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Rocky Vet Hospital is NOW OPEN

Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa are pleased to announce they have opened Rocky Vet Hospital  under the direction of Dr. Adrian Sixto  Resendiz.  If you are looking for a great vet, this will be the place to go.  The facility is modern complete with x-ray equipment, surgery room, wellness room for routine check ups for both cats and dogs.

Great young vet
Dr. Adrian

Dr. Adrian has taken care of our German Shepherds now for over 3 years and is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable  young vet. They have a complete dispensary of medicines as well as 2 different new kennel areas. One kennel area is for regular patients and the other is for pets that may have parvo or distemper so they don’t contaminate  the other animals.

Roomy kennels
Large and small kennels

Dr. Adrian has been a vet for 10 years and worked in Mexico City for 7 years before joining “Servicios Medicos Veterinarios” 3 years ago here in Rocky Point.  In his new position, the owners of Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa are very interested in his practice and to learn more about how to evolve in animal health care. There services offer General Physical Examinations, General and Specialized Surgery, Internal Medicine, Hospitalization, Laboratory and RX, Emergency and more.

New X-ray
Modern x- ray equipment

If you haven’t been to the facility, they are located on Calle Cypress #1B enter Calle Rosas (12th de October) y Calle 10.  In other words there are 2 ways to get there.  First is to get on Sinaloa if you are coming from Freemont and as soon as you pass over the railroad tracks, make a left and go down about 3 blocks and you will see the sign and make a right.  The second way is to take the street to the right of “Numeros” and go south for about 3 block, make a left and then the 1st right and it will be down about half way to the tracks.  Their phone number is 638-102-0555 (24 hours)  or   you can email him at  You might want to go and check out where it is and how to get there in case of an emergency. Their hours are Monday – Friday 9 am to 7 pm and Saturday 9 am to 3 pm.

Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa also do an excellent job at grooming you fur ever friends.  Our Tucker and Frida actually look forward to going there for grooming and Dahlia is so sweet with them.  Their number is 480-823-4341 or 638-102-0585.  They also have a reward program after 6 grooming’s you get the 7th one FREE.

DIF and the Black and White Ball, September 30, 2017

I recently sat down to visit with First Lady Linda Pivac de Munro and Loly Martinez, Missions Administrator Mexico  who is with Rocky Point Medical Clinics to discuss the 2017 Black and White Ball and to learn more about what DIF (Integral Family Development) does.

B& W Ball
Mayor Munro and Linda Pivac de Munro host 2016 B & W Ball

There are two changes in regards to the ball and that is first the date of the Black and White Ball has been moved to September 30, because in previous years it was held around Thanksgiving and many people who wanted to attend could not due to family and friends coming to Puerto Peñasco.  The second major change is a wonderful delicious sit down dinner catered by Jerry’s Catering will be included in your ticket.  Cocktail hour will start at 7:00 p.m. with dinner being served from 8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.  Following dinner will be the crowning of the queen and dancing.  This is a huge event and it is our one time of the year to dress up and go dancing.  The event will be held at the Puerto Peñasco Convention Center, so mark your calendar.  Tickets are on sale already so if you are not in Rocky Point and want to reserve your spot, please email me at and I will send you directions on how to make your deposit.  The cost is $50 USD per person or you can put together a table of 10 for  $500.00 USD.


Queen of the ball
Crowning of the 2016 Queen

Beautiful Queen
Mayor Munro and First Lady

The funds raised from the ball are used for many things.  Even before Linda’s husband became Mayor of Puerto Peñasco, she has been very involved and dedicated to education of the children and this is where her heart is. It is important to locate the problems and find a solution for them within the community. It is also crucial that children and the youth obtain the best education possible in order to become productive and outstanding members of the community.

DIF created a scholarship program in which 83 students from low income families will receive financial support to attend further education in universities outside of Rocky Point. They must have and A grade point and be drug free.  DIF created Casa del Estudiante which consists of eight of these students 4 boys and 4 girls are attending UABC in Mexicali to learn to be accountants, mechatronics or physiology.  It costs $304,632 pesos to house these youth and that includes renting the house, water, electricity, internet and HOA fees.  They receive in home visits 3 times a year to make sure their grades are A and that they are drug free.  Every dollar is fully accountable with facturas (receipts) received for every dollar spent and at any time anyone can go and check on the money spent.

