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Enjoy Puerto Peñasco and Drive Safely

Enjoy Puerto Peñasco and Drive Safely

As you may remember I wrote awhile back about a tragic accident that took the lives of 2 beautiful young ladies from California on the Sandy Beach Road near Esmeralda, 1 year ago on March 28, 2018.  Amanda Korbas and Anna Wilson had been college room mates since they started college in San Diego. They both had plans for bright futures, but they were taken away way to soon.

1st responders and dignitaries

Being a volunteer for the US Consulate in Nogales, we were called to help the parents out in their time of need.  What the families did in return, was to purchase lighting and signage at the accident site.  On March 28, 2019, we dedicated the project with Tony Korbas and his mother Angie and Kevin Wilson present for the event.  As a thank you the city and SBR erected a memorial plaque in the girls honor and as a way of thanking the parents for their generosity.  If you have a chance go past the site slowly to see what can be done when we all come together as one.  Also present was the Chief of Police Raul Quintero,  Council woman Anahi Pacheco, the Fire Chief Dr. Francisco Carrillo and all 10 of the 1st responders who tended to the girls.  A special  thanks to Juan Mesa of SBR, David Zazueta Torrecillas, representative for the mayor and Jesus Miraso also from the Mayor Munro’s office who made this happen.

Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson, father of Anna Wilson and Red Cross

Tony Korbas
Tony Korbas father of Amanda Korbas and his mother.

We hope everyone who reads this will head the signs as well as the speed signs that have been posted on the Sandy Beach Road as well as other areas of Puerto Peñasco. These signs have both the speed in kilometers and the fine in Mexican money.  You will find a new round about as you head towards the resorts as well as stop signs there.  The round about by the Family Church of God also has new stop signs.

Korbas family

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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