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Get Your Groove ON… 1st Annual Salsa Festival

Salsa Guiness World Record

When you live in Mexico, you get use to festivals that are fun and huge.  This one should be no different!  August 27th will be the 1st Annual Salsa Festival put on by the city of Puerto PeñascoBeside having a great time and listening to some of the best SALSA music, we will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most amount of people dancing to Salsa music at one time and in one place.
Mind you the end of August will still be toasty and humid, but hey, let’s get ourselves off the couch and go down to the Plaza de Governors for this great event.  Attire is casual and I am sure there will be food and drinks available, but bring lots of water to stay hydrated as you shake your “Booty”.  Don’t know how to dance to Salsa music?  Watch our video and learn where to place your feet and the movements of the hips and feet.  This gives 30 days to get this down.

If you are coming from outside of Puerto Peñasco Mexico I am sure many of you have taken those classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studios or somewhere, so don’t be shy, no one will laugh at you if you have 2 left feet.  The object is to break the world record.  After doing a little research it appears that in Greece in 2014 they had 1102 people dancing Salsa for 7:16 minutes and Cuba in 2015 had over 900 people dancing for 15 minutes.  OK so it will be toasty, but we have “ SALSA SPIRIT”.  If we get all those Toma Color runners out here plus our local dancers as well as tourists … I think we can do this.

Salsa Dancing in Rocky Point, MExico

The event is FREE to all. It will start at 7:00 pm.
7:00 pm with Salsa classes
8:00 pm To Be Announced
9:00 pm Salsa Classes
10:30 pm Enjoy the songs from world renowned Luisito Rivas while trying to break the Guinness World Record
11:30 pm Singer Carlos Rivas
Remember this is a FREE EVENT and open to all.  Dance or people watch, it will be your call, but no matter what I guarantee you will have a great time.  Bring your family and friends and enjoy.

 Salsa en Puerto Penasco


TAR Airlines and other happenings in Puerto Peñasco

We have spoken a great deal about TAR Airlines and now it is a reality. The first flight arrived from Ciudad Juarez last week and was full.  The first flight from Puerto Peñasco to the capitol of Sonora, Hermosillo left this week and from all accounts it appears the airline will be a success. They are still offering promotional fares so check it out.

Also we have talked about the Xpress Cross Border crossing. Today we are sharing a video for you, so if you or friends are coming to Puerto Peñasco from the west coast and are flying on TAR out of Tijuana, Baja Norte, please see the video as to how to get to the crossing.  It is a mere 1 hour flight to Puerto Peñasco on their comfortable 40 seat planes.

On another subject, we now have a new grocery store on Benito Juarez where Santa Fe use to be. It is called SUPER NORTE. I decided to go yesterday…. GRAND OPENING… not the time to go as it was packed.  Reminded me of the opening of LEY many years ago, OMG.  But I am happy to report that this chain is from the northern part of Mexico (Hermosillo) is great.  They have  the freshest produce I have seen in many years here and the presentations of the produce is wonderful. They have a small liquor department and large beer cooler.  I could not get to the meat or bakery area as there were so many people, but I can’t wait to go back tomorrow and check it out.  Great prices and friendly service, that is what we have been looking for.  Bought a small whole watermelon that was so heavy I could hardly carry it as well as BIG Limons and green chili that looked like it came from New Mexico.  The only thing needed is a smooth parking lot for the carts to roll smoothly on, but hey we can’t have everything.  Hopefully after the huge storm we had here last night, the roads will be dried out enough to go tomorrow.

Super del Norte in Puerto Penasco

Don’t forget to watch the video and like and share.  Come visit us today and enjoy our piece of PARADISE.

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Super del Norte

Cholla Bay in Rocky Point, Mexico

It was back in the 1930’s when Duncan Brown who was the Uncle to Gus Brown, Jr. use to travel from San Luis Rio Colorado (where he farmed) by train to Hermosillo, Mexico.  As Gus told me the story recently, it was on one of those trips that Duncan walked over the to see the Sea of Cortez and the beautiful pristine Sandy Beach.  Although the land was owned by the government, through a very long process, Duncan was able to buy the land.  He purchased the property through a third party using  his lawyer Rafael Navarrete and in 1941 President Cardenas signed the Title of the 3,374 acres to Duncan Brown.  Duncan was a Mexican Citizen of American decent and worked in the cotton industry.  In 1943 Duncan passed away and his widow owned the property until she sold it to Gustavo Brown Sr. in 1956.  Gus spoke fondly of his father and his wanting to keep Sandy Beach pristine.  He went on to mentioned that at one time Howard Hughs came to meet with his dad and wanted to build another Las Vegas there.  Fortunately, Mexican gambling laws prohibited it  and thus it sat vacant for many years.   Gus said he started buying stocks in his dad’s company in 1972 and in 1985 purchased the property from his dad.

