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Puerto Peñasco for Couples

Puerto Peñasco (also known as Rocky Point) in northwestern Mexico is a beautiful resort town situated on a strip of land joining Baja California with the rest of Mexico. As an extensively traveled professional photographer, I will be sharing useful information about this beach paradise to aid you in planning the trip of your dreams.
Located just over miles from the border, it is a quick drive for couples from Arizona and California looking to get away from it all and thus has earned the nickname “Arizona’s Beach.” The variety of accommodations is suited for anyone’s budget and range from cozy hotels to luxurious resorts, which offer an unforgettable experience at a fraction of the cost that coastal California destinations provide. From a championship-level golf course at Las Palomas Beach & Goft Resort to the stunning Bella Sirena Resort nestled on over 14 acres of oceanfront condos and villas featuring several infinity pools and tennis courts, there is something for everyone.
It is easy to find an atmosphere of soothing relaxation with your loved one at Puerto Peñasco. There is nothing quite like sipping a piña colada on a white sand beach while watching the sun sink into the Sea of Cortez, making it a superb romantic destination. The Sandy Beach at Rocky Point is a long Sonoran sun-kissed beach perfect for an intimate early morning or late evening hand-in-hand stroll. With 340 days of sun a year, relaxing on the clean soft sand while letting go of all troubles and getting that immaculate tan is a must Puerto Peñasco experience. Visit the Hotel Peñasco Del Sol, Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco or the Sonoran Spa Resort overlooking the sea for a deep tissue massage, a hot stone massage or a body wrap – even better for two!
If you’re in the mood for some adventure and fun on the sea, there is a multitude of activities that a couple can partake in. For the less daring, booking a trip to the Isla San Jorge (also known as Bird Island) just 27 miles away will lead to appreciation and amazement at the immense variety of marine biology that the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) has on display for the casual observer and snorkeler alike. Sea lions and various species of birds are frequently seen on the island. The scuba enthusiast should expect to see sea cucumbers, scallops, mussels, oysters, snails and octopi as well as a variety of fish. If you’re looking to stay closer to Rocky Point, choices abound – jet skiing, sea kayaking, fun on a banana boat or catamaran, or even parasailing are all possible. You may also watch sea turtles at the Cet-Mar Aquarium, go deep sea fishing off the coast and explore volcanic craters at Pinacate Biosphere Reserve. Finish up the day with a delicious fresh seafood dinner at the Blue Marlin restaurant in Puerto Viejo or the Caribbean Bay Restaurant at the Las Palomas resort.
Rocky Point is a romantic and affordable getaway destination for Arizona and California couples featuring white sand beaches and countless of activities with tons of fun to be had!
I hope that I have provided valuable information about the area and look forward to sharing more in the posts to come. If you have not yet done so, please be sure to subscribe to or bookmark this blog.
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InSandity The Ultimate Challenge now in Rocky Point

As fall gets closer there are plenty of activities planned to enjoy the amazing weather. We are all set to welcome one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Therefore, we are very glad to announce this what is expected to be a fun event and we are positive that you will want to pack your bags and head to Rocky Point. brings this time InSANDity an ultimate challenge in which you can prove your physical and mental abilities to the maximum. Endurance, flexibility and tenacity are some other characteristics needed to be a successful competitor on this race. The incredible Sea of Cortes will be the host for this exciting event where  sun,  sea and sand will make it funnier,  nicer and harder.
Participant’s abilities will be tested by the execution of their concentration and techniques on the field. The obstacles include: vertical cargo net climb, balance beams, vaults, 8ft wall climb, low crawl, rope swings, walking on water, pendulum walk, 7ft wall climb and web zone.
The difficulty increases as you move obstacles in the race, make sure also to wear confortable clothing an tennis shoes if you are willing to participate on this race.
Outta Town Productions’ InSANDity will be taken place outside Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Spa Resorts in Rocky Point Mexico.
Cost per person $ 45 dlls
For more details and registration form InSANDity! Ultimate Challenge you can visit their website

