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Ship Builders in Puerto Peñasco

Ship Builders in Puerto Peñasco

Calm Harbor and 3 shrimp boats offering a mirror reflection

Probably a little know fact that in Rocky Point their are 2 ship yards, one is Taller Bellot and the other Cabralles.  These 2 shipyards have been in business for many years here  and the current owners are second generation ship builders. Many of the shrimp boats that sail  in the Sea of Cortez were built here years ago. In summer they pull many of them out to to redo them. It is amazing when you see the buckets of rust sitting in the yard to be redone, that can even float.  But once repaired and repainted, they will be ready for the Shrimp season this fall.

Stunning Ship
Luxury Ship

If you have driven around Rocky Point recently, you have probably noticed there are currently 7 sail boats out in front of Playa Bonita. They were out there under quarantine, but due  to high winds, they were allowed to come in and doc for their reminder of time and until they can get pulled out of the water for repairs and storage. These sail boats are owned  by full timers from all over who sail the Sea of Cortez. They bring their boats up here to be repainted and have maintenance done on them in summer months when it is to warm to be out full time on a boat as well as the threat of storms closer to the where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific.  There is also a huge storage yard that has been full all winter with boats from all over. It is interesting to drive by and see Racine, Wisconsin on one and some from the east coast as well as west coast.  The reason they come here is the fact that it is so much less expensive to store them and do repairs here rather than take them to California.

Another visitor to Rocky Point

Over the years Antonio Bellot has designed and also built several private yachts including the 150′ 16 suite yacht that is currently sitting in the ship yard that is pictured in the 2nd photo. I have had the pleasure of going aboard it and it is stunning. each stateroom is done with exotic woods from all over the world. The doors and above the beds are adorned with hand carved sea life.  He recently has been working on an amphibious boat that will run on the land and then be able to go into the water for sightseeing. It is made on a school bus frame and if you have ever been to the Wisconsin Dells, you will see something similar that they call Duck Boats.  Once the Port reopens, hopefully they will have the permits ready to start taking tourists out. It really is a great deal of fun.

Marina de Cortez

If you have been on the Rey Del Mar also known as the Pirate Ship, it was constructed here as well.  If you are looking to have a customized boat built, bring your designs to one of these 2 builders for a quote and to see their quality workmanship. You will not be disappointed.  Choose from sailboat or cabin cruisers to be your second home and enjoy cruising the Sea of Cortez.

refurbishing boats
Shrimper being redone
Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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