DIF Scholarship Students

DIF Scholarship Students

The drop out rate at most schools has been very high but due to the programs and help from DIF, the drop out rate  for instance CetMar has dropped to only 13%.  The schools benefiting from the DIF scholarship programs are UTTPP, ITTSP Technology school and UNIDEP.

DIF has also started a Parenting School to help parents of our youth to get involved in keeping the children in school and to make sure they are studying, doing their homework and getting great grades.  With out this program, many of our youth will fall through the cracks and drop out and then get into trouble.  Years ago it was just the mom’s that attended the parent-teacher conference but now days  you see both parents going to these conferences.  The parents are taught about how to teach the kids about not getting pregnant, getting into drugs and bullying amongst other things.

Besides the Black and White Ball, DIF raises funds from beer sales at community events such as Carnival, Rocky Point Rally, Cervantino Festival and other music events.

Everyone is invited to attend this event and if you need additional information email to We look forward to seeing you all there. Let’s get out as residents of Rocky Point and show our support for the youth who are the future of our city. Remember every Dollar spent helps insure that the youth of Puerto Peñasco get a 1st class education.  These are just some of the programs that your dollar will support.

If you have any questions please email me at  Please remember the upcoming events coming up this fall, Labor Day, Rocky Point Rally and Thanksgiving.  Make sure you make your reservations for lodging soon as things are already getting booked up.

MTZ Cantina hosts fund raiser for Julio Carlos Meza Mendez

Enjoy MTZ
A new venue for special events

I recently went on an interview with owner of MTZMartin Martinez, who was born and raised here in Puerto Peñasco.  Martin is also a licensed Real Estate agent as well as owning the place to go to for special events as well La Galleria on the corner of the entry to the Old Port.  MTZ is on the harbor side over looking the shrimp boats and sunset cruise boats.
Wagon planter
Surround your self with a view.

He had opened Bacanora Grill but closed it while back and then recently opened MTZ.  The décor inside is unique, with the walls being decorated with pallets that have been painted, old metal barrels that now have been converted into hanging lights as well as wood from some of the old ships that make up the great back bar.  Upon entering you will find a large stage which features a really nice mural by a young local artist.  Out front, you will find seating as well, which will covered with shade screen soon.  So you can sit outside and have a drink while waiting  for your Sunset Cruise to depart or a night cap when you come back.  Inside it is air conditioned and has comfortable seating as well as a lounge type atmosphere.

Good times.
Relax at MTZ

After talking for some time about the city and the growth and things that come with growth, Martin explained that his venue is great for showcasing local bands as well as others from outside the city. They have hosted several events since it opened.  He has a passion for seeing Puerto Peñasco grow in culture and hopes to be able to help to make it better and introduce visitors to more of the Mexican culture.  We discussed what is happening in the Old Port and what is happening in our town.

Comfortable seating to enjoy the music.

The discussion then evolved around hosting a fund raiser for a Rocky Point native who at the age of 37 had a stroke.  His name is Julio Carlos Meza Mendez and he is the son of world renowned shell artist Julio Meza.  Most of you who stay in the RV Parks like Playa Bonita or reside here full time have seen Julio walking the boardwalk by Playa Bonita selling his shell art or have gone to his workshop to see how the art is created and probably own pieces of his work.  Julio has 8 pieces hanging in the Vatican as well as pieces all over the world.  Julio Carlos has his Bachelor Degree in International Affairs and is working on Bachelor Degree in  Law. His company specializes in legal advise in such matters as new and renewal of bank trusts as well as things like getting the Permanent Residency status.  He also offers bill pay service as well as being a general contractor.  His office is located on Blvd Freemont in the center where Chef Mickey’s is.  He will have a way to go to recovery but he  is in the capable hands of therapist Blanca Soto of UBR (Basic Rehab Unit).

Julio Carlos Meza

Wonderful for a gift.

If you never seen the works of Julio Meza, Senior, check out these photos.  They are one of a kind pieces of art that can not be copied or duplicated.

One of a kind.

Local artist
Charlie and Pat Buckles of Gilbert, Arizona with their one of a kind work of art.

Needless to say, his medical bill’s are staggering as he has been in the hospital in Mexicali for 2  months and just recently returned to Puerto Peñasco to get additional therapy.  His family is doing a raffle with tickets  selling at $200 pesos (they come in books of 10).  First place will receive $10,000 pesos and second place with receive $5000 pesos.  With  help from First Lady Linda Pivac Munro, the ladies from DIF are selling the tickets or you can buy them from me as well.  Proceeds from both of these events will go to defray the cost of his medical bill’s and assure  proper therapy.  The raffle will be held July 14th.