Upcoming events in Rocky Point…end of summer

Summer is almost over but still a lot of sunshine to enjoy and as we say goodbye to this great season, we welcome the cooler weather of the beginning of autumn, a season best known for it´s amazing weather and all the different events that take place in Rocky Point.
It doesn´t matter what you´re interests are there is one event designed for you, from outdoor excursions to gastronomy shows, and sports and culture events as well; remember you´re here to enjoy so come out of your room and play!
We want your next visit to be fantastic, there is much to enjoy, plenty to do and lots of fun on our beaches and centers of interest in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.
September is just around the corner and full of festivities. “Labor Weekend”, one of the busiest holidays of the year, opens the month big time for our friends from the north, remember to take full advantage of the warm water, this is the best time of the year to enjoy all water sports, whether it is simply snorkeling off Mirador beach, or renting a kayak or a Stand Up Paddle Board, there´s one for you. If salty isn´t your favorite flavor, dozens of swimming pools are ready for you to enjoy. The most important thing is that you and your family enjoy this well deserved break from the daily routines.

Viva Mexico!  
Contrary to the belief of many of our friends in the USA, 5 de Mayo is not Mexico´s Independence Day.  Every September the whole country dresses up in the flag´s colors to celebrate our Independence from Spain on the 16th, this is the single most important holiday of the year and if you have the luck to be around on those dates, you will be able to enjoy all the activities that take place around the celebration, big fireworks shows, folkloric dances, mariachis, and just a big festive atmosphere around town. There are many “Independence” parties everywhere, in restaurants and in most of the bars, and even at private homes, wherever it is, just make sure to celebrate with us this very Mexican holiday!
“Puesta del Sol Restaurant” at Playa Bonita, will have a great Mexican evening On Saturday September 15. There will be buffet, live music and drinks on this beachfront restaurant. Ambience will be 100% Mexican, so be ready to give your strongest shout to “Viva Mexico!”, a good shot of tequila will keep your vocal chords ready to be loud all night!
Time: From 8pm
Adults $ 175.00 pesos
Children-11 years $ 95.00 pesos
Chango’s Bar is also preparing a great night of Independence Day this Saturday September 15th at Sandy Beach, just outside of Sonoran Sea Resort. This will be a great night with Mexican food and a live mariachi ban. This will be a family event where children and adults can enjoy this celebration worthy of our country!
Time: From 8pm
Adults $ 120.00 pesos or $ 12.00 dlls.
Children-11 $ 70.00 pesos or $ 7.00 dlls.
In October …
Funkalicious Volleyball @ Las Palomas

Picture by

This event has become a tradition in Rocky Point and once again at  Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort, Funkalicious Volleyball tournament is taking place this October 6, 2012. It is a tournament, which is held twice a year in Puerto Peñasco. Funkalicious began in 2009 with just 29 teams and today they are a bit over 90 who meet every year in the months of April and October. Each tournament presents a different theme and occasionally participants must wear a costume according to it.  The event hits off with a party on the first day, an icebreaker party to get to know the teams and players. There will be many surprises and prizes for the winning teams. Everyone can participate in Funkalicious Valleyball Tournament. Super Funk is the theme of this upcoming tournament.
Team Price: $180.00 usd
Time: 7:00 am to sunset
Funkalicious Beach Ball Tournament
Picture by

Dirty Beach Mud Run
October is the month of the most beautiful moons of the year and this year we welcome the autumn with the Dirty Beach Mud Run on October 27th. Mud Run is a race of agility, skill and good physical condition to overcome all obstacles. Dirty Beach Mud Run will be held at the Reef and is expected to have several participants with a minimum age of 14 years. This is an unearned run in teams where the fun is all that matters, and the only thing for sure is that your body will end up muddy. There will be great prizes for winners and a party to close the day. Visit the following website page for you to know more about this competition, rules and forms for registering.

Pet Shelter in Rocky Point needs your help!

 EPA Shelter in Rocky Point
It is always nice to have company and an unconditional friend next to you that for better or worst will never ask for something in return but your love. There are many of these four legged friends in need of a home where to share their love, we will point you to a very special place that has been working rescuing these little buddies for the last 13 years in Puerto Peñasco: Albergue EPA Dog Shelter
Unfortunately, many people get a dog without thinking of the responsibility that means, they need care, feeding, attention and sometimes a lot of patience. When they realize the amount of work it means to have a pet, they decide to give them away, or just let them free on the streets. The problem is bigger because there’s no culture of spaying and nurturing our pets. This way, many unwanted pets end up living on the streets of Rocky Point where no one takes care of them.  
 There are very few places in Rocky Point that put all their efforts in rescuing these forgotten friends, Albergue EPA Dog shelter in one of them and is in a continuous struggle to feed all the nearly 60 dogs they have in the shelter right now.  

