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Spring Break and Semana Santa..what do they have in common?

Spring Break and Semana Santa..what do they have in common?

Easter 2019
Wishing You a Happy Easter

Well we have one week of Spring Break down  in Puerto Peñasco and a couple of more to go!  You might be asking what do they have in common?  Well it is one word PARTY.  As in most tourist areas of the USA and Mexico, Spring Breakers flock to the beaches to do one thing for the most part and that is to drink.  In no other area of Mexico that I am aware of do the quads and other 4 wheel vehicles like Rhinos, etc.that run the streets.  When this is combined with alcohol it can be a recipe for  disaster.  Every year we have serious accidents and fatalities. This is not meant to be negative or scary, but I would like to let parents know, that your kids need to be made aware of what getting drunk can do if they are not careful.  Please caution them no matter how old they are of the ramifications to bad behavior and what it can lead to.  Make sure they either use cabs or have a DD at all times.  Make sure one person in the group or more is willing to watch out for everyone.  If your kids are of high school age, perhaps a parent or 2 should be coming down with them. We are super full and have been ranked by FORBES as one of the top 10 Spring Break destinations.
Semana Santa

Next we can deal with Semana Santa aka Easter Holy Week.  As I have told people for years that after noon on Good Friday, there is nothing holy about it.  Many businesses in the Malecon do not open that week and it is not for lack of business, but rather to give their employees a break.  The people that flock here are not known for their tipping, so the waiters are run ragged for no tips.  The beaches are littered with diapers and anything else you can think of.  The day Mexico brought in non refundable  beer bottles was a sad day.  Now it is just toss them out the window or on the beach.

In both holidays, it is not all of the young people or families, but the bad behavior is what we see.  If you are planning a trip here during these times, please be respectful of the residents of Rocky Point.  Don’t go up the dirt streets on the quads doing doughnuts as there are children that play on the streets as well as the helpless dogs that have no place to hide.  The dust that is created is dangerous to other vehicles as well, as you can not see what is in front of you.

Sea of Cortez
Horse back riding on the beach.

Sunset in Rocky Point
Catch a Rocky Point Sunset.

 We want you to come and have fun and enjoy our pristine beaches, but please leave them as you found them. The town has so much to offer everyone from walks on the beach to great shopping and restaurants. Also enjoy a sunset cruise, go horse back riding, fishing or play golf. If you haven’t made your reservations, it is best to do so very soon.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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