Over the years, people from Arizona started coming to  fish the Sea of Cortez.  In those days “we had sport fishing” Gus said, before it was raped by foreign entities.  In those years the road leading from Lukeville to Puerto Peñasco was awful.  Many of the people wanted to leave their boats in Cholla, so his dad started leasing out land and one by one people began building boat houses.  The reason Cholla was so popular was that you could not launch a boat in what we know  as the Port as it was more like an Estuary.

cholla bay in Puerto Penasco, Sonora

Remember in these times Cholla Bay was all part of Sandy Beach.  Many people have asked over the years why Cholla Bay seems to  be rather helter skelter.  We laughed when I asked him about how lot lines were made in Cholla when his dad was alive.  He said he pretty much picked up 4 stones and threw them and wherever they landed was the owners lot lines.  So NOW You Know!

Gus also went on to say that he decided to build on the Sandy Beach property to fulfill a dream of his.  I remember in the 1995 time frame seeing what was starting to develop on Sandy Beach with the addition of under ground power and phone lines being run to Cholla Bay.  When you think about the entire Brown family which has now had the property for nearly 74 years (if my math is correct) have been visionaries in development.  I asked him how many lots are in Cholla Bay and it is over 1250.  So it is amazing that from such humble beginning came a new part of Puerto Peñasco.

We continued talking about the Home Port and he like many of us have gotten frustrated with the starting and stopping of the project.  With the help of the new Governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavalovich,  the project will go forward.  They have had a lot of dialog with Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Disney cruise ships.  The breakwater is being extended to accommodate these new large ships.  As most of you know, there are plans for 2 marinas as well as the big docks.

Home port in Puerto Penasco, Sonora
Home Port in Construction

Gus stated that they a vision for a Town Center to be built in the approximate area where the RV Park is.  This would harbor loft apartments, offices, medical facilities as well as restaurants, wine bars, ice cream shops, etc.  The plan might include high end stores that people on cruise ships can shop at, a duty free store and a market for local vendors to display their arts and jewelry.  Perhaps a real estate office and a B & B might fit into the plan.

Currently up for discussion is parking for guests that drive here.  For tour bus operators, the opening of the Port will be a pot of Gold. This concept will employee a lot of people both in the hospitality industry as well as people to tend to the boats in the Marina.

Los Cabos
Los Cabos

If the design goes as planned, there will be places to have music concerts, as well as musical events all throughout the year.  It will be not only a place for the people departing or returning from a cruise to enjoy but for locals as well.  What would be more fun than to stroll around the shops while enjoying an ice ream or gelato and wishing  you had a yacht  moored there.  It could open a whole new place for boaters to moor their boats as the costs in say Cabo San Lucas are almost as bad as San Diego or southern California.  Also because we don’t get hurricanes like Cabo and the other areas do, you can have your yacht insured all year as I learned that in Cabo they don’t insure boats during Hurricane season.

What will make this a complete package is the Home Port opening and then the airlines will be flying here on a regular schedule.  We will keep you updated on the progress and I remind you if you have questions, leave a comment below.
You can contact us on our Fb page:

 In closing after speaking with Gus, all I can say is these are the things dreams are made of.

If you have any more questions or need help booking a Hotel or Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico Please call us at: 1-800-997-9431

GREEN POINT – Eating Healthy in Rocky Point, Mexico

This morning I had the chance to visit with Juan Gama and his cousin Angelica Chapa who opened GREEN POINT January 25th of 2016.  Juan who is from Monterrey, Mexico came to Puerto Peñasco team up with his cousin to open this store.  Juan has been  a Certified Health Coach for over 2 years and has his degree from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City.  Angelica is a Registered Dietician, so putting this store together was a perfect match for them.  He has been what we would call a Personal Trainer but now feels the need to expand to many people.

