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Summer Activities In Puerto Peñasco

Summer Activities In Puerto Peñasco

Sunset in Rocky Point, Mexico
Come enjoy our stunning summer sunsets.

Although this summer will be a little different due to the Covid 19 virus, we will still offer some great activities in the summer.  Once we open for tourism on June 16th, the beaches should be open according to a statement released by Mayor Kiko Munro yesterday June 2nd.  The Federal government does have the final say so, but he must have heard something to be able to make this announcement.  The state will be inspecting the pools at the resorts and hopefully get the green light as in other beach communities.

View from the Visitor Center at the Pinacate Biosphere

One fun , as well as educational thing to do is visit the Shuk Toal visitor center for the Pinacate Biosphere, located about 15 miles north of town. Here you will find a movie theater sowing a film on how the Pinacate craters were formed over the years and all the animal life that is this area, which is mainly desert and in summer very hot.  The Apollo 11 group with Buzz Aldrin trained there in 1968 for their moon landing in 1969, as it  resembles the moon, with the craters and climate.  You will find interactive screens about various things in the reserve that further the educational experience. You can make a 1/2 event here so take a lunch with you and enjoy the surrounding mountain, lave flows and sand dunes.  Don’t forget the gift shop!

June 8th
June 8th is World Ocean Day

From there take a trip to Las Conchas to visit CEDO and see the fully reconstructed skelton of a 55′ Fin Whale that was a youngster when he died.  Here you can learn about the ecosystem of the Sonoran Desert and the Sea of Cortez and the treasures they hold.  They offer trips to snorkle at Bird Island, Kayak in the Estuary, explore through the tide pools, go Bird Watching in the Estuary and so  much more.  After you have done all of this, visit the git shop and pick up some books on the Sea of Cortez and the Pinacate Biosphere as well as the Sonoran Desert. Learn about the endangered Vaquita and other animals that are near extinction.  This is not only a great excursion for families but anyone who wants to learn more about the Sonoran Desert and Sea of Cortez. Remember June 5th is World Environment Day and June 8th is World Ocean Day. If you want to more about CEDO check out their website and learn about Stay At Home program they are offering online. Here you can learn about CEDO without having to leave your home, so during these times, make use of it as I am sure the children at home will enjoy it.

June 5th
June 5th is World Environment Day.

Pancho Villa
Whale Watching 2020 aboard the Pancho Villa.

We welcome you back to Puerto Peñasco aka Rocky Point. Enjoy what we have to offer and remember the ecosystem is precious, so let’s all take care of her.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning Sea of Cortez views. Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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