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13th Annual Rocky Point Rally

Rocky Point hosts a variety of different festivals and events for almost anything you could think of! Fishing tournaments, ATV races, volleyball tournaments and even motorcycle rallies. This year from November 7th-10th Rocky Point is hosting one of the biggest bike rallies south of the border. It is the 13th Annual Rocky Point Rally. Riders from all over the southwest part of the United States, Mexico and beyond make the journey to Rocky Point to enjoy a bike rally that also has a positive impact for the community.  11-x-17-rocky-point-rally-RGB-small-662x1024With tons of local sponsors backing the event the agenda for the weekend is jam packed with all kinds of riding events, black jack tournaments, live music, boxing matches, and a party every night to welcome the new riders who are joining the party. Registration starts every morning so for every new rider that rides into town, be sure to register at the registration station. Last year it was at Barclin Circle K Gas Station at the entrance from Sonoyta. Free beer and tacos were supplied for the riders by local sponsors. For an updated agenda check back to this website, it is still a little bit early but we expect the agenda will be released soon.
There are several contest and giveaways due to all the local sponsorship and support! Last year Rocky Point Rally gave away a free pirate boat ride to the first 100 bikers with a charity wristband. Even if you aren’t one of the first 100 riders, still do your best to contribute to the charity fund which is the reason why this event is so great and beneficial to the local community. If you aren’t a motorcycle fan, but still want to attend the rally and enjoy the fun weekend planned ahead, no problem! Go to the registration booth in the morning and talk to the people at the booth for tickets.