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Rocky Point Medical Clinics

It never ceases to amaze me of all the wonderful work that is done here in Puerto Peñasco for the people in need.  Saturday was one of those days.  Recently I sat down to talk with Dr George Stavros and his wife Susie who have been involved in the clinics here since 1998 and have given tirelessly of their time .  They have dedicated them selves to helping those less fortunate and are making it possible to help people lift their spirits and at the same time getting them back to health.  As they spoke to me I could see the passion for their calling.  Dr. George is a retired MD and Susie is a retired R.N.  They started coming down just once a month to help where they were needed.   Somehow with Divine Intervention they have partnered with The Family Church of God to put on clinics both at the church on No Reeleccion as well as the Centro Comunutario Palabras de Esperanza which is located on Juan Aldama between Avenue 68 and 69.

Medical lcinic in Sonora
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

They invited Bill and I out to visit and see what they have accomplished in 1 year out there.  We arrived a bit late as I had to go back to a fire station and get my bearings.  There was a nice young fire man who spoke English and in  a couple minutes we were back on the road.  This clinic is about as far East of Puerto Peñasco as you can go and is parallel with Tessoro (approx. 10 miles from Benito Juarez) to put it into perspective.

Rocky Point Clinic in Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

We were greeted by Susie and Dr. George who gave us a tour and they explained that out of a five year plan, they had achieved so much in that 1st year.  As Susie said, as she talked about future plans, “we are dreamers”.   Upon arrival, we saw a huge line of families.  Many had little children and babies and many had either walked there on crutches or in wheel chairs to seek help.  When they first took over the property there were 2 buildings that had pretty much been gutted and sand.  With the help of volunteers, they now have 5 buildings.  There is a place where the people line up to register and from their to got to a waiting area. One building is the Triage area  as well as where they go for PT, fitted for prostheses, see doctors and nurses for pregnant mothers and for pre-natal.  They then go to the pharmacy for vitamins and any other things that they need. Another building is used for computer classes and Bible study.  The Rotary Club donated 12 computers for this. The next building that is being built is the kitchen and dining room.  At the center they will be able to provide meals on a daily basis to those who otherwise may go hungry.  It will be a great asset as it will have roll up garage doors to allow the fresh air in, a large kitchen, bathroom and storage area.  This building is about the size of a large 2 car garage.  The other building under construction is the care takers house, so there will be someone on the property 24/7.  There is also a travel trailer that has been outfitted for a dental lab.

Hospital in Sonora, Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Diabetes here in all of Mexico is very high due to poor diets. Because of this many of the people loose limbs.  Yesterday they fitted 4 people  for prosthesis out of the 335 people that came through.  Over the years the Living Stream Church has brought groups down to help out.  The have been able to receive funding from the Young Life Scholarship.  Ten years ago they were awarded the Humanitarian Award from the Arizona/Sonoran Commission.  They have also  received 2 grants for funding their work.

MEdical Clinic in Puerto Penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The volunteers that were here this trip came from the University of Arizona and Midwest Medical University Dental and Medical Schools.  Hopefully when these young people get their degrees, they will remember what they did and come back and help out .  While they are here, they are housed with Dr. Stavros and Susie as well as the home of Barbara and Joe Iverson.  They have Dr’s,  Nurses, Nurse Practitioners  and Dentists that come down and volunteer their time.

MEdical Clinic in MExico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

The property is very large and completely fenced in and has a drip system around the entire perimeter.  A local business lady has donated plants and trees.  The goal is to have the entire property to have only plants that bear fruit.  The plan is to have self sustain community vegetable garden, therefore allowing people to grow food and then to start to eat healthy.  When it comes time to plant the gardens, any help or items you can donate are welcome as our soil here is not that great.

Hospital in Rocky Point
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

When we arrived, Dean and the mobile kitchen from the Family Church of God had just arrived and was starting to set up.  I have seen this trailer so many times, but never realized what it was.  On this day they were getting ready to cook up hot dogs for everyone there.

Hospital in Puerto Penasco
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

There is a need for kitchen equipment and supplies for the  real kitchen.  As far as the clinic, the ongoing needs are sterilization items, surgical equipment and wound equipment.  If you have any contact for supplies please let me know and I will give you the way to reach the Stavorses.

Free Clinic in Mexico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

Over the years, I have had people say “I am a retired nurse or whatever, what can I come down there and do… well know you have an answer.  If you live to cook as does my husband… we welcome you to come out and help.  No one ever turns down volunteers!  In the long term, they would like to have someone be able to council those that have lost limbs due to diabetes as these people are in many cases so down and don’t understand why this has happened to them.

Free Clinic Line in MExico
Photo by Beverly Arrowood

I always close with some thought, but this day has left me speechless.  Remember Puerto Penasco is a safe place to live and visit or we would not put you at risk by inviting you to come here and see our home and tranquil life.  Please follow Rocky Point Medical Clinics on Facebook.  remember the clinics are every month at the center and once every 2 months at the Family Church of God.