Art in the making.
Shell Art Construction

After much conversation about the plight of Julio Carlos, Martin and I decided to do the benefit for Julio and the event will be held July 28th from 4 pm to 8 pm at MTZ (across from where the Intripid Sunset Cruise departs) with music provided my “Puerto Luna” a local band that plays Mexican ballad type music.  The cost of the tickets are $250 pesos and include 3 beer or wine tickets, Bacanora Tasting, reduced pricing on drinks and food from local restaurants.  A bonus to the food, wine, Bacanora and music,  your ticket will be placed in drawing for a condo stay at the  Pinacate Condos.  We are doing a silent auction in addition to the relaxing evening. All proceeds go to defray the costs of Julio Carlos’s current medical bills as well as the on going therapy. If you have something you would like to donate, please contact me at ( and we will make sure it is added to the list.  If you want to purchase your tickets in advance, please let me know at

Shrimp Boats and ship building history in Puerto Peñasco

This blog will be broken down into several parts so that you can absorb and appreciate the history here.

Blog on Boats 2017 (7)

Building  not only shrimp boats but large luxury pleasure yachts has been a part of Puerto Peñasco history for decades.   One of the largest was built by  Astillero Bellot and is 150′ long.  It features exotic woods from all over the world and has 16 staterooms each with different hand carved doors and walls above the beds. As you enter the main salon where the main seating area and kitchen are, the door has a hand carved lighthouse.   I will go into the Bellot family history of ship building in the next blog.

Stunning Ship
Luxury Ship

Blog on Boats 2017 (1)

Currently as you drive in towards the Old Port, you will see part of the history of Puerto Peñasco.  You will see boats that look  like they will never make it out of the harbor and boats that have been re-painted and look fresh.  If you coming from the Old Port take a left turn by the Cinema and continue around past the school, make a left turn at the 1st stop sign and wind around pass where they are re-doing the boats.  When you see these monsters in the Sea of Cortez, they look large, but get them dry docked and you will be amazed at the size.  More than once this summer, they have been hauling them down the center of the street to dry dock for repairs. Once the shrimping season is over, the boats are brought ashore for repair and it can be anything from having the large propeller re-buffed to a complete over haul.  Later in summer you will see the anchor cables of the boats being stretched out on the street near the Navy yard for repairs.  This seems to be a specialized job as the same man has been doing this for as long as I have lived here.

Blog on Boats 2017 (5)

I hope you will appreciate the pictures but also the history of the families of ship builders and fisherman.  Remember this city was built upon the fisherman and every June 1st is Marine Day. This day is to honor the fisherman that still fish faithfully as well as those who have gone out and never returned.  It is filled with pomp and circumstances with the laying of the wreath and Navy all dressed in white.  During this time locals are taken out on boats if they wish and usually there is a large Navy ship in port for the event.  Next June make this part of you Memorial Day vacation plans if the USA holiday is close to June 1st.  You won’t be disappointed.

Also start making your plans for the USA Labor Day weekend.  Make your hotel or condo reservations now to assure you get the lodging you want. Yes it will be hot and steamy, but it beat’s the “dry heat” in Arizona.  Come on down and enjoy our clean quiet beaches soon.  After this holiday Rocky Point will be pretty quiet until November 9th – 13th when Bike Week rolls around.

Come visit for a few days and stay for a lifetime!  Questions about getting her or the city email me at

RV Caravans to Puerto Penasco Part 2

In the previous blog about RV Caravans coming to Puerto Peñasco, we touched on how these groups get here and where they come from.  In part 2 we will be addressing several things to do once you are here as well as what you can and can not bring into Mexico.

After sitting down with Charlie and Geri Sing from The Rambling Suns RV Club  (Sun City Elk’s Lodge 2559 who will be the hosts for the trip in October of 2018, one comes to realize that there is a lot of planning that has to go into these caravans when you have a minimum of 20 RV”s traveling together and not just to and from Rocky Point.  These trips have to be planned far in advance in order to get the reservations at the RV parks.  As stated previously, at one time there were 9 RV parks in Puerto Peñasco and now there are 2 large ones that are on the water that can accommodate that many rigs plus all the other rigs that are already there.

El Tapeo for wine tasting

So now the 20 plus rigs from the Sun City Elk’s Lodge have arrived at Playa Bonita on Sandy Beach and have set up home for a week.  What do they do next?  Usually at the end of the day there is a social or happy hour, followed by an evening pot luck dinner with lots of conversation going on.  These groups are made up of folks of all ages so there is something for everyone.

