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Whale Watching 2019

Whale Watching 2019

Pancho Villa
Whale Watching 2019 aboard the Pancho Villa.

Whale Watching
Whale getting ready to dive.

 Like clockwork the Fin and Humpback whales arrived in the upper Sea of Cortez for the residents and tourists to enjoy.  They were about 8 miles off shore and seem to love to play with the Dolphin and the whale watching boats.  On February 9th, I had the opportunity to go out on the Pancho Villa to see them.  We had a family with quadruplets on board and they were so excited and acted as out our look outs.  We hadn’t been out very long when a huge Fin Whale came off the starboard very close to us.  I was not certain who was more excited the children or the adults.

Come out an play
Whale Watching February 9, 2019

Just a little back ground on the Fin Whale. They can grow up to 85′ and weigh between 73 and 82 ton.  As a rule they will blow 3 times and then dive down.  They are capable of diving up to 230 meters.  The Fin is the 2nd largest in length behind the Blue Whale. The Humpback grows 12-16 meters and weighs between 25-30 ton, It was interesting after it dove down, the water was very calm and smooth.  All the little birds that were on the water seemed to know where he was going to surface.  There were times he seemed to be circling us and playing with us. Mom’s and calves have been spotted in Puerto Peñasco in the 4 last few days.

Whale watching
Whale giving us his wave. (Photo by Beverly Arrowood)

Believe me there is no reason to drive all the way to San Diego to go Whale Watching on crowed boats. There are several boats that now do whale watching tours.  Pancho Villa is a large comfortable cabin cruiser with lots of room to spread out that also offers sunset cruises, Bird Island tours and well as fishing charters. Then you have Eco Tours with 2 catamarans, the 1st being the largest of their 2 and it is a double decker that offers, sunset cruises and trips to Bird Island  Their 2nd boat is named the Sol Chaser and it is quite fast to get you to Bird Island and sunset cruises. It is very comfortable and smaller more intimate.  Oscar Preciado of  Del Mar Charters offers sunset trips about his catamaran as well as fishing trips on his other boats.  BIG MOMMA offers fishing trips.

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

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