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Best Places for Running on the Beach in Rocky Point Mexico

Best Places for Running on the Beach in Rocky Point Mexico

No matter what level of a runner you are, there is a place for you to go for running on the beach while in Rocky Point.

Beyond having the correct equipment for your level of walking or running, it is important to know that at any time of the year in Puerto Penasco you must make sure to have plenty of water with you to drink to stay hydrated. Having told that, now we can talk about those great places to run in Puerto Peñasco, México.

Running places for beginners

If you are a novice runner, you may want to choose the Mirador Road and into the Malecon and then back the way you came from. Many runners love to run the beach in front of the condos on Sandy Beach or the Beach over on the Mirador side. The Sandy Beach run is great as it is flat and makes it easy for a morning run, whereas the beach on the Mirador side is sloped and a bit more difficult.

Running places for early risers

If you plan an early morning run on any of the road routes, do wait until it is light outside as it is very difficult to be seen by those traveling to work during those hours. There is nothing prettier than a run on the beach in the early morning hours just as the sun is starting to rise. You can breathe in the fresh sea air while watching the waves go back and forth. Once you have had a beach run, you won’t want to run on the blacktop roads again.

Running on the beach in Rocky Point Mexico

Running places for athletes

If you are really energetic, you could jog up Competition Hill which is all sand and will give you a real workout. For those staying out by the Mayan Palace and Encantame Towers, that is a great beach for a run or jog as for the most part it is flat down near the water line. You can run the beach one way and come back on the roads into Playa Encanto.

Running places for marathonists

For the advanced runner, you may want to do the route that the marathon runners use. They run the Sandy Beach Road towards the Mirador area and then return up over Whale Hill and through the Malecon and then back to the place you started from. If it is open, you may choose to park at the entrance to the Pinacate Visitor Center and run the road to the center and back. That is about an 8 to 10
mile run going both ways. It is also suggested if you are doing a difficult run, to have a friend along just in case you should need help.

Running on the beach is good for you

Running on the beach, especially on the sand, brings you a lot of benefits such as:

  • Eliminates stress thanks to direct contact with nature.
  • Helps the release of serotonin (known as the happiness hormone, since it generates a feeling of well-being, relaxation and satisfaction).
  • Improves breathing thanks to the pure air from the beach.
  • Burn more calories in less time.
  • It is a perfect exercise for rehabilitation.
  • It respects the joints since the impact on sand is much less than on asphalt.
  • And it enhances balance and stability.

Now lace up those shoes and have a great run in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.