Since the moment the shelter was founded, all rescued animal have been fortunate enough to fall in good hands, these pets have been rescued, and now get the care of volunteers which are responsible for bathing, feeding, vaccinating and sterilizing them.

This shelter is in great need of your help to continue to support these defenseless animals. They need people like you who love dogs and have a big heart, you can help by giving a little of your time, which will be well rewarded for all the love they receive from these lovely pets. If you are interested to be part of this great community service be assured that you will be well received.

You can also help supporting the shelter donating money or simply food to provide for these little guys, at this moment this is one of their biggest struggles as they’re always short in dog food. Other items needed are cleaning supplies, cat litter, leashes, etc. Any donation will be greatly received.
If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, we encourage you to visit the shelter and give an opportunity to one of these little guys instead of buying one, there are many of them waiting for a nice family to give their love to.

For more information on how to support the shelter please contact Graciela Gracida, she’s responsible for keeping this place running and a certified dog therapist: or email your comments or questions to, you can also leave your post. and remember… Don’t buy a pet, adopt one!


Stand Up Paddle Boards in Rocky Point!

We’re always looking for something to do, everything from outdoor activities to parties and cultural events, and really whatever there is, our purpose is to find all the fun stuff there is in Rocky Point for you to enjoy. We’ve shown you before that there’s a lot more to see in our beautiful seaside town than the world-class beaches, but today we’ll focus on an activity that will let you play on the waves of the warm waters of the Sea of Cortes.
A few days ago, while taking one of those walks on the beach that I love, something far out on the water caught my attention, they were a couple of people playing on the waves with what to me seemed like long sticks, as I got a little closer to them, I realized they were trying to balance in a long board similar to those used in the early ages of surfing, and what I thought were sticks, were paddles!. They were definitely having a lot of fun so I came close to find out more about their activity, when I asked it that was a Long board, all at once replied: it’s a STAND UP PADDLE BOARD!. I had read about those but never saw one up close here in Puerto Peñasco. Just watching them enjoying it so much increased my curiosity, so I went on to do some research and learn more about them.
The Stand Up Paddle board is a variant of the well-known surf practiced in the open ocean with big waves. Unlike this, the SUP for its acronym in English, is practiced by standing upright all the time maintaining the balance on the board and paddling at the same time to gain speed.

The origin of the sport is not very clear but it seems to be derived from its Polynesian roots but we’ve found similar ways of transportation in different cultures across the world. The Hawaiian translation is Ku Hoe He’e Nalu; to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave. 
For the decade of the 60’s in the Hawaiian Islands is said to be a surf instructor began this mode to capture more spectacular photographs amid the waves of tourists who were learning to surf.
As a result, realized that the stand will allow them to be more alert and have better visibility as their vertical position let them see the surf before the surfers.
The best thing about the sport is that is not necessarily performed in the open sea, it can be practiced in pools, rivers, lakes or bays.
The SUP requires a lot of concentration to maintain balance. The benefits of this sport are clear because of the strong workout in your body, you really put all your muscles to work from your toes to your neck. Standing, flexing your legs, contracting your abs and pulling the paddle with your arms and back, it’s a complete workout!.
I always get excited when I find a really fun way to do a complete workout without hitting the gym, this is definitely one and if you combine it with the fact that it’s practiced on the beach, I’m in! 
Currently, the SUP is not yet well known and there are only few places where it is practiced. It has grown slowly but with a good pace in recent years in Mexican beaches so it has become more common to see people of all ages practicing this activity, especially young.
The most popular beaches for SUP right now are Cabo San Lucas in Baja, Puerto Escodido, Oaxaca, Sayulita, Nayarit, and Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean. 
When practicing this and any water sport is very important to take precautions and know how to choose a board that is more suited to your height. The boards can measure between 10 and 12 feet long and 30 inches wide, the paddle should be 12 to 15 inches taller than you.
The most important technique for the practice of SUP is that like the kayak, you must connect all your body to make it more efficient and minimize pain in the shoulders, it is important to rotate your torso when paddling, and with this action using your legs and abs to boost the paddle action. Once you’re standing on the board, your feet should be separated and keep in mind flexing your knees to stay balanced. And always remember safety first! ALWAYS use a life vest and strapping the board to your ankle.
SUP’s are now available for rent in Rocky Point and are here to stay as a new way of having fun on the water, we a dare you to practice it, leave your comment or ask send us an email for further information.