Here is a  list of suggested things for them to see our city and everything we have to offer.

1)  Tour the Pinacate Biosphere where they will see where Apollo 11 astronauts trained for the Moon landing.

Pinacate Biosphere
View from visitor center

2)  Be adventuresome and go Zip Lining

3)  Golf? Las Palomas, Mayan Palace or Laguna Del Mar will not disappoint the beginner or avid golfer.

4)  Fishing? Go out with Capt. Adolfo Perez on his charter boats or if you want choose one of the Pangas.

5)  Sunset Cruises? Choose from Senorita Rita, Intrepid, Pirate Ships, Eco Tours or About Time are just  few of the  choices.

One of our many sunset boats
Rey Del Mar (The Pirate Ship)

6)  Tour the Oyster Farm for lunch, they also serve shrimp, clams and fish.  You can take a tour for this event.

7) City Tour join Russ Black on a great City Tour.

8)  Julio Mesa Shell Artist, he will come to Playa Bonita or go to his shop and see him at work and learn how much goes into the pieces of art.

9)  Satisfied Frog the end of the Malecon great food and right on the water.  Yes it is the Satisfied Frog from Cave Creek, AZ.

10) Cholla Bay: go out in the bay and find sand dollars or go to JJ’s and have a cold beer and enjoy the tide swings which can be huge.

11) Shopping anyone?  The shops on the Malecon, Mercedes Rusticos in the Old Port ( a must stop) and Rodeo Drive are all great choices.

12) Old Port: Check out Boo Bar, Shark Bite, Blue Marlin, Mr. Amigo’s or the Tequila Bar for lunch or a cold beverage.

Stunning views
View from the Malecon

Picture yourself here!
Puerto Peñasco Sunset


13) Need dental work done?  Imagen Oral, Dr. Yamamoto are just a few for you to choose from.

When you are coming to Mexico, make sure you have insured your rig and tow vehicle if you have one. This can be done from the USA either on line  from several different companies. But it is a must!!

When you are in a caravan, as you enter into Mexico, you probably will all get the green light, which means proceed slowly.  If you are traveling in groups of 3 or more, you may get the red light which means stop or they may just wave you on through.  If you travel with your fur babies be it dogs or cats, have their shot records handy (they are looking for the rabies shot).  If you are coming for more than a week and need a large bag of dog food, chicken is allowed but no beef.  An example is the 38 lb. bag of Kirkland Chicken is allowed if it is sealed.

Here is a partial  list of things that you can not bring into Mexico. The whole list is very long, so this gives you an idea.

Plants, eggs, dairy products, beef and pork products.  Depending who’s list you are looking at, these can change.  If you are coming at Thanksgiving, you are allowed  one turkey per vehicle (as they recognize this is a big American holiday).

You can bring in 6 liters of wine plus the 3 liters of alcohol, but remember you can only take 1 liter back into the USA.  Again with Sam’s Club in Rocky Point, there is no need to haul down a lot of stuff.  You can buy cases of bottled water, chicken, meat, pork, cheese, eggs  at Sam’s or Ley’s.  The town also features the best FRESH SHRIMP and FISH, a lot of great fresh produce markets and a couple of butcher shops.  Remember if you are a meat eater, some of the best beef in Mexico is raised in the State of Sonora.

If you have any questions about what you can and can not bring, please feel free to email me at and I will provide you with an answer.  Maps of Rocky Point are available, just send an email.

So come on down, sit and relax and enjoy what Rocky Point has to offer.  The people are friendly, no traffic congestion, great food, warm weather, beautiful clean soft sandy beaches and sunsets.

Ride the hoses on the beach
Horse back riding

RV Caravans to Puerto Peñasco..Welcome Part 1

Back before the days of the condo boom  RVing was the way to go.  There were RV’s coming and going constantly.    They came in groups of all Winnebago’s, Prevosts, Allegro etc.  At one time, it was not unusual to see 30-40 Prevost’s  in a caravan and that meant a lot of money on the highway.  Sometimes  a group of single women would drive down and stay for a week or two.  In most cases the ones coming from Arizona, the West Coast and Rocky Mountain areas met up at the Elk’s Lodge in Gila Bend.   From there they would come down in small groups to cross into Mexico.  They came from Elk’s Lodges, FMCA, Escapes, Good Sam and other clubs.

