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Guide For A Day In Old Port

If you come to Rocky Point there are a couple things you must do that will make your Rocky Point experience a much more memorable one. Heading over to the historic Old Port for  and spending a day there is one of these things. indio1 copyFor someone who has never been to a fishing village, or a fishing port this is a wonderful new experience. Not to mention there are plenty of great restaurants and bars to keep you entertained and satisfied for an entire day.
When you come down to Old Port the first thing you are going to want to do is check out all the fresh fish that the fisherman brought in from their recent catches. It is amazing to be able to see all the different kinds of fish and fresh seafood available for people to purchase. fish-tacos-500If you are feeling like you only want to spend a couple hours at Old Port, you might want to consider taking home some fresh fish and cooking it for lunch in your condo, or beach house. The fisherman will weigh out whatever your desired weight of seafood is and charge you by the market price. This might be some of the freshest fish you will ever have and make for some mouth watering fish tacos.
If you wanted to spend a whole day at Old Port and explore around the area, you are going to need some places to get a delicious lunch. There are several great restaurants in Old Port area and you can decide depending on what kind of food you wanted to get. If you are in Old Port we recommend going to a local seafood restaurant because they all tend to carry the freshest fish in the area and prepare them deliciously for their guests. mexicna ice cream copySome of the best seafood restaurants in Old Port are Blue Marlin, Mr. Amigo, and The Point Restaurant. Maybe you aren’t a big fan of seafood and want to get something else, no problem! Go check out the delicious Italian restaurant called Mare Blue. If you aren’t feeling a big meal stop off at one of the local ice cream shops such as Thrifty Ice Cream and try a flavor you’ve never had before such as limon, or mango, or tanmarindo. You just might find a new favorite ice cream!
After lunch is a great time to walk around and let that big meal settle. This is the perfect time to walk around Old port and explore the local “curios.” Curios are little shops where local merchants sell all kinds of artifacts, many of them being handmade. Web-2013-04-RockyPoint-Mexico-Sales-PYR-0765These make for great souvenirs for your family back home. It is easy to find something you will like as the local merchants make almost everything and it is easy to bargain and find yourself a reasonable price.
When the day is coming to an end you might want to wind down at a bar and have a few drinks before it is time to head back.  Or instead you might be heading to Old Port for a night of partying and fun, either way the bars in Old Port offer their visitors plenty of fun. Some of the popular bars that people enjoy in Old Port are: Shark Bite – Beach Bum Bar & Grill, and the Boo Bar. Whether you are stopping in for a  few drinks, or looking for a night of dancing and fun. These local bars wont disappoint with their cheap drink prices, tasty tequila, and great vibes.