Together they will be putting together workshops and doing lectures on how to eat healthy and be diet conscious.  We talked about the fact that if they would have just started teaching classes, people would have had the excuse that there was no place here to buy the products to complete a successful program.  So by opening the store first, no one has an excuse not to get a program designed to help them meet their goals.

Fresh Juice Mexico

We talked about the fact that here in Puerto Peñasco, most people do not eat healthy foods.  Diabetes is very high here as in many other parts of Mexico and the world.  In the morning you see the construction workers buying their huge bottle of COKE (sugar laden) candy bars and other sweet carbohydrate loaded foods rather than natural fruits and juices.  The goal is simply to  retrain the thought process of people to eat better and live longer healthier lives.

I was intrigued as I walked around the little shop to see that they have virtually everything that we need to make our juicing diet a success.  I found their prices to be very good for every item and they certainly have hard to find items like GoJi Berries, Moringa, Green Tea, natural whole oats (which I had never seen), many natural grains such as Flax seeds, Quinoa, raw Honey, natural Nutella, organic Cacao from Chiapas, Maca, Chia seeds and so much more.  For those who are taking natural things to fight cancer, they also have Tumeric and several other herbs.  They also sell Agua de Coco or Coconut Water.  Now you can also find all natural Gluten Free Flour for your baking needs.

Gluten free Muffins

They feature 12 cold pressed juices made fresh daily and Juan was kind enough to give me one named Holy Kale and it was amazing. Of these 12, one is made with Almond Milk and one made with Chocolate Almond Milk.  They also make breakfast and sandwiches that do not use Soy.  Their breads are called Eceekiel Sprouted Breads which can be gotten from Sprouts, but Juan said they are now buying directly from the producer in Mexico and the 1st shipment will be arriving this next week.

They also carry a line of all natural soaps, shampoos, bar soaps, dish soaps and lotions.  As he explained our skin needs to be tended to and nourished  as much as what is inside us.  So many products out there have so many bad things for the skin, that they actually do more damage than good.  Also featured is all natural toothpaste.

Healthy snacks in Puerto Penasco,

They have based the business on the principles of providing delicious foods using no sugar or additives.  As Juan put it “If you pick up something to buy and there are 5 ingredients that you can’t pronounce the names of or know what they are, DO NOT BUY IT.  That was interesting to me as I had just heard someone say that the other day on a talk show and it makes sense.

Rocky Point has grown to the size city that has been looking for a place like this.  We have many cancer survivors living here and they all want to improve their health and make certain that they can do everything possible to avoid cancer rearing its ugly head.  I feel between the natural items found at GREEN POINT and natural supplements, we are on the right track.  I am not saying this will cure cancer but it sure as heck might help.  We have been reading a great deal on the natural cures for cancer and watching a documentary on the Cure for Cancer and my husband has now said let’s give it a try.
I encourage you to stop in and welcome them to Puerto Peñasco.  Their classes and workshops will begin in August. They are open Monday – Friday 7 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9 am to 3 pm and closed on Sunday.

mason jar Juice Green

Vitamin shots in Puerto PEnasco

Fresh Juice in ROcky Point

Kaffee Haus Restaurant in Rocky Point, mexico

This blog is a story that could play out like a “Fairy Tale”.  In 2004 I was heading to work at the Mayan Palace real estate department after leaving Mario’s coffee and saw this A-frame sign, that read Now Open, Kaffee Haus Restaurant.  Now you just know I had to stop as if it has a German spelling on something, I am thinking pastries.  So I entered and saw this beautiful display of fresh baked HUGE muffins.  The young lady that greeted me was the owners wife Lily.  She said that they would now have good luck as I was there first customer. Had really nothing to do with me.  I order 2 muffins to go and by the time I got to work only one remained.  So this became a bit of a morning ritual.

I asked her about how the restaurant started and she explained that she and her husband Uwe (from Germany) met back east while working in the restaurant business and decided for a slower life style and moved back to her home town of Puerto Peñasco.  That was 2004 and they are still going strong.

Apple Studdle in Rocky Point Mexico

They have a diverse menu which caters to locals and visitors.  One of specialties is  Apple Strudel with Bourbon sauce.   OMG the piece is huge and so are the flavors. We have found that one piece is large enough for 2 but that doesn’t stop us from taking home a 2nd piece.  They are open from 7:30-4 pm.  Breakfast is served from opening until 2.  Get there early.  You may expect a wait in season, but it is worth every minute of it. It is one of those places that gives you not only quantity but more importantly quality and great service.