View to the Old Port.

Shop, relax and enjoy Puerto Peñasco

RV Caravans Playa Bonita (6)

In those days, many of the RVers  made friends with each other and then over the next few years they would all plan their trips together.  Friendships were made at Manny’s Beach Club with the locals that had moved here from the USA.  At that time there were 9 RV Parks starting in the Mirador area with Playa Elegante, San Rafael, Playa del Oro, Senorial, Playa Mirador, Playa Miramar, Sunrise and Playa Bonita and The Reef rounding off on Sandy Beach.  Many of the folks spent at least 3 -6 months in Puerto Peñasco and loved calling Rocky Point home for that period of time. Now there is only  Playa del Oro and Playa Bonita. The Reef is currently not taking reservations at this time.

A Rocky Point Sunset

What more could they ask for?  Beautiful  warm sunny skies, stunning sunsets, fishing, sitting on the beach, mingling with each other or just going into town to shop.  They also would caravan in their vehicles for day outings to Caborca and Pitiquito to go leather shopping and have lunch.  I personally was delighted to always go with them and show them around.  In those days, once past the Mayan Palace area it was dirt road for many miles.  Sometime it was smoother driving in the desert rather than struggling with the ruts.  In some places the road had 4 lanes going each way.

Before the new coastal highway from P.E.Calles (which now leads to El Desemboque, Puerto Libertad, Punta Chueca and Kino Bay) you could drive through the asparagus fields, snow pea fields  and Thompson grape vineyards  and buy a case of which ever you would like directly from the processing plant.  Within that area there was and is so much agriculture grown including olives, pecans  and citrus as well as cattle ranching.  The folks in the RV’s loved to stop by a local ranches  and buy the fresh citrus they could offer.

Back to the caravans.  Many of the groups consist of 20 or more rigs, so getting through the border was not easy.   Now a local Rocky Point businessman Russ Black (organizer of the Mermaid Market) has a program that will meet the caravan on United States side of the border and then they have a police escort to get everyone through Sonoyta in an orderly fashion.  If you are interested in bringing down a caravan and would like the information for Russ Black  send me an email to and I will get it for you.  If you a Wagon Master and would like information sent to you again please let me know and we can bundle some things up and get them delivered to you.

Take a Sunset Cruise every night of the week.

There are some things you do need to know about what you can and can’t bring into Mexico. No need to haul a lot of groceries, as there is Sam here as well as 2 great butcher shops and numerous FRESH produce markets.   Please follow Puerto-Peñ blogs this month as we will publish this list.  It like everything else is subject to change.  As of this blog, one group from the Sun City Elk’s Lodge is already making plans for their 2018 trip.  Planning to bring a large group down, start planning now as the RV parks are filling up rapidly.

For the first timers coming here, there is really a lot to do and see, so I hope you will take a day or 2 and look around.  Bring your golf clubs or fishing poles and enjoy what Rocky Point has to offer or just sit in your chair and watch the water go by.  Once you are hooked on Puerto Peñasco, you will want to return every year.  If you have any questions or comments that need immediate attention email to

Gillespie's Gold Mine and Sonoran Mining

If you go towards the Mayan Palace south and east of Puerto Peñasco and go just past it, there is a road that goes off to the left and goes to the Gillespie Gold Mine.  It is located in a pretty rugged area, so I would say 4 wheel drive is a must and it would not hurt to have a traveling companion.  On our trip to the mine, we stopped at an old open well and one of the men threw a stone down into it and from the sound it appeared to be about 90′ deep.  I choose to walk along the railroad track and pick up old railroad spikes, which I still have a plan to have one of the local welders make a cross out of them for my cross collection.  We passed a couple of cars from the late 20’s-30’s that were just left there to rust.

Old  Well
Old Well

Recently while having stone  work done on our home, we were introduced to Ray Sandoval who owns the property right next to it.  He explained how he chips away by hand the different colored rock with basically a chisel and hammer. The rock come in all different colors and sizes and many of them have traces of gold, silver, copper and quartz in them.  It was interesting to see the pieces with the ore in them.  They can lay them in various size pieces on your walls of your home or stack them in pieces anywhere fro 1/2″ thick to 1″ thick.  This work is a labor of love and it shows in the finished product.

