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July 7 Updates on Puerto Peñasco. Northbound and Southbound Currently OPEN.

July 7 Updates on Puerto Peñasco. Northbound and Southbound Currently OPEN.

Tessoro in Las Conchas

Puerto Peñasco made it through the July 4th weekend but not without a lot of drama.  If you have been following us, you know that we have been shut down for over 3 months due to the pandemic.  So much has happened in 1 week, that I am not sure where to start.  An area just north of Puerto Peñasco has been designated as an area where your reservation credentials are checked  and once that checks out, you are asked to step out of your vehicle  and proceed to an area where you walk through a tunnel (as they call it) where a light mist of disinfectant spray is pumped out. From there you get back into your vehicle (which has been also sprayed with disinfectant and proceed forward where you will have your temperature taken. Once this is done you are free to come and enjoy your vacation. Make sure that when your reservation is sent to the check point that every person’s name gets on the list, so print and have it with you. When you arrive at the checkpoint, each person in the vehicle  will have their temperature taken. It is a very short and easy process.

Now the 1st drama started at Sonoyta, the border crossing you use to get to Rocky Point.  There was a difference of opinion between the Governor of Sonora’s mandates and that of the mayor here.  To add insult to injury, the mayor in Sonoyta was not consulted on what was happening, so a group of local townspeople decided to set up a barricade right after you crossed into Mexico.  Now, it didn’t matter if you had a reservation or owned your own property here, for the most part, the answer was NO PASS. Countless Americans were turned around and their July 4th vacation had come to an abrupt end.  For those of use that reside in Rocky Point, all we can say, is we are truly sorry this went down this way. We hope that once the dust settles, you will come back down and enjoy everything Rocky Point has to offer.  You, our life blood of tourism, have had your family time taken away from you,  but also all of the businesses that had stocked up on extra supplies, waiters and waitresses have suffered an enormous financial hit.  This has been ongoing since Thursday afternoon July 2nd and as of today, even though the 2 mayors have signed an agreement the entrance to Rocky Point is being held up in Sonoyta and is still being blocked.  Hopefully this will be resolved quickly.  In the agreement signed, it states that you DO NOT stop in Sonoyta for anything, you just drive through the town and now their businesses will feel the pinch also. Make sure you are all wearing your masks when driving through that town as well as obey the speed limit (remember it is  40 KM or 25 MPH). As of today July 7th,  soundbound entry into Mexico is open and not being barricaded.

Drama #2 unfolded when a freight train that was to high, took out 6 big cement power poles on the area of Benito Juarez where the Circle K is and knocked out power to a good portion of the city.  It damaged several cars parked by the COSMOS Pharmacy shopping center along with a couple of businesses. Thankfully no one was injured. Imagine the story you had to tell your insurance agent. It is amazing that a train can travel from somewhere deep inside Mexico carrying the same load and attempt to pass through Puerto Peñasco, only to learn the hard way, that he is to tall.

We didn’t have a 3rd drama thank goodness other than I guess calling the ongoing struggle with Sonoyta the 3rd one.

On the brighter side of all of this, those that came here, had a great time and our businesses and their staff showed them a good time with good food and service. El Tapeo Wine Bar put on a stunning fireworks display next to Playa Bonita and watching it, I felt like I was in Phoenix watching them. Manny’s Beach Club also went all out with a beautiful display that could be seen across the city. Everyone I spoke with had a great time and the weather was perfect for being outdoors.

If you are planning on coming down later this month, feel free to contact me for information or go to RockyPoint360 and the Rocky Point Times. RP360 is  online and they update frequently. Our city says THANK YOU for your support and hanging in there with us and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Registration Volunteers
22 local residents volunteer for 2 days of fun.

There were some festivals planned for July but right now they have been put off. As for the Rocky Point Rally an announcement will be made in early August as to whether or not we will have out 20th year party.

Mom and 5 puppies
This mom gave birth last weekend to 5 fur babies.

If you are coming down, Barb’s Dog Rescue is in desperate need of dog and puppy food and money for the ongoing vet bill’s.  You will see her bill yellow billboards north of town.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in  and the stunning Sea of Cortez views. Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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