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Puerto Penasco’s next three years …

Puerto Penasco’s next three years …

I’ve been leafing through the recently published ‘Plan Municipal
de Desarrollo 2007-2009
‘ (Plan of Municipal Development, Puerto Penasco, 2007-2009)
off and on for the last week. (Gracias to Tim Mello for
sending me the link.)

The ‘Plan de Desarrollo’ is a hefty 100+ page document put out by the government of Puerto Penasco, and outlines the
current state of the city, its unique position as a ‘boom town’, and how the town plans to manage and optimize
things like construction, quality of life, public health, population growth, economic opportunities, etc.

There’s a surprising amount of forward thinking in here that you don’t usually see in dry, 100-page municipal documents.
Concepts like sustainable development, government transparency, urban reforestation, and preservation of the
fishing industry leave me with an overall picture of a city very attuned to its growth, but with a respectable eye towards
its basic foundations.

If you have a general interest (and a decent grasp of the Spanish language) you can check it out

If you don’t habla the lengua that well, I’ve made a lot of translations, and
some highlights / translations available in my own notes here. has a neat article entitled “Gringolandia — The U.S. Migrant Boom Hits Mexico“, that
discusses the enormous influx of US residents into Mexico. (Oddly enough, they all seem to show up and go into
real estate …)

Seated in the air-conditioned comfort of his office in Puerto Vallarta’s Olas Alas neighborhood, Venegas pointed
to the push of the “rat race” and the pull of community, typified by a traditional family-centered culture,
as attractions that convince gringos to move south.

“I love the US. It’s the greatest country in the world. However, it’s going through some difficult times
right now with the Bush administration and the war and everything else,” he said. “And so yes, I do believe
there are a lot of expatriates that are down here dissatisfied with what’s happening in the US.”

It’s a pretty fascinating read, and you can check it out here.

There’s also this article – Horse lover helps amigo in Mexico,
which made me smile:

Sherry McDaniels’ love for horses knows no boundaries. Like many horse lovers, McDaniels is drawn to the animals…
Her frequent vacations in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, have led her to a group of horses that are rented out for riding on the beach.
Despite the language barrier, McDaniels, of Gilbert, said she has formed a friendship with a man named Juvantine and his seven horses.
Now, every time she plans a trip to Rocky Point, McDaniels packs not only for herself but also with the horses in mind…

The full article is here.