Jamaica Water in ROcku point, Mexico

Do your self a favor and order the Jamaica juice or tea  which is made from the Hibiscus flower.  It is made fresh daily and beside tasting delicious it is great for your health.  It is served over ice and is a little sweet and a little tangy at the same time.  Their omelets are to die for as well as there Chilaquiles , also known as cure for a hangover.  They probably have some of the best ones we have ever had.  They are made with corn chips cut in quarters and then dipped in either red or green sauce, then simmered until the chips are just slightly softened and served with queso fresco and sometime pulled chicken or a egg on top.

Chilaquiles hangover cure in Mexico

Hankering for a hamburger.. . travel no farther.  This is one is made fresh and is very large on a fresh home made bun.  Uwe is a baker so many of his specialty sandwiches come on home made bread or it is served along side.  He also has a bratwurst sandwich which is yummy and it is served with bacon Sauerkraut.  He has many omelets but one of our favorites is the Meat Lovers.  Try the Swiss Farmer if you want a lot of food or the Stammermax.

The Steak sandwich is always a great choice or if you are trying to eat healthy while on vacation, try the Blue Cobb salad.

There are specials every day so get on their email list and plan ahead.  But do save room for a dessert as there are many to choose from.  If you need a cake for a special event, with advance notice ask Uwe to make it for you. No disappointments here!

Kaffee Haus is located on Benito Juarez as it bends to the Old Port on the left. They do not accept credit cards currently.

TAR is arriving to Rocky Point July 21 Thursdays and Sundays

Well the arrival of TAR Airlines is just around the corner according to the press release that they just sent out.  I certainly hope that people here will use them so that we can keep them and probably also get more carriers to fly here.  You will find posted also all the other cities in the US and Mexico that can now be accessed via TAR and other carriers.  They are running promotional flights so check their web page (it is just in Spanish)  or call their toll free number 01-552-629-5272. Their customer service department is very cordial in both English and Spanish.  They offer several levels of service at excellent prices.  You can also call at 1-800-997-9431 to get questions answered but they can not make a reservation for you.

You can fly round trip from PPE(Puerto Peñasco) to  TIJ(Tijuana) for $2102.55 Pesos or aprx $108 USD.  Fly from PPE(Puerto Peñasco ) to HMO(Hermosillo) for $2228.60 Pesos or aprx. $120.00 USD or PPE(Puerto Peñasco to CJS(Cuidad Juarez) for $2519.59 Pesos or aprx $136.00 USD.  At the price of fuel in Mexico, you can’t afford not to fly.  They also offer Senior Discounts.

Map Tar Flights

The information provided previously will remain the same as far as flying out of Tijuana.  If you are coming from Southern California or anywhere on the West Coast, fly into San Diego and take a shuttle down or you can park your vehicle at the border and pay the $14 to walk across the walkway and end up right in the terminal for TAR.  Check out for all the details.  This will certainly make it easier for visitors and business people come to Puerto Peñasco.

Here is the flight schedule:

819                   CJS – PPE                                   10:00 am                        10:45 am
822                  PPE – TIJ                                     11:10  am                        12:15 pm
823                  TIJ – PPE                                      12:40 pm                          1:40 pm
826                 PPE – HMO                                     2:05  pm                          3:05 pm
827                 HMO – PPE                                     3:45  pm                           4:45 pm
818                 PPE – CJS                                       5:10  pm                           6:45 pm

* Note all departure and arrival times are in local time.

Coming from Tijuana/ San Diego or live or work in Puerto Peñasco and want to take a vacation.  With TAR Airlines and its connections you can fly to several destinations in Mexico. Below is the list of places you can go to and on  what connecting airlines.


