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InSandity The Ultimate Challenge now in Rocky Point

As fall gets closer there are plenty of activities planned to enjoy the amazing weather. We are all set to welcome one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Therefore, we are very glad to announce this what is expected to be a fun event and we are positive that you will want to pack your bags and head to Rocky Point. brings this time InSANDity an ultimate challenge in which you can prove your physical and mental abilities to the maximum. Endurance, flexibility and tenacity are some other characteristics needed to be a successful competitor on this race. The incredible Sea of Cortes will be the host for this exciting event where  sun,  sea and sand will make it funnier,  nicer and harder.
Participant’s abilities will be tested by the execution of their concentration and techniques on the field. The obstacles include: vertical cargo net climb, balance beams, vaults, 8ft wall climb, low crawl, rope swings, walking on water, pendulum walk, 7ft wall climb and web zone.
The difficulty increases as you move obstacles in the race, make sure also to wear confortable clothing an tennis shoes if you are willing to participate on this race.
Outta Town Productions’ InSANDity will be taken place outside Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Spa Resorts in Rocky Point Mexico.
Cost per person $ 45 dlls
For more details and registration form InSANDity! Ultimate Challenge you can visit their website