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Bird Watching in Mexico Rocky Point

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Birding

Bird species in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco)

— Random Penasco photo! —
Rocky Point Birding
Watching Spanish subtitled movies after a long day running around town – April 2007.

I was fortunate enough to run across Steve Ganley’s excellent Birding at Puerto Penasco, Sonora webpages recently. It looks like he’s been keeping track of the species and doing bird counts for quite some time now, since about 1993, and has counted over 300 species in and around Penasco.

He also maintains Checklist of Birds from the Puerto Penasco Region, Sonora, Mexico and it taking information re: sightings in and around Puerto Penasco .

Steve has a wide variety of information of interest to bird watchers, such as his excellent guides to specific birding locations:

  • Birding around Pelican Point and Cholla Bay
  • Birding the Estero Morua and Playa Encanto
  • Birding around Town and the Harbor
  • Bird Island and Pelagic Birding
  • Finding Puerto Penasco’s Sewage Ponds

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