Aeromexico – (MEX) Mexico City
Copa Airlines – (MEX) Mexico City
Air France – (MEX) Mexico City
AVIANCA – (MEX) Mexico City
KLM – (MEX) Mexico City
Volaris – (DGO) Durango
VivaAerobus – (Mex) Mexico City
Volaris – (MLM) Morelia
Volaris – (GDL) Guadalajara
AeroMexico – (MTY) Monterrey
Volaris – (CLQ) Colima
Interjet – (GDL) Guadalajara
Interjet – (MEX) Mexico City
Iberia – (MEX) Mexico City
Volaris – (GDL) Guadalajara
Aeromexico – (GDL) Guadalajara
Interjet – (CUL) Culiacan
Volaris – (MTY) Monterrey
Volaris – (OAX) Oaxaca
Volaris – (BJX) Leon/Guanajuato
Dana Airlines – (GDL) Guadalajara
Aero Calafia – (LAP) La Paz (Baja)
Aero Calafia – (LTO) Loreto (Baja)

From Puerto Peñasco to Hermosillo here is the list to fly out of Hermosillo including flying to Phoenix.

AeroMexico – (CUU) Chihuahua
AeroMexico – (CUL) Culiacan
Volaris – (TIJ) Tijuana
Volaris – (MTY) Monterrey
Interjet – (MEX) Mexico City
AeroMexico – (MTY) Monterrey
AmeriFlight – (PHX) Phoenix
AeroMexico – (MEX) Mexico City
Air France – (MEX) Mexico City
AVIANCA – (MEX) Mexico City
Dana Airlines – (GDL) Guadalajara
VivaAerobus – (GDL) Guadalajara
Aero Calafia – (CEN) Ciudad Obregon
Aero Calafia – (LAP) La Paz

This certainly has been an exciting turn of events for Puerto Peñasco and combined with the Home Port project will once again put us on the road to growth and success.

We invite you come down and be part of our growth.  Puerto Peñasco is Paradise and so close  so come and visit for a week and stay for the rest of your life.

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Schedule and Prices
*price in pesos

Soap Box Derby in Rocky Point, Mexico

Want to have some fun in July?  Come on and sign up for our  1st annual Rocky Point Charanga Derby also known as a Soap Box Derby.  The event will be held July 23 at 5 p.m.  on the Hill to “El Mirador” so get your cars ready for a good time.  Registration starts July 2nd at Casa Hogar Jose Davalos and is only $400 pesos or about $22 USD plus your car parts.. All proceeds go to Casa Hogar Jose Davalos (home for the elderly).

Charanga-Derby-Rocky-Point (2)

To register you can call 638-384-6166 to find out where to sign up. Teams will consist of the car  built by a 5 member team.  There are no engines in these cars but then again it is all down hill. There will trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as prizes and certificates donated by local restaurants, bars and merchants.
This is sure to be the event of the summer here in Puerto Peñasco . Get started today building your car and if you don’t remember where Mirador Hill is, it is up the hill on the way to Baja Cantina (Campeche Street).  Needless to say this is quite a steep hill.

Soap Box Derby in Rocky Point, javascript:;Mexico

Get your creative juices flowing and you may win a prize for being the most creative.  Pretend you are back in Boys Scouts and get that drawing board out. Although they already have over 15 sponsors, I am sure they will not turn anyone down.  If you have any questions you may contact us or call the number I listed above.  We at can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

CEDO.. A place for fun and to learn

CEDO Logo Rocky Point

Have you ever driven through Las Conchas here in Puerto Peñasco Mexico  and about half way through noticed a huge Fin Whale Skelton on a hill side?  Well welcome to CEDO, the  Intercutural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans.  CEDO is now over 35 years old and growing.  It was started as a non profit collaboration between the University of Arizona Tucson Ecology and Evolutionary Department and the University of Sonora in Hermosillo.  It was designed for research, education and adventure and it is the place to learn about where the desert t meets the Sea of Cortez eco system.

Rocky Point Bird Island

It offers Tide Pool walks, Kayak tours in the Estuary Morua, boat trips to Bird Island as well as El Pinacate Biosphere reserve tours.  One of the next big events will be the “Wet Feet Camp” for children July 2 – 6.  Please check the CEDO calendar to sign up.  CEDO also has adult programs as well.

Vaquita Marina in Rocky Point, Mexico
Vaquita Marina

In 2007 CEDO won Mexico’s National Conservation of Nature award for their 27 years of effort to protect the Gulf Of California as it is also referred to.  It has been instrumental in the “Saving the Vaquita” an endangered specie that now numbers way below 50. They have also been instrumental in helping the Sea Turtle survive when they come here to lay their eggs and to make certain they are not disturbed.  CEDO has many educational programs and exhibits and promotes sustainable and conservation use of our natural resources.  One of its goals is to  create thriving coastal communities that are self sustainable while maintaining a healthy eco system.  They have also have been instrumental in saving the Totoaba an endangered fish.

