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Opening Soon… June 16, 2020

Opening Soon… June 16, 2020

Welcome Home to Puerto Peñasco

It is almost here….the day we welcome back “YOU” our tourists.  June 16, 2020 is the date unless Puerto Peñasco gets more cases of the virus.  We are excited to see our city opening up but being cautious at the same time. Today our restaurants are opening up for dining inside and some businesses are opening up but with limited capacity and seating.  The mayor says pools and the beach will be open on the 16th but the Federal government has the final say in that.  Beside all of you waiting to come in, we have 5 sail boats who have sitting outside the harbor in quarantine for 8 days so far, waiting to come in for annual repairs.

When you enter Rocky Point,  you and every occupant of your vehicle will have their temperature taken and if normal you will be allowed to pass forward to enjoy the city.  If not you will be given a quick test and if that fails, you will be sent back to where you came from.  At last report the sanitation booth will be removed. You will find things to be different here in town now just like the Untied States.  Masks are to be worn at all times when in public or businesses. You can expect to have your temperature taken before entering a business as well as your hands sanitized.

Garufa is from Zacatecas and is an Argentinian Steakhouse featuring world class beef
Garufa is from Zacatecas and is an Argentinian Steakhouse featuring world class beef

The residents of Puerto Penasco have worked very hard to stay in to keep this virus from spreading, so that the day would come when we can have you all enjoying our city once again.  Please support the local businesses for your shopping, groceries and everything else. Businesses here have struggled and some have gone under or are very close.  The Satisfied Frog that has been in business for 7 years closed their doors yesterday due to the pandemic and loss of business. The shipyard has lost over 80% of his business refinishing the boats that come here every summer for repairs and these are just a couple. Many people are unemployed and it will be awhile before they can get back to work, so tip like you do in the United States as they depend on it. But on the exciting news, we have 2 new restaurants and a small hotel under construction on Sandy Beach between Garufa and Changos.  We are not sure about the Micro Beer Festival that was scheduled for July, but we will keep you posted and hope it goes on.

Home Port
These are part of the docks for the Home Port at sunset.

You can find the total report from Mayor Munro’s speech on RockyPoint360, so check it out, so that you are prepared as things change daily.  We welcome you back and hope you can enjoy the city you have come to love and call your second home.  Come back and enjoy our sunsets and sunset cruises and great restaurants.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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