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Beach Mud Run

Beach Mud Run

Runners in action!

Beach Mud Run

If you’re planning on being in the beautiful sandy beaches of Puerto Peñasco the weekend of October 23rd, 2021 you won’t want to miss this epic beach event! Dirty Beach’s Beach Mud Run will be held on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 on the beautiful Sandy Beach. Runners will meet at Rocky Point Speedway for a 5K mud run filled with exciting and challenging obstacles.

runners getting down in the mud

Hydration Stations

There will be sand, mud, water, and most importantly: Hydration Stations! These stations will have water, beer, and even tequila for your thirst needs throughout the race. All registered runners will receive a ‘Hydration Wristband’ that gives them access to these drinking stations. Additionally, runners will be given two Taco Tickets to access delicious tacos after the run is complete. During this taco time, runners will also get to celebrate their completed run at the After Party!

beach mud run
Runners at a Hydration Station!

Registration for Beach Mud Run

Runners can register for just $30. The $30 registration fee includes access to the Beach Mud Run, a Hydration Station Wristband, and most importantly— two Taco Tickets! Keep in mind you must be 10 years or older to register for the run. You can register as an individual or with a group. So if you want to run through these epic obstacles with your family or favorite friends group, sign them all up and do it together! You’ll be sure to have a great time.

Not only will you be getting some exercise in, and get to play in the mud, but you’ll also get to have beer and tequila shot stations throughout your epic obstacle course! Additionally, participants are encouraged to wear costumes at the race. It sounds like it’s time to unpack your favorite banana suit or Batman cape and get your run on!

beach mud run
fun obstacles and more!

Obstacle Course

Excitingly, the Beach Mud Run’s 15+ obstacles will include the Good Luck Rope Line, Slipper Slide, Muddy Muck Crawl, Walk the Plank, Quick Sand, Hay Hill and more! Here is a map of the obstacle course itself that you’ll be doing throughout the run.

Event Time

If you want to register on the day of the run, registration will open at 10am that Saturday. The First Wave of the Beach Mud Run runners will start at 11am on that Saturday October 23rd, 2021. Keep in mind that there will be a Wave (or group starting the course) every hour. You can start a Wave with your specific group/team, so you can enjoy the fun of the Beach Mud Run together.


beach mud run
after party band jamming out

Beach Mud Run After Party

When the race is done, runners are invited to stay and hang out at the beach with the other participants. Most importantly, there will be an After Party with great music and tons of awesome prizes to win at the drawing. There will also be Dirty Beach Mud run t-shirts for sale the day of the event.

Check out this video from one of Dirty Beach’s past Beach Mud Run to see what a blast this obstacle race is. Don’t miss this Beautiful Beach Run on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021. It will be an awesome and muddy day!

beach mud run
happy runners!