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Bird Island Adventures

One of the most memorable things you can do on your trip to Rocky Point this summer is book yourself a tour to go spend a day at Bird Island. This remote island, which is 28 miles off the shore of Rocky Point inhabits nearly 3000 sea lions and is also home to tens of thousands of birds. Some of these birds can only be found on the islands within the Sea of Cortez, so be sure to have your camera ready! Due to the fact that Bird Island is a government protected habitat as of 1978 when it was declared a Reserved Area of Shelter, visitors can not actually step foot on the island, but you can still adventure around it and see what it has to offer.
SeaLion Kayak-Bird-Island-Rocy-Point
There are all kinds of tours for Bird Island. If you want to get into the water and up close and personal with the marine life and sea lions, you can sign up for a snorkeling, or scuba diving tour. This gives you a chance to swim with the sea lions and see them in their natural habitat. Some of the more playful and curious sea lions will swim right up to you to get a better look. If you prefer not to get wet you can also paddle around the island and explore in your kayak. Be careful not to go to close to shore though because the bull sea lions are extremely territorial. You will know if you are getting too close because they will start to bark at you. A general rule of thumb when interacting with wild animals is to respect their territory and never try and touch, or feed them. These are not domesticated animals and you don’t want an accident to happen.
barking sea lion-L
If you happen to venture to Bird Island in the winter you may get a chance to see several different kinds of animals such as: fin whales, grey whales, killer whales, and on occasional a pilot whale will be seen in the Sea of Cortez during their migration pattern. The highest chance of seeing whales in Rocky Point is from October to April. Summer or winter, Bird Island is a great place to spend a day with the family and explore one of the many spectacles Rocky Point has to offer.