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Puerto Peñasco enters Phase 3

Puerto Peñasco enters Phase 3

The Mexican Flag

We are finally in Phase 3 of the entry process to invite tourists to Rocky Point, so follow these steps below and we say “Welcome Home”.  Here is a brief synopses of the protocol for entry. For a detailed list please go to or  Make sure when making a reservation or checking on a current reservation that the hotel, condo or resort is on the certified list from the city. This means they rental companies or HOA’s have completed the course on sanitation and that the property you have rented has been sanitized. Puerto Peñasco residents ave worked so  hard , to keep our virus count down so that we can all enjoy the joys of being here. Please do the same for us and wear your mask at all times. Please follow the directions below so that we can all continue to enjoy what this little city has to offer.

Certified List
Las Palomas Resort is on the certified list

Next, as you get close to town, you will have 3 lanes to choose from to enter . Here members from the OCV will check your ID and that of everyone in your vehicle that is on your reservation list.  There will be a list sent out daily to the OCV from the city to the check point. Your reservation number, names of all occupants, date of entry must match with the list or you will be turned back.  From there the Navy will check all vehicle information.  Doesn’t matter if you are renting a hotel room, condo, home or RV space, you will be required to give that information.

Your next step is you will have you and everyone in your vehicle have your temperatures taken and if it is less tan 37.4, you will be allowed to the next and last step. If it is high, you will get another check and if it is high you will be invited to take a Rapid Test (at no cost to you) that takes about 15 minutes. If the person with a high temperature does not take the test, all passengers will be denied entry. Entry will be allowed to all if the rapid test comes back negative.

One more step and you can head for your fun vacation. Here you will all all walk through a sanitation tunnel which will give you a fine spray of a sanitizer and your vehicle will be sanitized. Now you are free to come enjoy.

Home Port
These are part of the docks for the Home Port at sunset.

Go fishing or do a sunset cruise on the Sea of Cortez

Heading out for a sunset.

There are currently restrictions on the use of the beach, it is for the use of the developments that have the concession. However, the Federal Government is in in charge of the water and thus far, you may not go in the water.  All of the pools at the resorts should be open by the time you arrive as they all have had their facilities inspected.

The BooBar will be welcoming you back soon.

Restaurants are open if they have gone through the process and have their certificate but will be operating at 40% capacity.  Currently a few have opened, but many will wait until July 1st to make sure they have everything in order. Many will be opening at a smaller capacity. Resorts and condos will operate at 70% capacity, hotels will be at 40% and home rentals will be at 100% capacity. Currently golf courses are open. Water activities such as fishingsunset cruises, ATV rentals are allowed (helmet law enforced.) Jet skis, kayaks and sail boats are not allowed. Bars, nightclubs and the Malecon will remain closed.   This may change by the 16th. Currently only renters are being allowed in starting June 16th, homeowners will have to wait, but hopefully there will be a decision on that tonight.

The information provided here is fluid and is rapidly changing, so please also check out for updates.

Remember you must wear masks when entering businesses.  Currently there is a change in how many people can be in a vehicle from 1 , but all must have masks available and you no longer have to wear a mask as a driver.  This blog may be change in by morning so please check back. When traveling through Sonoyta, wear your masks in the vehicle.

This show that the divided road ends.

One other small thing, is that you have not been here in awhile, you will see new stop signs and caution signs on the road where the road from Playa Bonita meets the Sandy Beach Road and in front of Esmeralda so please be careful and take your time.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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