Totoaba in Rocky Point

This brings me back to the Fin Whale.  The Fin Whale is one of a couple that visit the Puerto Peñasco area.  They generally arrive in February and hang around for a few days.  The past few years they have arrived in January and have stayed for up to a month.  They seem to like the view as much as the residents do!  You can go out on Whale watching tours during those times and do remember to bring your camera.  Many times they can be seen just a few hundred yards off shore from the Sandy Beach resorts.  The Fin Whale at CEDO is about 55′ and was a youngster when it met its demise.  Adult Fins can grow up to 75′ long.  Sadly we have had over the time I have been coming here, seeing them washed up on shore south of town.  While in Cabo San Lucas years ago I asked our fishing captain why do we have them wash up beside the extreme high Tide changes that Rocky Point has?  His explanation was simply that if a Whale gets sick on it’s journey from Alaska, they think that if they get into warmer waters that they will get better!  Makes sense as the are very smart mammals.  But unfortunately they don’t make it.  If you should ever come up one that has just arrived, please notify CEDO.  Do not remove any part of the animal and DO NOT try taking it or any Turtle pieces back across the border with you.

Take the time and visit CEDO and tour the “Earthship”.  In 1992 Jeanette Clifton visited Taos, New Mexico and learned about the construction of these buildings out of old tires and cans.  In the Taos area you will see them dotting the hillsides.  It started with 240 tires.  It features an 18′ dome made out of aluminum cans and a cement type mixture that is like Adobe.  It is self sustaining.  She devoted her tireless efforts to see this project evolve.  There are 2 sections to this complex as well as a place where students stay on field trips.

Cedo at Las Conchas

The “Earthship” houses the gift shop and store.  Here you will find many books about the area and probably one of the best book stores in Rocky Point as well as CEDO Tide Calendars, shirts and other apparel , “Save The Vaquita” shirts and earrings. It is here where you can also purchase the famous Mata Ortiz Pottery as well as items including indigenous crafts and art from Oaxaca,  Chiapas and Chihuahua.  There also baskets from Tarahumara and pottery.  If you want you can also purchase a hand painted tile to donate to the CEDO walls with your names or children or grand children’s names.

If you have any questions about anything, please let us know and we will make sure you get the info you need to visit this wonderful attraction.

You have any question feel free to reach to us on our page
If you have any more questions or need help booking a Hotel or Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico Please call us at: 1-800-997-9431

Summer is Beach Time in Rocky Point, Mexico

Soon the schools here in Mexico will be out and Puerto Peñasco will be inundated with families from all over the northern part of Mexico and Baja.  It is always humorous to see people who live in Rocky Point head to Ensenada, Baja California for the summer and the families from Tijuana and Mexicali head east to enjoy the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez.  Here we also get many tourists from the State of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco, Michocan and others.  For many of the these states we are the closest Sea Port to them.  Puerto Peñasco welcomes you all.  Also school will soon be out in our neighbors to the north being Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.  The city will be bursting at the seams with license plates from all over.  A word to the wise… make your reservations today to get the best views at your favorite condo or beach front home.

Wild life in Sonoran Desert

There are many activities in Puerto Peñasco for families to do such as walking in the tide pools, beach combing for shells, going to Cholla Bay looking for Sand Dollars, going to CEDO (which is an effort from the US and Mexico to let people know about the area and how it was formed and the sea life that lives in the Sea of Cortez).  It is at CEDO where you will also find a full size whale reconstructed.) Next stop is  the Pinacate Biosphere  Reserve, which is located north of Puerto PeñascoIf you are not familiar with this area, as you are coming south at aprox KM 50 you will see a huge mountain range off to your right  just after you have crossed the twin bridges.  It is here where you will find Prong Horn Sheep, deer and a multitude of wild life.  Do your family a favor and stop and visit the visitor center  as it is for all ages.  You can also go out on the Banana boats or take the family fishing.  The Sonoran Sea has a store where you can rent boogie boards, snorkeling gear or take scuba lessons and much more.  A must to do is to go out to Bird Island on the Eco Tour Boat to swim with the Sea Lions and Dolphins.  The whole family will enjoy a sunset cruise aboard the Pirate Ship.