At the Gillespie Mine years ago there was a man and his two sons who mined gold.  I accompanied a group of winter visitors out to the mine one year and was shocked to see the mine shaft that they used to enter.  There was about 20 of us and everyone was so excited to go down into the mine with Bobby Unser being the lead dare devil.  As we descended, we were about 30 -40 steps down into the mine when the woman behind me stepped the wrong way and I heard this loud noise like something cracking.  Needless to say, I was headed past her and out of there and volunteered to take their photo if and when they came up.

Amazing what they could do with what they had to work with
Amazing what they could do with what they had to work with

The old man explained that they were getting about an ounce of gold per month by hand picking the ore.  At that time gold was worth about $300 USD per ounce.  We all shook our heads that they were so determined to do this sort of job, mind you there is no OSHA in Mexico.

Now in later years, the mining industry has really grown up and now there are many new ones between Puerto Peñasco and Caborca as well as all of Sonora.  They are getting a lot of silver, gold, copper and more out of the stone due to the modern techniques they are using.  There several hundred mines in the State of Sonora that are in either the exploration or production state.  They are owned by companies from Canada, USA, Korea, Chile, Japan, Australia, China, USA/Mexico just to name a few.  You can go to the General Director of Mining Development website to learn more of them.  This is now a very large business for Sonora and Mexico.

There is a book called Gillespie’s Gold written by Earl Mac Pherson and I managed to buy a signed copy years ago off of E-Bay.  It is the story about Bernard A. Gillespie and it was a book I could not put down.  If you ever take the back road from Phoenix to Gila Bend you will traverse over the old earthen Gillespie Dam which goes over the Gila River. The dam was built somewhere between 1920 and 1935 and it is a narrow one lane bridge, but it is amazing to drive over it and the last thing you want to do is meet an 18 wheeler coming towards you.  It was also somewhere in this time frame that B.A. ( as he was known) acquired the Sierra Pinta mine.

A great read o Rocky Point history.

Bernard Gillespie was loved by the Mexican people of the area and became known as “Patron.”  Beside owning the gold mine, he owned a large parcel of land which is now known as Bahia San Jorge and the last time I was there his old stone house was still standing.

So pack a picnic lunch and head out to Playa San Jorge to go clamming, fishing,  shelling or just relax on the pristine beach. Turn at the entrance to where it says Playa San Jorge and you will see several homes out there where folks  have escaped the city life of quads and rhinos that speed up and down the city streets.

If you have the time on one of your trips down to Rocky Point and take the back roads over the old Gillespie Earthen Dam.  It is a narrow 2 lane bridge but the scenery is well worth the time as you drive over the dam and through a lot of agriculture and you will end up just east of Gila Bend, Arizona.  Bernard had a vast holding of land in that area as well.

Pictures from the book Gillespie’s Gold.

Vacation in Puerto Peñasco Condos vs. Homes vs. Hotels

If you are planning a vacation to Puerto Peñasco, you have a lot to think about as to where you want to stay. Be it a hotel, condo or home, most all of these are located right on the Sea of Cortez.  There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a place.  You also will want to choose the right company to do your reservations.

Let’s start with the rental company.  You have many to choose from and one of the most popular is and they are all very knowledgeable with the properties but also with what is happening in Rocky Point.  There are many beach front homes in Las Conchas and they range from 2 bedrooms to 10 bedrooms and larger if needed.  Any of the rental specialists can customize just the right property for you.  If you are planning to come down during the busy holiday weekends but want quiet time then staying in Las Conchas is probably the best choice for you.  It is a gated community and quads are not permitted on the beach nor tearing up the streets, so if you are bringing toys down, bare in mind you will be asked to park them by the guard station.

If you have never been to Puerto Peñasco you can ask any of these companies for recommendations for activities and restaurants and they can point you in the correct direction.  You may want to  take a sunset cruise, rent kayaks, rent horses to ride on the beach or rent quads or Rhinos. If you are in Rocky Point and the Tiburones are playing baseball, go watch a game.  This is inexpensive entertainment for the entire family.  There is also a new aquarium in town which is interactive for all ages.  All of the above mentioned companies have agents that have lived in Rocky Point for many years or are natives of the area and they can definitely help you out.

