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Whale Watching Season is Upon Us in Puerto Peñasco.

Whale Watching Season is Upon Us in Puerto Peñasco.

Recently Puerto Peñasco was designated as the only port in the State of Sonora to allow Whale Watching charters.  With this comes restrictions that we all hope to see followed.  Every tour boat that has gone out has seen multiple whales including one that appears to be a calf.  It is so awesome to see these gently giants swim among the boats and blow and show their tail.  On a recent cruise I went on with the Pancho Villa, it wasn’t long before we were out on the Sea of Cortez, that we came across the pair and then later on realized there were 2 adults and 1 smaller one. The water was like glass all day  with no wind and up until sunset quite warm. A beautiful day and adventure.

Panco Villa
Great boat for sunsets or fishing charters.

Upon the first sighting, everyone’s eyes were glues to the horizon , and it was amazing how close they would come to us.  If you have never been whale watching, it is something to add to your next trip to Puerto Peñasco.  Our captain did an outstanding job of staying back and giving them some space to swim around. The crew of the Pancho Villa were very helpful in pointing them out to us, so we knew what to look for in the water.  Everyone brought snacks so all we had to do is sit on the bow of the very comfortable cabin cruiser and watch.  Everyone had their cell phones ready and some of us used that as well as out Canon cameras for better close ups.  I  have been out several times before, but this time they just seemed to stay on top of the water longer before they dove down again.

Pancho Villa
Whale Watching 2020 aboard the Pancho Villa.

There are several Whale Watching ans Sunset boats in Rocky Point. You can choose from the Eco Tour and their other boat, the Sol Chaser is faster and can get to the area faster, Pancho Villa Charters,Go Big ChartersThe Intrepid, Del Mar Carters.  If you want sunset  cruises you can add the 2 Rey del Mar Pirate Ships to the mix.  Most offer open bars with  prices generally start at $25.00 pp.  Some also offer light snacks but you are welcome to bring your own.

Sol Chaser
One of the newest boats is the Sol Chaser

If you have a condo on Sandy Beach, many people staying in them have been able to see them from them. On the recent return trip of the Astoria Cruise ship the captain pointed out tat they would be passing through a large number of them.  This far north, we mainly see Fin Wales and on occasion a Humpback. Further to the south near Guaymus you will be able to see the Killer Whales. If you are the Pacific Ocean side you will see the Humpbacks and the panga’s (small boats) take you out and you can touch them.

We don’t know how long they will be here, so if you want to see them, plan your trip soon. Every year changes as to when they come and how long they stay.  If you need phone numbers call or email me.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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