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Rocky Point Christmas Lights Parade

Rocky Point Christmas Lights Parade

Christmas Lights Parade

Hello fellow Puerto Peñasco locals and visitors! As Christmas time approaches, everyone is starting to feel the Christmas spirit. In La Choya, at the far West peak of Sandy Beach in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, there will be a Christmas Lights Parade this coming weekend. The event will be held on Saturday, December 11th at 7pm. If you’re not doing anything this coming Saturday evening, be sure to check this event out. We explain more details below.

Christmas Lights Parade
Christmas Lights Parade

Cholla Bay Clubhouse

The Christmas Light Parade will be held in the parking lot of Cholla Bay Clubhouse. Cholla Bay Clubhouse is  on the far West side of Puerto Peñasco, in La Choya, Sonora, Mexico. This is the perfect Christmas event if you want to get in the Christmas spirit, yet still want to stay socially distanced. The event will consist of everyone decorating their means of transportation and driving through the Cholla Bay Clubhouse parking lot. You can decorate your trailer, side-by-side, tow truck, car, boat, golf cart, or even horse! Get as festive as you’d like, with Christmas lights, flags, speakers playing Christmas music, green and red tinsel, Christmas trees attached to the top of your car, and more. 

As the different vehicles and boats with all their decorations drive by, there will be many people scattered around the Choya Bay Clubhouse parking lot. These spectators will be handing out different Christmas goodies to all the drivers, such as Christmas candy and other little gifts.

Before the Christmas Lights Parade

If you’re really in the Christmas spirit, the parade team will be hosting a special spaghetti dinner at the Cholla Bay Clubhouse before the Christmas Light Parade begins. All the proceeds gathered from the spaghetti dinner will be pooled and donated to the children’s Christmas party they will be hosting at a later time. Therefore, feel free to arrive at the Cholla Bay Clubhouse earlier than 7pm, and get your fill of spaghetti dinner! Following the dinner, you can load up in your vehicle of choice and ride around through the Chola Bay Clubhouse parking lot. The Christmas Light Parade spectators will then get to enjoy the spectacle and hand you goodies in the process.

More Information

If you have any more questions about the event, feel free to email the parade ambassadors, Randy and Stacy Adams, at You can also visit their facebook page here. This is a great event to meet new people, get to know the locals, mingle with your neighbors, and celebrate this Christmas time together in a socially-distanced way. Please spread the word about this event. Don’t forget it’s THIS coming Saturday, December 11th 2021, at 7pm. The Cholla Bay Clubhouse team is very excited about this wonderful event, so please get yourself and your car festive and come out for a night of fun!

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