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News from Puerto Penasco… "We will be back even stronger".

News from Puerto Penasco… "We will be back even stronger".

Pancho Villa
Whale Watching 2020 aboard the Pancho Villa.

If you have been following our blogs over the years, you probably ave enjoyed seeing and hearing what is going in and around town.  Well due to the Corona Virus we are pretty much have been asked to stay home except for essential things, just like in the United States.  I am happy to announce that thus far, Puerto Penasco has been successful in having no cases of the virus.  That does not mean that you should come down as you will not be be permitted to enter the city.

The virus hit us during 2 of our busiest seasons of Spring Break and Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week). Easter normally meant the town and beaches would be packed, but the city got the word out to the areas where the National’s come from to celebrate, that the city would be closed.  That meant blocking the road coming from Caborca and El Golfo as well as a check point set up just north of town. This was a joint effort by local and State Police as well as the military and it worked.

We are quarantined in our homes and there is a policy in place that everyone needs to be off the street at 9 p.m.  How long will this last? We really have no idea, but it has had a huge economic impact on the city.  Bars and restaurants are closed, however, they do offer pick up or delivery.  Grocery stores are open as are bank, telephone company and CFE the electric company.  The condos and hotels had to cancel whatever reservations they had. Needless to say, this has put many people temporarily out of work, but the business owners are still paying for social security for the workers and the electric bills.

Chef Mickey as well as the Family Church of God, have been doing a great job of taking food to the poor areas of the city. A huge thank you to all that have donated money to buy the food and are helping deliver it.  We know that when this is over, we will come out of this as an even stronger community than before. One thing about living in a small city, is people are helping people and that is why we choose to live here.

We don’t know when the ban on coming here will be over. We need to make sure that we stay safe as the next big holiday would be Memorial Day and personally speaking,  I don’t see us opening up our doors.  It would be great if we could and that our people can get back to work. But the normal will now become the new normal and that is the way it is.  When we find when we can open, there will be a huge post here to welcome you all back home.  Until then from Puerto Penasco and, we wish you well and stay safe and healthy.

Cachora Cerveza Artesanal
Local Puerto Penasco Beer

We hope to be open by July, plan to come down to the Beer Festival at LaAreana3C. Here will find a great selection of craft breweries from Sonora as well as Baja Norte. There will be a couple of entries from Rocky Point that I know you will enjoy.

 Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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