Sonoran Sky Resort
Sonoran Sky Resort

Next if  choose to rent a condo on the beach you have several developments to choose from and they are all on the Sea of Cortez and the beach.  These developments come in all sizes.  Sonoran Resorts consist of the Sonoran SKY, Sonoran SPA, Sonoran SEA and the Sonoran SUN.  Then you have Las Palomas which is the largest of the developments, followed by Casa Blanca, The Princesa, Las Palmas, Bella Sirena and Esmeralda.  If you have children a good choice for you would be Las Palomas or Las Palmas as they have lazy rivers and water slides.  Every property with the exception of the Sonoran SPA have swim up bars.  Most of the properties have a community BBQ area as cooking with charcoal is prohibited on the condo balconies.  The Sonoran SPA does have a Santiago Pharmacy as well as gift shop and a display of art and crafts from local artisans and the Sonoran Grill is located there.  The SKY has the TIKI  Bar as well as a sports bar on the beach level.  Las Palomas also has a restaurant as does the Sonoran SEA.  Even though the months of June, July, August and September are hot and humid, there is always a breeze off the ocean and all the properties are air conditioned.  You can rent any of these properties by the night, week or month.

This is your view

Enjoy the view

You have the choice of 3 main hotels that are on the water or have a water view and they are Peñasco Del Sol, Playa Bonita, Laos Mar or Vina Del Mar in the Old Port.  All feature pools, restaurants and bars as well as El Tapeo Wine Bar at Laos Mar.

Playa Bonita en Puerto Penasco
Hotel Playa Bonita

Whatever is best for you, know that you will be treated in a professional manner from any of the companies listed above.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at and I can answer your questions or point you  in the right direction.  As we say Mi Casa es Su Casa, so come on down and enjoy the beautiful clean beaches and the warm Caribbean Blue waters of the Sea of Cortez and sit back, relax and enjoy Puerto Peñasco.

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Puerto Peñasco, a Wedding Destination & Vacation Destination

April 2017 has proved once again to be one of the busiest months of the year.  Not only did 135,000 tourists come here for Semana Santa (Easter weekend) from Arizona, California, Texas, Baja California, Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Sonora filling all lodging to 100%, it also increased revenue by 15% over last year.  Add to the fact that the weekend before Semana Santa there were at least 6 weddings in Puerto Peñasco.  The month is barely half over and there are more things coming up like the Triathlon and more weddings.  Puerto Peñasco has rapidly become a destination for beach goers as the beach and the Sea of Cortez  are crystal clear and clean. The Sea of Cortez and it’s beautiful sunsets make for a great back drop for a wedding and oh so romantic.

Sunset Time
Your friends and family will be in awe.

Rocky Point Sunsets

If you are planning a wedding in Rocky Point, it now has become a fact that you need to do so a year in advance if it is to be in April, May or June.  The city is still learning about these sort of things, but there is a limit as to how many suppliers there are for equipment rentals for an outside wedding,  DJ’s, photographers, caterers, cake makers, florist, bartenders and so much more to say nothing of lodging accommodations for  families and friends.  If you are having a large reception with a sit down dinner at one of the resorts, that will take some extra planning.  If you plan to be married in one of the churches, that is another consideration.

Custom Wedding Cakes

Most of the cake makers in Puerto Peñasco can custom design your cake.

Start your Beach Wedding with Marachi Music

Most people who decide to be married in Puerto Peñasco, get legally married in the United States where they reside and then have the party here.  This is much easier that going through the paperwork do be legally married in Mexico.

Luxury condo developments for weddings and the beach.

Although there are several  wedding planners here, the fact still remains you have to have the suppliers of everything that goes into an event like this, to get the things you want.  You may want to interview the wedding planners to see which one best suites your needs and get references and the same goes if you are using a caterer, DJ and photographer.  This will insure that you have no last minute surprises on your wedding day.

Another beauitul sunset.

Due to the fact the Rocky Point has a huge tide swing on full and new moons, it is best to check that in advance as well as sunset times.  The sunsets are some of the best anywhere, but you want to time it so the ceremony is prior to sunset so there is plenty of time for your guests to get back to where the dinner or reception is being held.  You can check these things usually near the end of the year when all the new tide chart calendars are out.

A typical Rocky Point day

If your group loves wine, there is no need to haul any of it from the USA.  Wines from The Valle de Guadalupe in Baja Norte can be gotten via a source like El  Tapeo Wine Bar or you may be able to contract with a winery directly if you are familiar with any of the wines from that area.  There are so many good ones to choose from and Laura from El Tapeo can point you in the right direction.

Saying your wedding vows near the water.

A fun event for the day after the wedding is to have all the guests that have stayed over an extra day is to take a sunset cruise or perhaps do it the day before the wedding.   This is a great way for all of your guests to meet ahead of time.