First Skim Fest in Rocky Point 2012

With great enthusiasm Skim Festival 2012 took place for the first time in Rocky Point, being the fourth consecutive year that this sport was practiced among friends in the beautiful waves of the Playa Hermosa. In addition this new sport a festival was presented along with it.

Many people attended this festival at Playa Hermosa, taking advantage of the cloudy day. The heat of the day and the freshness of the water invited them to swim and practice this new sport in Mexico with motivation and devotion, which has been practiced by young adults from Rocky Point and the surrounding areas such as Cabroca, San Luis Rio Colorado, Ensenada and Mexicali.

From the distance we could hear the party at the beach that was entertained by Fito representing the original rhythm of Reggae-dub which is taking force at the state’s capital of Sonora.  We could also see families having a picnic, cooking their favorite meals and enjoying a peaceful time with their kids. Young adults were playing soccer on the shore of the beach, colorful skim tables everywhere, kids bulding sandcastles and people  swimming and going off the ramps.  Everyone had fun at this first Skim Festival in Rocky Point that was held on Saturday July 21st of 2012.
The local scene was presented by Estado de Agresion with their high impact rock that blew the audience.  After the fusion of two rock bands, Union Rasta with their fine reggae and Burleska with their ska surprised everyone. Then with their California punk style and keeping up with the ska Drinking Water from Yuma, Az performed and everyone started dancing. They played great songs like Primero, Ched and no one could have missed their song tribute to Mexico, which talks about this country and how it has the best beaches to camp and have fun.
Everything was fun and the rain made this afternoon amazing and took this beach party to it’s maximum. There were performances till late with Mexican DJ Chontal, that with his stunning style raised everyone’s hands and brought people who were on the beach and made them with this contagious music and beats to celebrate this festival.
At the end of the festival, the organizations were able to achieve an important fundraiser to those in need.  Participants hope that each year the festival gets more recognition and more people come and join them to practice this new sport. Also they make an invitation to local and foreign bands from anywhere in the world, to come to have fun and entertain this big party.  In addition they want to encourage anyone who wants to participate like painters, photographers, sculptors and craftsmen, to capture all the essence of this festival and show to the public that everyone is welcome to Skim Fest, where the sand, the sea and the sun are the main elements for this great beach party in Puerto Peñasco.


Skim Fest Rocky Point

Skim Fest Rocky Point 2012Skim Fest Rocky Point 2012

Skim Fest Rocky Point 2012

All Photos by Jimmy Maldonado

El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve in Rocky Point; A desert full of life

Rocky Point has much more than just a beach to enjoy a walk on. Puerto Penasco is located in the northwestern state of Sonora and has one of the 13 Natural Wonders of Mexico, The Biosphere Reserve El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar.
El Pinacate is an area that over the years has hard volcanic and seismic activity. Due to this activity volcanic craters were formed. Elegante Crater  has a diameter of 1600 meters and a depth of 244 meters are also great rivers of lava. In addition there is also a great extension of dunes covering 500 thousand acres within the protected natural area.
Many people have the idea that a desert is a place that has no life, but the Gran Desierto de Altar is a place that has 45 species of mammals among which is the Sonoran pronghorn. This animal can reach up to speeds of 98 km / h and maintain this speed for up to two hours, making it the second fastest animal in the world after the cheetah. Its speed is also their protection against predators.
Another distinctive mammal is the Bighorn Sheep who like to move about the rocks, and camouflage themselves to protect them from any potential threat. Other notable species are the warhog called ghost of the desert, hare, fox, coyote and more.
We can also find 42 species of reptiles such as rattlesnakes, coral snakes, Mohave, Gila monster, chameleon, lizards, Chuckwalla, and the desert tortoise. Not to mention there are over 200 species of plants such as cholla, palo verde, mesquite, ironwood, saguaro cactus, senitas, ocotillo and many more.

