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Featured Local Business of The Week: Head Out To Rocky Point

Do you like going on road trips, but hate being the person who has to drive? Even though Rocky Point is only a little over 3 hours away by car, driving may not be your first choice. What about if someone else could drive you down to Rocky Point instead? vanThanks to Head Out To Rocky Point, there is a business that offers this exact service! Head Out To Rocky Point is a shuttle service that will pick you up at your home, hotel, resort, or even Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. They will take you directly to wherever you are staying in Rocky Point whether it be a hotel, condo, beach house, or The Mayan Palace. This shuttle service is very quick and efficient only making one stop in Ajo for a short stretch break and you also have an opportunity to buy groceries if need be. Although, we do recommend waiting to get into Mexico to buy your groceries because there are several stores in town and it is less of a hassle rather than bringing them across the border.
Head Out To Rocky Point has over 40 years of Rocky Point experience so you are sure to be safe with these guys! They can tell you everything you need to know about your trip to Rocky Point when you are driving down with them.
Here is some info about pricing: palmTree
– One way trip: $100
– Groups of 7+ round trip: $100/person
Round trip door to door, per person rates:
– 2 – $190/person
– 3 – $170/ person
– 4 – $150/person
– 5 – $130/person
– 6 – $110/person
– 7 – $100 each
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