Take your guests on a sunset cruise

Be assured that the suppliers and wedding planners are well versed in their fields and are 100% professional .  A wedding in Puerto Peñasco, will be one that you and your family and friends will truly remember and cherish for a lifetime of memories.  Start making your plans now.  If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Vendors can provide everything for  your specail day

Don’t forget we are only a one hour drive south of the border and it is safe and an easy drive.  Go to www.Puerto-Peñ to check out lodging today to start making plans.

Tiburones New Baseball Stadium In Puerto Peñasco

Be prepared to come out on April 11, 2017 for the Inauguration and game one of the 3 day home stand with the Tiburones De Puerto Peñasco versus Centinelas de Mexicali at our new stadium.  The stadium currently has 1300 seats including the new seats as well as the old 1st base side stadium seats.  It will also feature 260 new V.I.P. seats.  When complete it will have 1860 seats.  It offers both the home team and the visitors a new dug out, locker rooms, office for the managers, showers and more.  Down stairs there is a team gift shop with shirts, hats, and all sorts of souvenirs. Here you can buy beer at several locations as well as food. All the bathrooms have been re-done and new ones added.

Bird's Eye View Tiburone Stadium in Rocky Point

Looking at the stadium

The Cream de la Cream, however is in the center top of the stadium, next to the announcers station is where you will find a SPORTS BAR/ RESTAURANT.  Here you can buy cocktails, wine, beer as well as have food.  It will seat about 55 people and will offer a couple of big screen T.V.’s.  There is no extra charge to see the game from here and as you can see from the picture, the view is awesome.

Sports Bar/Restaurant in Tiburone stadium in Rocky Point Mexico

Baseball stadium sports bar in Puerto Penasco

The stadium project is being done in 2 stages.  The 1st stage is what you will see on the 11th.  The second stage will include the redo of the 1st base stadium in addition to adding a parking lot as well as the relocating of 2 of the light posts.  All the lighting is new so it will seem like day light.

For those who have lived here in Puerto Peñasco for years you probably have attended a Tiburones baseball game.  The stadium really was not a place the city or team could be proud of as it had gotten shop worn.  So under the administration of Mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro, the Municipal Stadium is getting a complete make over.  Francisco Leon Garcia stadium will once again be something that Rocky Point can be proud of and offer it’s residents a great deal of inexpensive entertainment.  From seeing the stadium, the $30,000,000 peso investment should pay off very nicely.

New visitor seating in stadium if Puerto Penasco

Puerto Peñasco new baseball stadium

After spending some time with Wilfredo Guzman the Director of Municipal Sports Institute, I learned the team has been around since  1960 and has had several names.  It has been in the existing stadium since 1979, so it was time for a make over.  The season runs from April – July and longer if there are play off games.  The official opening day of the season was April 4.  The 6 team league that they play in use to be called Liga Norte De Sonora but is now known as Liga Norte De Mexico.

V.I.P. seating in Rocky Point baseball stadium

The 6 teams that comprise the league are Tiburones De Peñasco, Rojos De Caborca, Algodoneros De Mexicali, Marineros De Ensenada and Freseros De San Quintin. These teams are development teams for Triple A clubs.  Each Triple A club has 2 development teams to work with and draw from. The coach of the Tiburones is Raul Cano who is a very famous man in Mexican baseballThere are a few other notables on the team of 30 and 6 coaches.  Jeremy Acey hails from Sacramento, CA and plays on 1st base.  You also have Sergio Mitre who played with the New York Yankee’s for 5 years.  The head pitching coach is Vincente “Huevo” Romo who is in the Mexican Hall of Baseball Fame as well as having played for 8 years for the L.A. Dodgers and the San Diego Padres teams.  He is one of the most famous pitchers in Mexico.


Marineros De Ensenada

Team 3 in the League

Team 4 in the league

Team 5

Rojos de Caborca

If you have not been to a game, it is not expensive by any means.  No $10 hot dogs or $15 beers here!     Admission to the games is inexpensive to say the least.  General seating is $60 pesos, V.I.P. seating is $100 pesos and children will be $30 pesos.  Beer will probably be $1.50 USD as in the past. You can go on game day anytime after 4 and purchase your tickets.  Get there around 5 to get a great seat and sit back and relax.

Liga Norte De Mexico

So whether you a local or visiting, come out and show your pride for the Tiburones Aprill 11th at 7 p.m and be prepared to be amazed!  The Grand Opening happens to fall in the middle of Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week).  There are still rentals to be had, but they won’t last long, so book your room today.