As mentioned above this desert has a huge ecosystem and you can only imagine how much there is to do in this unique place. Apart from having contact with nature it has been a place where great films, documentaries and soap operas like Nina Mexican My Heart which were recored. In addition to these films a promotional video of the state of Sonora in Bicentennial Stars and other videos of well-known Mexican singers were filmed here.
El Pinacate is a place with a great and interesting history of the tribe who is known as the Papagos. To this day I have been lucky enough to meet the personnel from around the world who made the special trip to Puerto Penasco to see this marvel. United States, Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, and of course Mexico to name a few nations were given the opportunity to enjoy a day at the Pinacate. Recently, El Pinacate has a Visitor Center Shcuk Toak, meaning Sacred Mountain which from the Tohono Ohodam dialect. It can be visited and enjoyed by the river of lava that has over 9000 years old.
The truth is this place is so interesting that there are many things to talk about, but I suggest  to visit El Pinacate and discover that Mexico is truly a spectacular place.
Photos by: LAA

Roger Clyne and The Pacemakers in Rocky Point


Roger Clyne in Rocky Point

Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers is a rock band originally from Tempe, Arizona. This band was formed in 1990, and begun his tour with his first major release of “bandits”, which in turn was the focus of an animated series that bore the name “King of the Hill”. Roger Clyne’s music is often known as combination of different genres such as Pop Alternantive, American Pop, Mariachi Regge and the creation of his subjects.
Honky Tonk Union was his trump discography that was released in 1999 in limited quantity with a live album called Real to Reel. The album debuted at # 1 on the Billboard chart for its high sales on the Internet.
In 2002 Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers returned to the stage with their album Hope and Madness. Two years later in 2004 he came out with his latest album American! which met great success in the Billboard charts earning the # 1 for its high sales on the Internet. It also was at # 17 on Billboard Top Musician Video sales chart. This album is accompanied by a DVD containing live performances and interviews with band members.
Among the discography that stands out from this band Ses’s album Live at Bully Bob’s Texas where they recorded their second official album live at a famous bar in Texas, and its high sales ensured that the band had 5 consecutive Top 10 albums on the list of more sales in Billboard.
During the following years the band continued to reap success with each new release as Four Unlike Before, No More Beautiful Word, The Turbo Ocho Sessions was a special recording in Puerto Penasco creating a song for 8 days consecutively. Glow In the Dark in 2009 and the sixth United Cantina album they released in April 2011, which was accepted very well by fans and got the # 4 on the Billboard chart in the category of Rock Albums and # 2 in Heastseekers in the first week of release.
RCPM’s consists of:
Roger Clyne lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica and kazoo.
Paul Naffah drums, percussion and vocals
Nick Scorpos electric bass and vocals
Jim Dalton lead guitar and backing vocals.
Most of whom have been in the band since 1998.
This year, as is tradition RCPM’s returned to Puerto Penasco in Mexico Circus Festival 2012 tour.
This time Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers had a special presentation on June 5 to 8, where nearly three thousand people enjoyed this band that has thousands of fans. The concert was held as planned and people were comfortably enjoying the sunset while listening to RCPM.
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers is one of the most anticipated events in the year in Puerto Penasco. If this past June you missed the wonderful event that took place at Reef Beach, we suggest you do not lose sight of the the next concert.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers in Rocky Point

