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Toma Color 5K and 10K Run for Charity

Toma Color 2015

In 2014 Toma Color inspired by the Color Run which started in the United States as a 5K run. The Color Run is now in over 50 countries. The purpose of the event is to promote health and happiness and came from an ancient Hindu ritual that celebrates the coming of Spring by coloring people.

Toma color 2015 in Rocky Point

Here in Puerto Peñasco a group of entrepreneurial friends got together and decided to do something to benefit the community and raise money for charities. This is the 2nd Annual 5K and 10K gathering. Last year it started at the Tiburon Baseball stadium and ended in the Old Port on the Malecon. This years run will start in the Malecon Fundadores through Fremont Blvd to Fremont Plaza. Freemont Plaza is 2.5 KM and return to the Malecon. 5K means one trip on this route and 10K means 2 trips.

Color Run Mexico

In 2014 we had over 800 participants and raised over $120,000 pesos which was donated to the Hemodialisis Center of Rocky Point. 2015 our goal is to increase the amount of participants and also raise money to also help CAM La Montana, a school for children with special educational needs. While you are there registration you might check to see what else is needed for the Hemodialisis Center.

Rocky Point Toma Color

This event is open to anyone and you need not run, you may walk or jog. Last year we had people with children in strollers and wheel chairs. If you are Rocky Point we encourage you to sign up for this event and give to our community. It does not matter if you live here or are just spending the weekend. It is a great way to spend family time and all is for charity. Come meet the people of Rocky Point and learn more about our charities that we work with as a community.

Rocky Point Toma Color

Participants will receive sun glasses, T-shirts with a bag of color for the final picture. At the end of the run the party begins in the Malecon in front of the Governors statues. Dress comfortably wear comfortable shoes. You may want to bring a hat as well and sun block.

Rocky Point Toma Color

Early registration goes from February 15 – March15. For groups of 10 or more the cost is $200 pesos and for individuals it is $250 pesos. From March 16- April the cost is $250 pesos for groups of 10 or more and $300 pesos for individuals. Registration is at Puerto Viejo Cafe in the Old Port (across the street from the Catholic church) They are open Thursday – Tuesday 8am- 10 pm. While you are threat yourself to the best coffee anywhere. It is from Chiapas and is fresh roasted at Puerto Viejo.

For more information you may call 388-8000 or check out the following social medias.
Also, may I remind you of the November Bike Rally November 5th – 8th. Registration will again be north of town at the Barklin Circle K gas station. All money gore to our 7 charities. It is a fun filled event for everyone.
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Toma Color 2015

Beverly Arrowood

Spring Activities in Rocky Point, Mexico

As I mentioned here in Puerto Penasco, we have a great deal of events taking place in Spring. This weekend we just finished the Sandstorm 300 which is put on by Desert Racers and brought in many off road racers. The start in town and race through the desert and come back in north of the city. It is very much a family event and brings excitement to town.

Off Road Racing in Rocky Point

The Red Cross also received a new ambulance thanks to the efforts of the Rotary Club of Puerto Penasco. The keys were presents last week by Oscar Palacio. We have several civic groups here in town such as the Masonic Lodge, Lions, American Legion and Rotary. Each one brings a great deal of good to the city. Thanks to one lodge we are now in the process of finishing our dialysis center. I will touch on them more after I see what all the need.
Through March, Whale watching will continue and you can go out and get up close with Del Mar Charters, Eco Fun, Intrepid, The Pirate Ship or About Time. You have a large choice of different size boats to choose from. These boats also do Sunset Cruises. Looking to go fishing, there also several choices, just check around the harbor.
CEDO (Center for the Study of Deserts and Ocean) is offering kayaking tours in Estuary Morua March 7th and April 4th. They will also be doing Dunes Tours April 3rd and Tide Pool tours April 5th. Both of these are geared for people of all ages. The little ones really enjoy the Tide Pool adventures. Visit there gift shop and learn more about what CEDO does and take time to visit the re-constructed whale on the property.
There are on going horseshoe and dart tournaments at many of the local bars/restaurants.
Chef Mickey Medina from Chef Mickey’s offer cooking classes, so check his website to find out the dates. This is a great way to learn about Mexican cuisine. Last but not least please come visit the Mermaid Market located at Shrimp Park March 7th, 21st and April 4th. This market features local artists, jewelry makers, candle and candy makers, apparel makers and photography of the area. Everything is locally made and all reasonably priced. Stop by and say hi. This year they will doing a Pirate Themed market in April. See the creations by Naomi Black, Judy Ridgeway and Tony Balesterros just to name a few.

Pirate & Mermaid's Extravaganza

Spring breaks starts March 7 and we will have college and families for ASU, U of A and NAU coming to town.

