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Fall is in the air in Puerto Peñasco.

Fall is in the air in Puerto Peñasco.

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It is hard to believe we are into September already in Rocky Point.   September 9th, we woke up to temps in the low 70’s and it remained that way until today September 14th.  Although it may not last, we do know for a fact that the temperatures will start to change around the 16th – 21st.  Recently, thousands of people flocked here for Labor Day marking the last holiday until Columbus Day in October.  Many cars from California and Texas as well as our Arizona visitors.  This was indeed a must needed boost to the economy of the city after being shut down for so long.  The tour boats were out as the weather was good for them for the days people were here and the old port was packed every day as well as restaurants and bars.

Some very good news an that is our sanitary filter area is totally gone. No more temperature checks or spraying tunnels as well as the finger blood draw for Covid antibodies as of the 7th of September.  We hope to keep our numbers down so we don’t have to do this again. If you are coming to Puerto Peñasco, remember face masks must be worn at all times in public. At Sam’s Club they are still only allowing 1 person per family to enter and are still taking temperatures and spraying your hands with sanitizer.  The LEY grocery chain is also checking temps and allowing you to spray your hands. In restaurants, wear your mask until being seated to eat or drink and then you can remove them. Children are not being allowed as of this writing into Sam’s Club so be prepared with your family. Most restaurants are also checking temps and offering sanitizer.

Be prepared to have your temperature taken when entering the resorts that you are staying at, as many are doing that as a precaution.  It would not hurt to carry a small sanitizer bottle in your purse for wen you come out of stores and businesses.  All the resorts should have posted the protocols that need to be followed.  Do avoid large gatherings on the beach or pool areas for your protection but also the resort employees.

New bakery in the Old Port
New Cornejo Panaderia

We continue to see more new businesses popping up. We have many coffee shops to choose from with the newest being the Daily Dose across the street from Lolita’s on the way to the Mirador area. For those of you who have been coming here for many years, you may remember the Cornejo Panaderia in the Old Port, where the baker kept all the fresh hot breads in a big wooden box with a red and white checkered cloth covering them. I can still remember how great the aroma was coming from there and you could fill a big round metal tray full of the fresh breads for under a couple of dollars.  Now they have opened a panaderia in the Old Port next to Puerto Viejo Coffee Roaster. Next time you are looking for bread and traditional sweets, stop in and check them out and while there, go next door to Puerto Viejo Coffee shop and grab some fresh roasted whole bean and  have them grind it fresh for you, you will love it.  There is also a new doughnut and bagel place out near the main General Hospital that is getting some great reviews for their bagels and they say the doughnuts taste like Crispy Cream.

So join us for a few days exploring everything new we have to offer and then sit back and enjoy the sunsets on the Sea of Cortez.

Come for the beach and stay for the sunsets.
Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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