Authentic Greek Food Rocky Point

El Greco’s Gyro Restaurant
Rocky Point certainly stands out as an oasis in the desert, and is one of the major tourist destinations in the northwest. Thousands of tourists visit each year and are becoming more demanding the services they seek.
Along with the rise of Puerto Penasco tourism has experienced over the past 10 years, it has also become a strategic place to bring innovative ideas that provide new services to tourists who have visited us in repeated occasions and also for those who visit us first.
In Puerto Peñasco, we have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of cuisine among which are the typical Mexican dishes. Seafood and international dishes along with Italian, Cuban, Japanese and Chinese food are available in Rocky Point.
There is a very wide variety of food available in Rocky Point. The most authentic Greek food, was brought by Louie Xourafas a Greek immigrant who arrived in the U.S. a little more than 30 years ago and now resides permanently in this beautiful port of the Sea of Cortes. Louie brought the culinary style of native Greece, offering dishes made from original recipes of the Mediterranean. Here you can taste a wide variety of dishes such as tasty salads with feta cheese, fish, breads and of course the delicious Greek dessert Baklava. The Gyro is one of the specialties of the house of El Grecos Gyros Restaurant. The Gyros meat is roasted in the oven and served with tzatziki sauce, which is Greek yogurt mixed with grated cucumber, oil, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, mint and pepper, and is accompanied with tomato and onion on a pita bun.
The main ingredients of the Authentic Greek dishes are the same as the rest of the Mediterranean. Among the key ingredients are the oldest strands of olive oil. The olive tree is derived from it’s nativeregion and is the ingredient makes that gives Greek food it’s distinctive taste. Wheat and barley are the major grains used and the most important vegetables used are tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, green beans, okra, onions, cucumbers and mushrooms. Dishes made with lamb are common in Greece, because its geography is favorable for the breeding of sheep. Fish is another key ingredient in Greek cuisine, these dishes are often prepared more in coastal areas and islands.
One of the most famous ducks of the Greek cuisine is the Mezze. This is a collection of appetizers usually served with ouzo (a Greek liquor flavored sweet licorice smell). In this food they use different varieties of sauces for dipping pita bread.
Among the most famous dishes of the Greek cuisine is the moussaka (moussaka), this is a kind of lasagna in which the main ingredient the eggplant pulp are replaced for the separation of the layers. It is said that the moussaka is the antecedent of the now known as lasagna.
El Greco’s Gyros Restaruant, Greek food, opened its doors on March 8 and is located next to Sunset Cantina, opposite of Hotel Peñasco del Sol. Do not wait to visit this restaurant. Take the opportunity to enjoy a different meal within your budget.

Fast and Fresh Food choices in Rocky Point

While on Vacation you might want to make the most of your day going to the beach, walking and shopping at the Old Port or just having fun around town, and going to a sit down restaurant might not be part of your agenda. We have a quick guide for you to eat amazing local meals that won’t take long at an amazing price. It is obvious that not everyone has the same preferences, so these choices should be consider to please any taste.
Combo Taco
This is the king of tacos in Rocky Point, this place has acquired more recognition in recent times, and its name is Combo Taco named after the fish taco that is the house specialty.
Combo Taco in Rocky Point has been a success since it’s opening, this restaurant offers a large variety of tacos that can be garnish with different sides, salads and sauces. These tacos are freshly cooked with the catch of the day!
Shrimp, Fish and Marlin are the main ingredients for the different options of taco. Some of them offer a combination of yellow pepper, cream chesses and most of the combinations are breaded. If you are not a fish person, you can also have a choice of chicken for your taco, you’ll love them!
If you’re hungry and in a rush to enjoy the sunlight during your Rocky Point stay, this is our #1 recommendation to eat fresh, fast and delicious. Combo Taco is an outdoor taco stand located in Fremont Boulevard.
Serving time: 5-10 min
Approx. cost per person:  $4.5 – $6 USD
*No alcohol is served; you are welcome to bring your own drinks thought.
combo taco
Shrimp Taco

Pollo Lucas
This is definitely a must when visiting Rocky Point, many families have enjoyed this delicious charcoal grilled chicken throughout the years in Rocky Point. The chicken is marinated and perfectly cooked that gives the distinctive touch to their preparation you can add sides as rice, beans and salsa with fresh flour or corn tortillas.
Pollo Lucas is known for the quality of its chicken, which is prepared with the finest ingredients and served warm to your table.   Flour tortillas, cabbage, onions seasoned with lime and pepper, salsa, beans and rice make this meal special to return once more. You have the choice of ordering pieces of chicken or the full chicken considering the size of you party.
Pollo Lucas is an outdoor seating restaurant located in the main boulevard in Benito Juarez Boulevard in Rocky Point Mexico.
Serving time: 5-10 min
Approx. cost per person:  $5- $8USD
*No alcohol is served; you are welcome to bring your own drinks thought.