March 7th and 8th will bring the Expo Car Show at the Convention Center. People here cherish the antique vehicles and you should be treated to see quite a few. This will bring cars from all over. In March we also have the OTL Over The Line softball tourney at the Reef. I have attended this here and San Diego and it a ton of fun to play in and watch. Each team has wild and crazy names and they put on a great show. We also have the Annual Rocky Point Triathlon April 24 and April 12th we will host the Toma Color 5k and 10k. Register at Puerto Viejo before March 15th .Las Palomas Triatlon

That’s it for this time and remember Rocky Point is a very safe place to come to. See you soon.
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Toma Color 2015

Why We Live In Mexico

Let me start by saying, we live here because of the small town feel here in Puerto Penasco. The cost of living for the most part is much less than the USA. Just 2 examples, a week ago we took our German Shepherd Tucker to the vet.. cost including office visit and 3 meds for 7 days. $650 pesos or about $50 USD. Great caring vet in an office like the US. This week I took him to the vet in Phoenix… cost $148.00 USD. Office call was only $48.00 but the meds made up the balance. No wonder people buy meds in Mexico. I have had the vet in the US forever and love him. We have the vet here for 3 years and feel the same about them.
Today we went grocery shopping. A wonderful old fashioned butcher shop where the butcher actually breaks down the cow, we bought filets for 2 dinners, 1 kilo of fresh ground hamburger and a kilo roast beef, total cost for a total of about $34.00. Our next adventure was buying FRESH picked Asparagus, 2 big bunches for $2.50. Then off to the produce market (where we ran into old friends from Phoenix, that our daughters went to school together). We bought enough vegetables for a week for about $5.00 and it is all fresh.

Shrimp in Rocky Point Mexico
by Beverly Arrowood

We feel very safe from crime unlike other places. Young people always say “I got thrown in jail there and my response is “What did you do wrong?” Then they tell their sad story but then realize it would have much worse in the US. Our saying here is “Don’t leave your brains at the border” We will be using this statement a great deal in the next few weeks as “Spring Break starts and we get young people from CO., N.M., Utah, CA, TX, NV and a few other states. For the most part these kids are having a very good time and not causing any real issues.
Horses at the Beach Mexico
by Beverly Arrowood

Spring is filled with concerts, off road racing, golf tournaments, fishing tournaments and more. I often tell people if you can’t find something to do, it is your own fault. Although the water is still a bit cool, you can still go wading, ride the banana boats, rent a jet ski or Rhino’s, do Sunset Cruises, or go looking for shells.
Malecon at Puerto Penasco
by Beverly Arrowood

You have a choice of many great seafood restaurants here in town and there are a few gourmet restaurants as well. Have dinner overlooking the Sea of Cortez or visit a tiny hole in the wall, you will not be disappointed. Many of our places have been in business for years and have been passed down through the families.
The whales are still here, so do take a boat to get up close and personal with them. By all means do not leave your camera at home. With spring also comes the desert floral and don’t miss taking pictures of any of it.
I look forward to seeing many of you soon.

Beginner's Guide to Rocky Point, Mexico

When looking for a vacation spot, there are so many things to consider. Like time to get there, costs of flying to get there and where do you stay and what do you do when you do get there. Puerto Penasco is your best place for every aspect of a vacation. First, it is only a short 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson and with no waiting in long lines at the airport. Secondly it is not expensive to get here, third is you have so many choices in where you want to stay that are reasonable and right on the Sea of Cortez and last, there is a multitude of things to do here every single day. No over crowded beaches here, just miles of pristine sand.
Crossing the US/Mexico border is very easy (just make sure you have your passport or passport card for re-entering to the US). Buy your Mexican auto insurance either online or in Ajo or perhaps from your own agent.

Pinacate Biosphere Reserve
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

A short 1 hour drive south of the border and you are here. About 30 kilometers south of the border you will pass the Pinacate Biosphere. Sometime during your stay, do go back out and tour the new visitor center Shuk Toak. It is very modern with a movie telling all about the craters and the surrounding area. The guide there will answer any questions that you may have and there are inter active touch screens throughout the building. Make certain to take your camera as the views from the center are gorgeous. This crater range is the largest in north America and if you feel like going up to see them, you can (4 wheel drive) is best. You may encounter many animals along the way.
Clams in Rocky Point, Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Back in Puerto Peñasco if you are a seafood lover, take the drive out to the oyster farms and get some steamed clams, fresh shucked oysters or cerviche and have a cold beer if you like. While there take a dip in the water or just watch the Blue Heron and Egrets do a fly over along with countless Pelicans.
Boats at the Old Port
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

