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Enjoy all the Puerto Pensaco beach options

Enjoy all the Puerto Pensaco beach options

Puerto Penasco has long been known for it beautiful and clean beaches. Unlike the beaches of southern California, the beaches there here a free of seaweed and the bugs that come with it. All of the Puerto Penasco beach options, and the entire country, are public, so you can just find some of the points of entry and put up your shade canopy and enjoy the day.

Puerto Pensaco beach

How many Puerto Penasco beach options exist?

The State of Sonora has miles of beach on the Sea of Cortez and Rocky Point is the owner of probably close to 50 miles of beach that stretches from the Laguana Shores area to the southeast area of La Pinta.

The city has prided itself on being given the Clean Beach award for the past couple of years.  Residents are always picking up any trash that they find.  In busy tourist places, trash cans have been installed to help with the cleanup.

Puerto Pensaco beach

The following list is the beaches in the Rocky Point area. Cholla Bay with Pelican Beach and Tucson Beach, Sandy Beach, Playa Bonita, Playa Hermosa, Playa Mirado, Las Conchas on the Sea of Cortez and the Morua Estuary, Mi Playa, Playa LaJolla, Playa Encanto, Playa Dorado, Playa Miramar, Mayan Palace Beach, and La Pinta.  All of these beaches are beautiful and the sand is perfect for taking nice walks or looking for sea shells.

The Fabulous Beaches of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico - Baja ...

If you are staying on Sandy Beach, it is a great beach to set up a volleyball net and play a few games.  A couple of times a year there are triathlons on Sandy Beach and they make good use of the beach.  The Mayan Palace has several holes in its golf course that run next to the beach.  The beaches between the Morua Estuary and Playa Miramar are good for shore fishing.  There is horseback riding available on Sandy Beach and the beach of the Las Conchas area.

Puerto Pensaco beach
One of our many condo complexes.

All of the beaches are great for swimming.  The only time you have to be careful is in July and August when the jellyfish show up.  You need to be careful if it is a windy day as there can be rip tides in some areas, so be careful.  In the months of January through March, it is fun to just sit and look for the whales that come up by us or watch the dolphin go by. There is nothing nicer than sitting on the beach and watching the sunrise and sunset. Rocky Point has some of the best sunsets anywhere in the world.

The city is currently in the process of rebuilding the beach in front of the resorts. On August 9, 2022, Rocky Point was hit with the perfect storm…. a full moon, high tides, and winds.  This was a result of Hurricane Kay that passed west of the Baja and we got the tail end of the winds.  We have never had a full-on Hurricane as Puerto Penasco is protected by the Baja range.  The last one that came near us was Nora and it just gave us wind and some rain.  But there is plenty of beaches to be enjoyed by all and you will really enjoy how pristine our beaches are.