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Banks in Puerto Penasco Mexico

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Banking

BBVA Bancomer is pleased to be Mexico’s only financial group with a specialized banking division which caters exclusively to the needs of foreign nationals living or visiting this country. The English-speaking banking executives and investment advisors of the Preferred Customers’ Unit have been specifically trained to respond and tend to the requirements of our foreign clients, enabling them to offer the best tailor-made investment alternatives and financial products with the highest level of service available in Mexico.

By using our fully-integrated banking and financial services, you are able to manage your finances securely and efficiently from Mexico and at considerably lower costs than when you access your accounts back home.

You also receive preferential treatment at our branch offices without having to stand in busy lines.

The benefits of being a part of the Preferred Customers’ Unit :

• You become one of our very special private banking customers.
• You receive our personalized service from an officer speaking your language.
• You do not have to stand in long lines at the bank any more.
• You receive a card which gives you the rewards of being a preferred customer.

Our online banking service ( allows you to:

1. Verify account balances, transactions and statements.
2. Execute transfers between your accounts and third-party accounts, including accounts at other banks.
3. Pay company utilities (telephone, water, electricity, etc.)
4. Pay federal taxes.
5. Make payroll payments.

Visit us at

Toll free line (Mexico) : 01 800 BBVA PCU (2282 728)

For International calls: (52) 55 5624-1199

E-mail us at:

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Helpful information while traveling to Rocky Point:

ATM Machines

ATM’s are located at the banks and have 24 hr. access. They will serve pesos only. When the machine prompts Pesos? Dollars? You must select pesos or you transaction will be aborted. There are U.S. ATM machines in Ajo, Why and Lukeville, Az.

Checks & Credit Cards

Most merchants do not accept U.S. checks and they are not cashable at banks or Money exchanges. Some merchants do accept credit cards, but check first and ask if there is an additional charge.

Money Exchange

All merchants accept USD. If you would like to exchange your dollars into pesos you can do so at one of the banks or at the money exchanges locations. Depending on the exchange rate, sometimes you are better off paying in USD or pesos, you will have to do the math.

Travelers Checks

Travelers Checks are accepted by some merchants, but are not cashable at any bank in Puerto Penasco.

U.S. Banks

Closest U.S. bank to Puerto Penasco. Please note that they don’t exchange pesos or Canadian $.

National Bank
101 La Mina Avenue, Ajo, Az 85321
(520) 387-7616
Mon.-Thurs. 9-4, Fri. 9-5

Wire Service

You can send money to a person in Rocky Point, from the U.S. by using MoneyGram Or Western Union. MoneyGram transfers are picked up at Coppel Department Store on Ave. Constitucion (across from Super Ley Grocery store). It must say Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico and the recipient must have a driver’s license or a passport and the transaction number to retrieve the Money.

Western Union transfers may be picked up at the local post office during business hours, must show proof of ID. You cannot wire money to a bank for someone who does not have an account.