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When the heat is on… Take care of your skin!

Imagine this…perfectly clear sky, warm sand, a comfortable hammock, the murmuring of the waves, a good book and the pleasure of giving yourself away to the sun, what else do you need to have the best vacation?
Most of us love to be under the sun, because even though we know about all the risks of sunbathe we can’t resist to show off a nice tan, and why is this?  Well, because the UV light from the sun releases endorphins and when these are released it makes us feel happy and of course who doesn’t enjoy a relax happy time on a beautiful beach?.
It is very clear that if we sunbathe directly under the sun is not the best thing to do, so what do we have to do about it? Simple, take care of ourselves.  One of the more important things to know is the best time of the day to sunbathe?  Between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm is when the UV ray lights can damage your skin the most, that is why you have to keep in mind that if you are outside between those hours you have to look for a shade to protect yourself, you can either bring your own shade or an umbrella or look for one of the “palapas” located on the beach.Sunscreen for The beach
Another factor is to select the correct sunscreen.  The SPF must be applied 20 minutes before you go out on the sun, that’s the time that it takes the sunscreen to penetrate your skin. If you don’t follow this, it will be as if you did not put on any SPF for the first 30 minutes under the sun.
Even though there is no SPF that can offer you 100% blockage, since there are SPFs of 15 to 110, you must remember that you have to put it on every time you go in and out the water and also every hour and a half, especially when you are at the beach. Remember that the water and the sand are like a mirror that reflects the sun light.
I highly recommend that before you use any sunscreen, check for the expiration date, since it will indicate the warranty of the components of the product.
Another way of protecting yourself and decrease the risk of sun damage to your skin is to wear a hat and oversize sun glasses with UV filter  to protect your face.
There are a lot of options to protect yourself, you choose the one that fits you better, but as the experts say, never leave you house without any solar protection, especially when you are planning a beach vacation. Right now there are plenty of sunscreen products to choose from, such as cream, gel, with or without color and spray, so you don’t have any excuses. Take care of your skin and enjoy some wonderful days at the beach!!