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Christmas in Puerto Peñasco steeped in tradition.

Christmas in Puerto Peñasco steeped in tradition.

The Posada
The procession to the Inn.


We are only 28 days from the start of the Annual Christmas Posada’s which start on December 16.  In most countries the 12 days of Christmas are celebrated but in Mexico it is the 9 days leading up to Christmas Eve or Noche Buena as it is called.  During this time families gather every night to walk from house to house asking to come in. They are re-enacting  what Joseph and Mary did in Bethlehem.  Every night the party ends at a different home.  They walk carrying candles and a statue of the Virgin Mary as the sing along their journey. When they arrive at the right home they take turns singing to each other and asking for permission to come in.  When the home owner allows them passage, they come in and the party begins.  Here you will be treated to a traditional called Ponche con Piquete which is a fruit filled hot punch that is filled with fruits and normally either brandy or rum.  The families will also have regional or traditional foods.  They may serve Noche Buena beer. The one I had the honor of  attending, they also brought around bottles of Tequila and Squirt  to enjoy wile the children were breaking open the Pinata. This is such a happy time of the year.

Mexican Pinata's
Mexican Pinata’s

Unlike other countries,  is the fact the children don’t open their gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but rather on January 6th, which is know as “El DIa de los Reyes” or “King’s Day. The 3 kings are Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar and they are the ones who gives the toys to the children.  Here in Puerto Peñasco, the local motorcycle club distributes toys that were collected during the Bike Festival in November to one of the barrio areas as there are so many children that otherwise would have nothing. Each year hundreds of children receive at least 1 gift from these clubs.  The custom of opening gifts  early is becoming popular as that tradition is being brought here by the American’s. It is a tradition to have on King’s Day, “Rosca de Reyes” which is a sweet bread that will have a plastic baby Jesus hidden somewhere inside of it. Whoever gets that then has to have the party on February 2nd which is Dia de la Candelaria and tamales are served at this party.

The wonderful Tamale

If  you are in Puerto Peñasco and are fortunate to be invited to one if these parties, don’t turn it down. The traditions of Mexico are much fun to be a part of.

Santa Claus Club
Just some of the 12,000 children in 2018

Although not a religious tradition but never the less a tradition is the Santa Claus Club in Cholla Bay, where John Fowler has spearheaded the toy drive for many years.  All year long he collects toys and bikes and the they have a huge party in Cholla Bay for the children which also includes hot dogs and the condiments tog with it. If you want to donate or join the Santa Claus Club, please contact John on his website.

We look forward to having you come to Puerto Peñasco to see all we have to offer. Our beaches and weather are beautiful. So come down, sit back and relax and enjoy.  If you have an questions, please email me at or feel free to call me at 623-298-4284.