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Bringing Your Pet to Rocky Point

What do you usually do with your pets when you go on vacation? Is it hard for you to leave your puppy behind? Well don’t worry because if you are coming to Mexico your dog can join the family on vacation. United States and Mexican Customs and Border Patrol obviously have very strict rules as to what can be brought back in forth, but according to CPB you can bring up to 3 dogs into Mexico without paying any fees, or buying any permits. Make sure that you DO NOT bring any dog food into Mexico from the US, Mexican border laws prohibit this. Don’t worry though, you will be able to find plenty of options for dog food at the local grocery stores in town, Sams Club, Ley, or Bodega Ahorrera.
Here is a direct quote that should give you a little clearer idea of what the rules are and the most important guidelines: “You need to bring a vaccination card with all rabies certificates in order. dog-on-the-beach If you want to bring more than 3 dogs into Mexico you need to pay a permit of 1817 pesos (this amount is subject to change according to Mexican law.” When coming back into the United States there are a few more rules you must follow in accordance with guidelines that CPB has set. Make sure that the rabies certificate you bring with you shows that your dog has been vaccinated greater than, or equal to thirty days prior to entry into the United States. This certificate needs to identify the dog, confirm the date of vaccination, the date of expiration for the rabies vaccine and be signed by your licensed veterinarian.
If you have any other pets, cats, birds, etc. and you would like to find out what the requirements are to bring them to Mexico and back to the United States, here is the link with all the pertinent information: here.  Mexico is a great place to bring your dog and there are many places where your dog can run around and enjoy Rocky Point, just ensure that you are following the rules set in place by CPB, so you and your pup can make it to Mexico and back safe and sound!