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Authentic Greek Food Rocky Point

El Greco’s Gyro Restaurant
Rocky Point certainly stands out as an oasis in the desert, and is one of the major tourist destinations in the northwest. Thousands of tourists visit each year and are becoming more demanding the services they seek.
Along with the rise of Puerto Penasco tourism has experienced over the past 10 years, it has also become a strategic place to bring innovative ideas that provide new services to tourists who have visited us in repeated occasions and also for those who visit us first.
In Puerto Peñasco, we have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of cuisine among which are the typical Mexican dishes. Seafood and international dishes along with Italian, Cuban, Japanese and Chinese food are available in Rocky Point.
There is a very wide variety of food available in Rocky Point. The most authentic Greek food, was brought by Louie Xourafas a Greek immigrant who arrived in the U.S. a little more than 30 years ago and now resides permanently in this beautiful port of the Sea of Cortes. Louie brought the culinary style of native Greece, offering dishes made from original recipes of the Mediterranean. Here you can taste a wide variety of dishes such as tasty salads with feta cheese, fish, breads and of course the delicious Greek dessert Baklava. The Gyro is one of the specialties of the house of El Grecos Gyros Restaurant. The Gyros meat is roasted in the oven and served with tzatziki sauce, which is Greek yogurt mixed with grated cucumber, oil, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, mint and pepper, and is accompanied with tomato and onion on a pita bun.
The main ingredients of the Authentic Greek dishes are the same as the rest of the Mediterranean. Among the key ingredients are the oldest strands of olive oil. The olive tree is derived from it’s nativeregion and is the ingredient makes that gives Greek food it’s distinctive taste. Wheat and barley are the major grains used and the most important vegetables used are tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, green beans, okra, onions, cucumbers and mushrooms. Dishes made with lamb are common in Greece, because its geography is favorable for the breeding of sheep. Fish is another key ingredient in Greek cuisine, these dishes are often prepared more in coastal areas and islands.
One of the most famous ducks of the Greek cuisine is the Mezze. This is a collection of appetizers usually served with ouzo (a Greek liquor flavored sweet licorice smell). In this food they use different varieties of sauces for dipping pita bread.
Among the most famous dishes of the Greek cuisine is the moussaka (moussaka), this is a kind of lasagna in which the main ingredient the eggplant pulp are replaced for the separation of the layers. It is said that the moussaka is the antecedent of the now known as lasagna.
El Greco’s Gyros Restaruant, Greek food, opened its doors on March 8 and is located next to Sunset Cantina, opposite of Hotel Peñasco del Sol. Do not wait to visit this restaurant. Take the opportunity to enjoy a different meal within your budget.