on Calle 12 and Calle 13 in the evenings.     Try to get on Benito Juarez early to get a good seat.   I would suggest bringing your own chairs as the parade is very long.  Yes it also appears that as  in the past you could have a beer on the street, just be considerate and as in camping if you pack it in, pack it out.  This is always the highlight of the year.

Vive Penasco Map

Next comes the Off Road race sponsored by SADR and is known a the “Tequila 150“.  The race begins by the Bomberos on Avenue Freemont and continues East towards the Mayan Palace past the Estuary Morua and then zig zags north through the desert and then back south and finally culminates at the main PIT behind the REEF on Sandy Beach.  You are bound to see some huge rails and trucks of all types and sizes.

Tequila 150 off road race

If sand being kicked in your face and loud noise is not your cup of tea either, than on the 27th go to at Latitude 31 where  the 50’s Sock Hop is being held starting at 4 p.m.  There will be prizes for best 50’s attire and great raffle prizes plus “SPECIAL” food and drink prices.  Proceeds go to benefit the Association Civil Ley 186 which is assistance for the local disabled community.  With all the RV’ers in town, this should be a good time as we know they all remember sock hops.

50's Charity Sock Hop

Last but not least on Feb 27 at FISH Restaurant is their 1 year Anniversary going from 3- 10:00.  FISH is located in the former Lighthouse and features outstanding food and service.Fish Restaurant anniversary

As I speak of the RV Community, Puerto Peñasco has been host to 3 large caravans once again including the Escapee’s and others.  As we traveled to Sun City on Thursday we passed another group of about 30 RV’s heading south for the warm weather, great shrimp and just time to hang out on the beach.  It is great to see these folks coming back in large groups as they realize that Puerto Peñasco is a very  SAFE place to be. Even the dry camping RV area has been full all the time.  This gives our economy a real boost and allows us to showcase our city and it’s people.  Vendors line the beach selling their silver and other good  items, women are doing massages or braiding your hair. Horseback riding is available or the retires can just hang at the RV Parks of either Playa Bonita, Playa Del Oro or the REEF and perhaps play cards or other games and meet new friends. On our visit to Sun City we stayed at the Sun City Elks Lodge where we got the chance to invite other RV’ers down and actually have 2 groups coming down.

March is just around the corner, so we are preparing for “Spring Break” followed by Easter or “Semana Santa… Easter Holy Week“.  Here again make your hotel or condo reservations now  if you have not already done so.

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You can also check out our Full Year Calendar for more events.

In closing, may I once again remind you:

Life is a Journey.. not a Destination, and the Journey begins in Puerto Penasco”