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Mountain Biking in Rocky Point, Mexico

In the last few months, we have seen in Rocky Point many cycling clubs, either family oriented or mountain bike clubs.  We have had many activities that promote cycling as a fun or fitness activity to get physically or mentally healthier.  This has been very well accepted among locals and we have people from Rocky […]

Amethyst Wellness & Spa opened its doors in Puerto Peñasco

By Nina Mier Translated by Paty Gracida The health businesswoman, Ms. Mayra Luz Gracida Valdepeña, opened the last Tuesday, April 29 the doors of the house Amethyst Wellness & Spa, a whole idea behind on integrated concept of welfare, health and why not, beauty, in every sense, emphasizing that the most important is to feel […]

Sonoran cuisine and seafood, a fusion with Bacanora

Written by Nina Mier Translated by Eddie Wharez A few days ago, Bacanora Grill Cocina de Sonora & Bar, a very sui géneris restaurant opened its doors to the public. Bacanora is the base for all the dishes prepared at the restaurant. Bacanora is a 300 year-old artisan agave-derived liquor originally distilled in the Sonoran […]

Spring Break Party in Rocky Point

Ignite Entertainment is offering a new concept for Spring Break and is a once-a-year phenomenon. There will be DJ’s all day and night bringing you the best of mash-up’s . The event is being held in the empty lot next to Playa Bonita. The event is on the 14th and 15th of March Spring Break […]

The Benefit of Using Facebook for your Purchases

Facebook is becoming the most effective way to purchase new and used items in Rocky Point. Facebook and other social medias are being utilized to create groups for buying and selling in Rocky Point. At this time it is not necessary to sell something new to enter this group facejob Peñasco. Members of this group […]

Surprise Cake Recipe

Is it your friends’, boyfriends’, or child’s birthday? If not maybe you would like to know an original idea for a present to give to somebody special. Well keep reading and you will find an easy and fun recipe that I think is creative and shows how much you really care about this person. It […]

Family Activity: Visit La Ostionera

A real common activity you can enjoy with your family while you visit Rocky Point is a trip down to La Ostionera (the oyster farm).  The oyster farm consists of a natural farm where the oyster is fresh out of the sea. Today this place is now visited by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists […]

Wear your stains to the beach

I live in Rocky Point and I would like you to read this article. Here I will be explaining some ideas on how to make your personal, homemade, and long lasting lip stain! These ideas are really cool because you can use them in the water when you come to the beach. They will last […]

Activities for your trip to Rocky Point

You have everything ready for your trip to Rocky Point but have no idea what you are going to do and worse yet it’s your first time coming here. Can you imagine what a horrible feeling? You have now started to worry and have no idea what to plan for your trip, you start panicking […]