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Welcome to July 4th 2020 Weekend in Puerto Peñasco

Welcome to July 4th 2020 Weekend in Puerto Peñasco

Happy July 4th in Puerto Penasco
Happy July 4th in Puerto Penasco

Sit back and relax this July 4th
Sit back and relax this July 4th

We are continuing to keep our numbers low as far as Covid19, which is great.  As a small city, every full time resident living here has gone the extra mile to make sure that all the rules are followed to keep us safe. That has meant a great deal of sacrifice on the part of this beach community. It has meant no walking or running on the beach nor swimming in the Sea of Cortez.   What has been amazing to see is the Sea of Cortez is shinning proudly and it looks so pristine as do the beaches. This is something that even visitors and home owners that have not yet been allowed to come back to their home or condo have commented on. Perhaps this was Mother Nature’s way of saying thank you for giving me a rest!

June 24th the Malecon  opened to visitors. You must follow all protocols and two  thing that are new is that you no longer can gather in a group nor children are allowed and NO BYOIC (bring your own ice chest) in other words no more alcohol will be allowed on the Malecon. But this is a great place to see the sunset.  You can still frequent your favorite bar and grab a bite to eat as well as have a nice drink and view.  Looking for something for the whole family to do, go out to Barb’s Dog Rescue and pet puppies. You may even wind up adopting one or two of these furbabies.

Puppies adopted
This couple adopted these 2 a few months a go.

Although things are changing daily  as far as the protocols, they are opening different places every day. There are times when something opens up but then may have to close if the cases start to spike. Many restaurants such as Garufa, Chef Mickey’s, Kaffee Haus, Mar Blu, Capones, The Blue Marlin, El Tapeo, Puesta de Sol, La Curva, Tequila Bar, Manny’s Beach Club and Pan y Vino are now open for dining in.  The full time residents who have been going stir crazy for nearly 4 months are loving it. All of these places as well as many others have received their certification  and even though they are set up for 50% of their normal table space, the good news in Puerto Peñasco is that they are open.

Grand Opening Party Garufa.

Honey Bee
Cachora a local beer from Puerto Penasco.

There is also some good news and that is there are some new places opening.  The Satisfied Frog has closed it its doors as the Satisfied Frog, but will be re-opening early July as The  Mermaid Margarita. Former managers Rick and Krissy Nichols have taken the helm of this new venture. Everyone is excited to see the new menu as well as to see all of their favorite waiters and waitresses. They will be featuring the ever popular Fried Chicken, BBQ and Pizza as well as adding some new items like seafood with an International flare and are expanding the Mexican menu. During these times, it was difficult to lay off employees as you still have to pay social security and other things on them even though they are not working.   In the last few months many places choose to do pick up and delivery services including the the Satisfied Frog.  This has been very popular  and was much needed.

Come for the beach and stay for the sunsets.

On July 1, residents will be allowed to come back in and on July 15th, owners will be allowed to return.  We are approaching the July 4th weekend which is the last of the big weekend for the summer, so we are not sure how many will come down.  If you are planning a trip to Rocky Point for July 4th, please be patient at the check point. As you approach the check point PLEASE PUT ON YOUR FACE MASK and get into the right lane marked tourist or visitor.  To avoid any delays, make sure you have a copy of your reservation with your name and with the name of each person that is in the vehicle and is listed on the reservation. Have that paper ready to hand to Marine who is checking the paperwork along with ID. From there you will be sent through the sanitation tunnel were there is gentle mist of disinfectant being sprayed. While you are doing that they will be spraying the inside of your vehicle and outside as well. This is an odorless spray.   From there you will get back into your vehicle and proceed forward to have your temperatures taken  and that means each person in the vehicle. Once this is complete, go get checked in and enjoy your vacation.  Please remember that the beach in front of your condo or beach home is open for you to sit on, but you are not allowed in the Sea of Cortez as of this writing. Golf courses are open. Hotel pools are open, but social distancing is in place. Wear your mask in all public places but not in restaurants.   This is a great time to take a sunset cruise with on boats like Eco Fun, Pancho Villa or any of the others offering sunset cruises. At this time, they will all be serving sodas and water but no alcohol is permitted.  If you plan to go to the grocery store, many will only permit one per family and no children. If there is one person in  vehicle no mask is required, more than one person everyone needs one on.

Take a sunset cruise or go fishing.

Sol Chaser
One of the newest boats is the Sol Chaser

We understand this is not what our tourists are use to doing, but, for right now these are the rules, so please don’t do anything else but obey them,  no matter how tempting it is to jump in the water.  The reality is we want everyone to stay safe, but still enjoy yourself.  So come down and relax.  We hope we will still be having the fireworks displays as in the past as they are awesome. One last thing…. there is a lot of new signage on the road from Playa Bonita going east and west towards the resorts, so travel with caution.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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