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Big Week In Rocky Point!

This has been a very exciting week for us in Rocky Point! A few positive and exciting advancements have happened for Rocky Point throughout the week of June 17th. The first of them being, Aeromexico’s new flights, that depart from either Las Vegas or Hermosillo, officially had their first flight land in Rocky Point yesterday, June 19th. Everyone is excited because these new flights are going to give tourists a new method of transportation to come to Rocky Point that is both affordable and quick, which will hopefully bring more tourists and stimulate the local economy. For more information about when these flights are scheduled click here. Be sure to reserve your flights quick because seating is very limited on these flights.
Another exciting advancement for the Rocky Point community is that the natural Pinacate biosphere has now received a listing on the World Heritage list! If you aren’t familiar with what being on the World Heritage List means, during Tim Jaeger’s delegation tot he World Heritage Committe he describes the honor as being “inscription of this spectacular site on the World Heritage List is extremely welcome recognition of its significant values and impressive local conservation efforts.” El Pinacate is a very popular tourist destination and thanks to the respect people have shown and efforts by local groups to maintain this biosphere, Rocky Point has now earned this listing. Jaeger went on to say “We hope the attention generated by such recognition will help consolidate its conservation for future generations and further increase existing ties between authorities, NGOs, scientists and indigenous peoples in the bordering American part of the Sonoran Desert.” El Pinacate has been around for thousands and thousands of years and we hope it is around for thousands more, so several generations can enjoy it’s beauty.
El Pinacate has 2 very distinct landscapes and offers it’s visitors something different to the East and to the West. To the west you will find a home to 540 species of plants, 44 different species of mammals, over 200 species of birds, along with over 40 species of reptiles and amphibians creatures. The most popular part of El Pinacate, you will find to the east, and it is the massive dormant volcanic shield that was created by the eruption millions of years ago. There are companies in Rocky Point that offer guided tours through El Pinacate and will also share a brief history and some facts about the terrain.