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Rocky Point Marine Life

If you have ever been to Rocky Point before you know that when the tide goes up and down, there is a significant difference on how the beach changes and what is exposed. With the tide moving so drastically, there are certain marine life animals that have to learn to adapt and survive in such an environment.
The tides in Rocky Point can be split up into four different depth zones. The first zone is home to those species that can be exposed to the air consistently, such as buckshot barnacles, periwinkles, and impets. Zone 2 is where we tend to see several species of crab and also the turban snail. As the tide continues to go down, zone 3 is home to hermit crabs, sea anemone’s and several different kinds of starfish. When the tide is at its lowest point, zone 4 these sea creatures only see beyond the surface less than 9% of the day. Animals that reside in this zone are specis such as: sea urchins, octopus, and red abalone. There are several animals that can be found in the deeper parts of the Sea of Cortez where they don’t run the risk of being exposed to the sea air. You can find  animals such as stingrays, hidden beneath the sand all several different species of fish further out in the deeper parts of the ocean.
The Sea of Cortez has a very unique marine ecosystem because of the differences in depth among the ocean floor. You can find sharks who like to reside in the warmer parts of the Sea of Cortez, or you can be a deep sea fishermen who is off in the deep blue looking for sailfish or marlin. If you do happen to be far enough in the ocean you may have the experience of being followed by dolphins. Dolphins enjoy to swim along side boats and jump acrobatically in the air and if you’re lucky enough to may get to see a humpback whale soar through the air. In order to see humpback whales though you have to come at the right time of the year. If you do come at the right time, see if you can book a tour because the professionals know where to go in order to increase your chances of being a whale.
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The Sea of Cortez, often referred to as the “Worlds Aquarium” is an extremely unique experience for any marine life lover. You will not be disappointed with a day out in the Sea of Cortez.