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Swimming in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, All You Need To Know

When swimming in the Sea of Cortez you realize that probably is one of the best bodies of water to swim or snorkel in. The water is clean and clear. Near the shore, you will be able to see lots of different small fish such as the colorful Sargent Majors with their blue and yellow […]

What Time is it in Rocky Point Mexico?

To get a better idea of what time is it in Rocky Point Mexico you can follow the Phoenix time hour. Since Phoenix, Arizona, and Puerto Penasco, Mexico presently has equal time zones, you can name any person for the duration of your ordinary hours and it will be the equal time in Rocky Point […]

Best Things To Do In Puerto Penasco According To Tripadvisor

Located between the Sea of Cortez and the Sonoran Desert, there are many attractions for all kinds of tourists that you can do while being in Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point Mexico. Continue reading to check out the best things to do in Puerto Penasco as recommended by TripAdvisor travelers. Essential Activities in […]

Snorkel in the Sea of Cortez, from Rocky Point Mexico

There is a lot of good snorkeling in and around Puerto Penasco. Keep reading to know where and why practicing snorkel in the Sea of Cortez is a good idea. If you’re looking for an unforgettable snorkeling experience, look no further than the Sea of Cortez in Rocky Point, Mexico! Just a few hours away […]

Puerto Peñasco Sustainable Tourism is Getting Stronger

The certification of Puerto Peñasco as a Clean Beach in 2017 and it is Level II recertification in 2019 implies that it is adding to the list of sustainable tourism with beach destinations, as properly as pollution-free, which ensures site visitors’ security on foot and bathing in a dependable destination. What is sustainable tourism? The […]

Why Visiting Rocky Point Mexico is a Good Idea?

With the help of the current administration and the Office of Tourism, they are insuring that tourism will continue to be sustainable for many years, making visiting Rocky Point a better option each time. Besides these great efforts, locals and “new locals” have been working for having a beautiful and really comfortable place to visit […]

Best Places for Running on the Beach in Rocky Point Mexico

No matter what level of a runner you are, there is a place for you to go for running on the beach while in Rocky Point. Beyond having the correct equipment for your level of walking or running, it is important to know that at any time of the year in Puerto Penasco you must […]

Is Puerto Penasco – Rocky Point Mexico Safe for Vacation?

Is Puerto Penasco Safe in 2024? Comprehensive Guide to Rocky Point Safety When planning a trip to Mexico, many travelers wonder if Puerto Peñasco is safe? Also known as Rocky Point, this popular destination attracts tourists with its stunning beaches and vibrant culture. However, safety concerns can often overshadow the excitement of planning a vacation. […]

Beach Mud Run

Beach Mud Run If you’re planning on being in the beautiful sandy beaches of Puerto Peñasco the weekend of October 23rd, 2021 you won’t want to miss this epic beach event! Dirty Beach’s Beach Mud Run will be held on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 on the beautiful Sandy Beach. Runners will meet at Rocky Point Speedway […]