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Fishing in Rocky Point

Puerto-Penasco started off as a small fishing town in Mexico. The fishing market was one of the biggest producers for the local economy and being a fisherman was and still is a common profession in Rocky Point. Over the past 15 years there has been a massive increase in tourism, which has been a great catalyst to the local economy. Fishing still holds strong as the heart of Rocky Point and is one of the reasons why the Sea of Cortez is so famous. Many tourists now come to Rocky Point to experience the unique fishing opportunities that the Sea of Cortez has to offer.fish2
Conditions in the Sea of Cortez could not be better environment for fish to thrive in. Research suggests that fish heading for the Pacific Ocean got lost and found their way into the Sea of Cortez and now several years later these fish are still following the same migration pattern year after year in order to return to the Sea of Cortez. With a combination of the perfect water temperatures, massive supply of food, caves for fish to seek refuge, and ideal environment for fish to thrive, the Sea of Cortez is any fisherman’s dream due to the abundant amount of fish that have made this sea their home. Here is a list of fish that can be found in the Sea of Cortez (vary depending on the month and season): trigger fish, corvina, dolphin fish, dorado, flounder, grouper, mackerel, pinto bass, pompano, red snapper, rock bass, sea bass, sea trout, sierra, skipjack, and yellowtail. With so many different kinds of fish all year round, you will not be disappointed if you come down to fish in Rocky Point during any month of the year. Click here to see what fish are in season throughout the year and plan your next trip around the fish you want to catch!
Fishing can be done anywhere in Rocky Point. From the shore you can still catch many fish and a permit is not necessary, but if you are looking for the biggest fish in the Sea of Cortez you are going to need a boat! Fishing with a boat requires 2 different kinds of permits; a boat permit, and a fishing permit. You can find more information on pricing for boat and fishing permits here.
Don’t worry, you don’t need your own personal boat in order to experience fishing in the Sea of Cortez. There are many charter boats that take tourists out to fish and you can also book a personal fishing excursion for you and your family! I remember when I went fishing we were up bright and early at the port, went out and fished for several hours, caught all sorts of different fish I had never seen before, came back to the dock and the fisherman gutted and cleaned all the fish for us, so we could take them home and have a delicious meal. I must say those were the freshest fish tacos I have ever had. We did have to purchase these fish though, and prices vary on the market price at the time so be aware they might fluctuate.  My personal recommendation for new Rocky Point goers is that you must try fishing in the Sea of Cortez at least once! Have fun and happy fishing everyone!