As you pass into town you will drive along the docks in the Historic Wharf District with all the shrimp boats moored and will be able to see nests of what we call Bald Eagles, but they are actually a little different. Both mom and dad tend the nests and dive in the harbor to get food for the babies. Again, camera time, as the boats make for awesome photography as well as the pelicans perched on the pongas (little fishing boats). You will see some of the photos I have taken down there. Continue into the Malecon, were you can have your choice of food and very good service. Our 3 favorites are the Blue Marlin, Boo Bar and The Satisfied Frog. Yes, this is the same Satisfied Frog as the one in Cave Creek. Great views, food and service from all 3. After lunch or dinner do a little shopping to wear of the calories and then get a Thrifty’s ice cream cone and prepare for a beautiful sunset. While in the Old Port stop by for a cup of wonderfully fresh roasted and brewed Chiapas Coffee at Puerto Viejo. Also stroll pass and pop into the La Rocca Hotel. A lot of history here as Al Capone use to stay there in the boot legging days. As you leave the Old Port, make sure you stop into Mercedes Rusticos. Here you will find anything that you need for your home or as a gift. From the south of Mexico you will find blown glassware, Mexican table settings and weavings just to name a few things. A must breakfast or lunch place is Coffee Haus on the way into the Malecon. Just the best food and service and by all means try the Apple Streusel!
Pelicans in the harbor Rocky Point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Sometime during your trip, venture out to what locals call “Rodeo Drive” and visit the many shops filled with everything from beautiful ladies apparel to upscale gifts for you home or condo. There is something there for everyone. There is a brand new restaurant that just opened called Mariachis and Tequilla. It is owned by a long time chef Ramon and his partner David who also owns an art gallery across the street. Both come from the south of Mexico and you will find them to be very cordial and gracious. A great Mexican menu awaits you as well as real margaritas. You can find furniture of all styles at Su Casa and Eddies Furniture and Gallery on the east end of the district. As you head back to your condo, you will pass our brand new convention center, which has had many large events already in just it’s year of being open.

Paradise Found in Rocky Point, Mexico

Nearly 30 years ago my husband and I ventured to a small fishing village named Puerto Peñasco or as the American’s called it Rocky Point. It wasn’t long after that we decided to buy a little travel trailer in put it an RV Park, named Playa Miramar. We would come down on weekends and because I was self employed, I would sneak down a day or so ahead of Bill or stay a couple days later. People always ask, why did you come here? Our answer is quite simple, the love of the people and the beauty of the Sea of Cortez. In the old days every one meet on Manny’s on Friday night and thus a lot of friendships were made. Although a young town, Puerto Peñasco had a lot of history and a lot of characters. Everyone had stories about something including the one about the ghost of Competition Hill on the way to Cholla Bay. There was a wonderful old baker in the Old Port and we would all flock there on Saturday and Sunday mornings to get the best hot pan and boleos and then go back and make breakfast. Seemed every weekend there was a party at someone’s trailer and more new friends were made.
In 1996 we invested in Mexico by purchasing a lot and 10 years later, we invested more by building a home. I will be showing you a couple of sunset pictures in my blogs. Our sunsets are the best anywhere.

Sunset in Puerto Penasco

I would like to invite you to come down and check out “Paradise” as soon as you can. Now most of the RV Parks except Playa Bonita, Playa del Oro and the Reef are gone, but have been replaced by beautiful condo developments on Sandy Beach, Las Conchas and Mayan Palace Resorts. You can stay at any of the ocean front condos of the Sonoran Resorts either the SKY, SPA, SEA or SUN and have the small waves lapping at your door step. Several of the resorts also have beach front homes for rent. Ask any of the knowledgeable sales people at the resorts about what they offer…. You may want to soon have your own piece of “Paradise”.
The resorts offer tennis, fitness centers, swim up bars and more or golf at any of our 3 golf courses. Take a Sunset Cruise or day trips to Bird Island and watch the Dolphin and Sea Lions at play. If you are lucky now you will see Fin Whales which can reach nearly 40’ as the traverse the waters of the Sea of Cortez. You can also charter fishing trips by the day or half day and try your hand and catching a big one.
Make sure you stop in the Malecon and buys some fresh shrimp and fish. Shrimping is part of what put Puerto Peñasco on the map.
Our little town is growing and soon will be receiving cruise ships as we will be the only departure port in Mexico. We also have an International Airport as well as there are shuttles that come back and forth from Phoenix.
Now is the time to start planning for the 1st weekend in November for the Bike Rally. This will be our 15th year of having bikers from all over the US, Canada, Mexico and even some from Japan and Europe. I believe we had about 6,000 bikes. Last year we raised over $20,000 USD for 7 of our local charities. I have a team of family and friends that do the bike registration and it is so much fun to see some of the same people year after year. In addition to that money we had our 1st annual Bikers Toy Drive and in January on Los Santos Reyes (Kings Day) we along with DIF distributed toys to the children of Puerto Peñasco along with them having games and food. It looked like we had about 1700 children of all ages. It was so gratifying to see the smiles and hear the Thank You and Gracias from them all.
One last thing, I will tell you that if you decide to own here and retire here, you can get as involved with the community as you want to or just choose to sit and watch the water go by.
Beverly Arrowood