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How to find a Long Term Rental.

How to find a Long Term Rental.

Puerto Peñasco has long been known to attract Arizonians to the beaches and little city.  There is an abundance of short term rentals like the condos on Sandy Beach and homes in Las Conchas.  However there are more and more people that have come from the United States and Canada to work for example at the Mayan Palace.  These people need long term rentals and they are getting harder to find.  If you do find one to rent for long term, the prices are quite high, so be prepared.

One alternative to renting a condo would be to rent or buy a trailer in one of the RV parks here.  Playa del Oro in the Mirador and Playa Bonita on Sandy Beach, both have permanent trailers and recently a few have come on the market.

There are a couple of companies who specialize in long term rentals and from checking it appears most rental companies have a couple of long term rentals available. You can expect to pay between $850 USD  per month to over $8000 USD per month, depending on what and where you are looking for.

So go on line and Google in “Long term rentals in Puerto Peñasco” to find your place.