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What do we do for fun in Puerto Penasco in Summer?

What do we do for fun in Puerto Penasco in Summer?

Enjoy checking out all the shrimp boats that are in for the season

The one question I get asked the most, is what do people that live their full time or own businesses do for fun in summer?  Many businesses in the Malecon close up for a few weeks to give their employees a vacation.  Many people escape to Ensenada where it is cooler.  However many stay here and take the time to enjoy their boats for instance. Most of us did not have to turn the air conditioning on until July 4th, so we were really spoiled, but now summer is here. Sometimes on days off for business owners, they gather friends and go on Poker runs or out to the estuary for oysters and clams.

Panco Villa
Great boat for sunsets or fishing charters.

 Recently I received a call from the owner of the Pancho Villa and we did lunch and just spent time catching up with another friend. The Pancho Villa is a great family owned and operated cabin cruiser that is very family oriented as well as offering sunset cruses and fishing charters.  We went to Citron which is in Las Palomas and is air conditioned…. this is a must from now until mid September.  The owners of this boat also take family and friends out, so they can enjoy what they own.

Sol Chaser
Another Puerto Penasco sunset

Sol Chaser
Dolphins played with us for hours

Sol Chaser
One of the newest boats is the Sol Chaser

Then the owner of Eco Tours and the Sol Chaser called and invited me to join her and her family and friends for a sunset ride.  We left the harbor around 4 and motored out to in front of Mare Blu and where the cruise ships will hopefully someday come in.  Many of our group jumped in to go swimming while I choose to sit and enjoy the sky and took photos.  The water this time of the year is wonderful and no jelly fish.  From there we went back and dropped anchor in front of the Sonoran SKY. The Sol Caser has a panga type boat that follows us so here we all got off and trekked up to the Tekila Bar.  It sounds easy to get into and out of the small boat but for some of us it was a bit challenging, but was fun.  Next stop was around the Old Port and out in front of the Playa del Oro and the Pitahaya.  Here everyone decided to just swim and take sunset photos as due to the tides we couldn’t get in close enough.  All the owners of this boat were on board and I must say “A good time was had by all”.  The evening could not have been better with calm waters and dolphins chasing us from stop to stop.

Puppy mash
We are on over load with puppies.

Sweet puppies
Look at these faces!!!

Many of us stay here and do extra volunteer work for Barb’s Dog Rescue as this is when all the “snowbirds” have left and she is short handed.  If you are coming down for a weekend or week, please come out to Barb’s and play with the puppies and older dogs as well.  It is so much fun to see these little souls blossom from being nervous to looking forward to hugs and kisses.  If you can, we can always use puppy chow as we have had so many litters the last couple of months.  Don’t forget if you are looking for a furever friend, look no further than Barb’s. You can take them at 4 months for a private adoption and they have all of their shots, shot records and are either spayed or neutered and will give you unconditional love.
Come for the beach and stay for the sunsets.

Just a reminder that as soon as you cross into Mexico, there is a military check point.  They may ask you to pull over and step out of the car.  At this point make certain you take your purse or wallet and if you have something with your passports and auto ID in along with you.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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