Banana Boat Riding in Rocky Point, Mexico

When you come in the months of July, August or September, be prepared for heat and humidity.  But for the ladies out there, remember the humidity is great for your skin.  Be careful in July as the Jelly Fish will be here as well and were actually sighted this past weekend, but they are a much smaller specie and the tentacles surround the jelly part and do no go out like long fish lines. You can recognize them as they are usually dark blue in color.  Word to the wise…bring ammonia or meat tenderizer with you as that will help take the sting away.

Sunset Cruise Pirate Ship in rocky point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Bare in mind that in summer many of the restaurants and bars that you normally go to may be closed mid week, so plan  your food ahead of time.  We have Sam’s Club and LEY’s to shop at for food and beverages.  Right now we are getting in some great green grapes from Caborca.  Fresh fruit and vegetables abound all year around here, so no need to haul food across the border.

One more little item. If you are renting a condo, most do not allow your little dogs and cats.  Check before making your reservations.  We do have 2 places that will board you furry family members so not to worry and one of them is in a vet’s office.  All resorts, bars and most coffee shops have Wi-Fi (if you can’t live with out it).

So as I say ” Life is a Journey.. Not a Destination and the Journey Begins in Puerto Peñasco”.  Come and have fun and enjoy our piece of PARADISE.

Puerto Peñasco "A Happening Place "

Memorial Day 2016 is but a glimpse in the rear view mirror.  The little city of Rocky Point was flooded with people from all over  AZ, CA, Baja and more.  It seems that the 4 mile back up coming into Mexico and several hours wait to get back into the US is not deterring people.  The count was over 35,000 people who came and spent money at restaurants, bars, condos, hotels, beach front homes and vendors and shops.  There were wait lists at many of the rental companies so that is great news.  There were no reports of serious accidents which is also wonderful news, considering the way the quad and rhino drivers were driving.  To all of our visitors, we say Thank You and we hope you will come back again to Puerto Peñasco.

So you are asking yourselves, what are the locals going to do now that summer is upon us.  Let me give you a run down of upcoming events and one that is currently going on.

Marine Festival started May 27 and ends June 5th.    It is a tribute to the fisherman who have been the back bone of this city.  Every day there are events going on and you can look at the attached schedule to see what you would like to do.  The harbor was bustling with boats and music yesterday and the queen that was crowned presides over the events. If you haven’t attended this event, plan to do it next year.  Flags are flying by the Navy Base.  Mexico has a beautiful flag, but unlike the U.S., it only flies on certain holidays, so it was nice to see the one down by the Plaza de Governors in the Old Port flying proudly.

Festival de la Marina Puerto Penasco

While I am speaking about flags, PLEASE when you come from the US, DO NOT fly the American Flag on your sand rail unless you fly the Mexican Flag with it. If you fly one at your home, make sure the Mexican Flag is on top.  Simple courtesy and no different from the U.S.

Now for upcoming events in Puerto Peñasco.  The weekend of June 9th will be filled with bands from all over and at almost every bar and it is also the Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers concert.  Please check the schedule below as there will be events at Banditos, J.J.’s Cantina in Cholla Bay, Capone’s Seafood and Pizzeria as well as a few others.  We are getting more musical groups coming down from the U.S. and the turnout for these events is great.  If you don’t have reservations… go to and let them help you.

circus Mexicus in Rocky Point, Mexico

Coming June 12th is The Great Rubber Ducky Race on Sandy Beach.  Those elusive little yellow ducks can be purchased for $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00.  Monies go to charity from this event.  There are some great prizes including a weekend stay at one of the Sonoran Resorts, a weekend at Las Palomas Resort, a round of golf for 2 at Las Palomas Golf Resort, spa treatments and so much more.  You can call Barb at 602-324-9529 or in Mexico at 383-4693 to purchase your ducks or maybe you would like to volunteer to keep all those little guys in line or you can email her at

Charities in Rocky Point

Don’t forget the every day events going on here such as horseback riding on the beach, kayaking on the Sea of Cortez, fly in an ultra-light and take pictures of the happenings below, fishing, golfing at one of our 3 golf courses and don’t forget about taking a sunset cruise.  Need numbers for reservations, please contact me and I’ll get you more information than you probably want.

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