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Puerto Peñasco Sustainable Tourism is Getting Stronger

Puerto Peñasco Sustainable Tourism is Getting Stronger

The certification of Puerto Peñasco as a Clean Beach in 2017 and it is Level II recertification in 2019 implies that it is adding to the list of sustainable tourism with beach destinations, as properly as pollution-free, which ensures site visitors’ security on foot and bathing in a dependable destination.

What is sustainable tourism?

The delivery of sustainable tourism as such can be positioned in the 90s when the effect prompted by means of ordinary tourism primarily based on the limitless exploitation of locations started out to have socioeconomic consequences all through the world. Sustainable tourism, on the different hand, develops the pastime producing a minimal effect on the environment.

To gain this, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) establishes three guiding axes:

  1. Optimize environmental resources: besides an ecosystem, there is no tourism.
  2. Preserving the authenticity of the nearby culture.
  3. Wealth distribution.

Rocky Point Mexico’s Sustainable Tourism

Puerto Peñasco is a Mexican metropolis positioned in the northwest of the country of Sonora, in the Gran Desierto de Altar area, head of the homonymous municipality that has a number of housing complexes and seashores that are nationally and internationally famed for its traveler attraction, such as Charm, Hermosa, Las Conchas, Pelicanos and Sandy Beach.

The big difference between the Clean Beaches Committee of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) in accordance with the cutting-edge Mexican Standard is the end result of the work of federal, state, and municipal authorities, environmental bodies, and lodges that are positioned in the front of the strip 1.5 kilometers from Sandy Beach in Puerto Peñasco.

Puerto Peñasco Sustainable Tourism is Getting Stronger

Sandy Beach, Puerto Penasco

Sandy Beach measures 1.52 km and has been recertified as a Clean Beach in view that 2019. The essential key is that the exploitation of a useful resource is beneath its renewal limit. Get a great deal for lodging on Sandy Beach here.

With a linear extension of 1,522 meters of smooth beach, the vacationer vacation spot Sandy Beach, in Puerto Peñasco, grew to be the biggest seaside in Mexico with degree II sustainable certification and the sole one in the State of Sonora to obtain this cognizance from of authorities from the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification A.C., in the course of the National Meeting on Clean Sustainable Beaches.

“White Flag” award granted through the Mexican Clean Beaches Committee to Sandy Beach, in addition to its recertification.

During the meeting, the municipality of Puerto Peñasco was once additionally identified as the most secure traveler vacation spot in northwestern Mexico, in addition to receiving cognizance of success tales in packages for the utility of guidelines for accountable use of beaches; visitor help program; seashore exchange administration program; and in the security, relationship and proximity application with the resort industry.

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