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Entry to Puerto Peñasco Update

Entry to Puerto Peñasco Update

This is current as of 7/20/2020, the Mexican/US border is not closed. This is a term that gets people very confused.  It is following the same agreement that the US has with Canada  and will expire 8/21/2020.  It is closed only for essential travel, but whether or not they are enforcing it in Sonoyta, we really don’t know.  If you have a reservation at a condo or rental home, it is best to check with the rental company.  If they have not contacted you and you reservation is coming up soon, please contact them and give them the names of all persons traveling, age and vehicle make, model and color.  They in turn will send you a copy of that showing that you have a reservation and for the dates and they will also update the list at the border check point as well as the one just north of Puerto Peñasco, to allow you to enter the city.  You will still have to go through the sanitation tunnel as well as having all members in the car have their temperature taken. Remember to please be patient, as the situation here is fluid and is subject to change.  When traveling though Sonoyta, obey the speed signs and they are asking that you do not stop in their city.

If you are 2nd vacation home owner, please check with your HOA as they can give you the information tat you will need to enter.  Again you can come down as long as your name and that of your family is on the list that is sent daily to the checkpoints. All of these reservations need to have names with ID that matches as well as a CFE (electric bill), TelMex (phone bill) that shows your name and address. As a safe guard, if you have a bank trust there is page that will have your  names and address on it, so just make a copy of that as well.  Your HOA can guide you.

Take a sunset cruise or go fishing.

Sol Chaser
One of the newest boats is the Sol Chaser

Now for the good news….. at this point if our cases stay down, the beaches and water access will start August 1st.  You will have to keep social distancing when out and about and even the beach. Face masks must be worn at all times, wherever you are or go to with the exception of the pools, Sea of Cortez and while having food or drinks in restaurants and bars.  You MUST wear your mask as you enter Mexico and all the way through Sonoyta as well as just before the overpass coming into Rocky Point.  If you are alone in the vehicle you do not have to wear it while driving, however if there are more than 2 people in the vehicle, everyone must wear their mask.  You will find that while grocery shopping as well as entering many restaurants,  they will be taking your temperature, so just be prepared.

Las Palomas
Come enjoy the pool area and the Lazy River.

Playa Bonita
Lovely pool area overlooking the Sea of Cortez at Playa Bonita.

BooBar Cantina on the Malecon.

Puerto Peñasco Sunset

Our beaches are so pristine these days as is the Sea of Cortez.  You can go out for a sunset cruise, a Bird Island trip or go fishing. The Golf courses are in beautiful shape, so we invite you to come down and enjoy your selves. Our hotels and most restaurants are open for you enjoyment. will update for you here as things become available, so keep checking back.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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