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Fast and Fresh Food choices in Rocky Point

While on Vacation you might want to make the most of your day going to the beach, walking and shopping at the Old Port or just having fun around town, and going to a sit down restaurant might not be part of your agenda. We have a quick guide for you to eat amazing local meals that won’t take long at an amazing price. It is obvious that not everyone has the same preferences, so these choices should be consider to please any taste.
Combo Taco
This is the king of tacos in Rocky Point, this place has acquired more recognition in recent times, and its name is Combo Taco named after the fish taco that is the house specialty.
Combo Taco in Rocky Point has been a success since it’s opening, this restaurant offers a large variety of tacos that can be garnish with different sides, salads and sauces. These tacos are freshly cooked with the catch of the day!
Shrimp, Fish and Marlin are the main ingredients for the different options of taco. Some of them offer a combination of yellow pepper, cream chesses and most of the combinations are breaded. If you are not a fish person, you can also have a choice of chicken for your taco, you’ll love them!
If you’re hungry and in a rush to enjoy the sunlight during your Rocky Point stay, this is our #1 recommendation to eat fresh, fast and delicious. Combo Taco is an outdoor taco stand located in Fremont Boulevard.
Serving time: 5-10 min
Approx. cost per person:  $4.5 – $6 USD
*No alcohol is served; you are welcome to bring your own drinks thought.
combo taco
Shrimp Taco

Pollo Lucas
This is definitely a must when visiting Rocky Point, many families have enjoyed this delicious charcoal grilled chicken throughout the years in Rocky Point. The chicken is marinated and perfectly cooked that gives the distinctive touch to their preparation you can add sides as rice, beans and salsa with fresh flour or corn tortillas.
Pollo Lucas is known for the quality of its chicken, which is prepared with the finest ingredients and served warm to your table.   Flour tortillas, cabbage, onions seasoned with lime and pepper, salsa, beans and rice make this meal special to return once more. You have the choice of ordering pieces of chicken or the full chicken considering the size of you party.
Pollo Lucas is an outdoor seating restaurant located in the main boulevard in Benito Juarez Boulevard in Rocky Point Mexico.
Serving time: 5-10 min
Approx. cost per person:  $5- $8USD
*No alcohol is served; you are welcome to bring your own drinks thought.