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Cost of Living in Puerto Peñasco vs the United States

Cost of Living in Puerto Peñasco vs the United States

After following the various Facebook sites dealing with living in Rocky Point, I have decided to write about the cost of living here vs. Phoenix as an example. Overall, the cost of living here full time is much less than Phoenix.  However, if you want to go out to eat every night or hit the bars, this is where the cost is very similar, unless you are eating at taco shops.

CFE Mexico

One of the most talked about difference is the cost of electricity.  CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad) rebates us in the summer months as electricity in Mexico is very expensive.  They do not do that in the winter months.  Overall, even though it is expensive here, it is nothing in comparison to ASP or SRP in Arizona.  We use what they call mini splits and they are very energy efficient.  With the use of this system, you only heat and cool the areas that you want. Our home is about 1820 sq. ft. and the bill for the last 2 months was $3500 pesos.  Converting that to US Dollars it comes out to about $97.00 per month and that is with doing a lot of baking, Christmas lights, hot water and heat (as it has been cooler here than normal).  We had a park model in the Phoenix area and it was costing us that much on a balanced plan for roughly 500 sq. ft. So even though many consider it high, it really is not.  If you rent your condo or home, you will probably find much higher costs, as renters are known to not conserve water or air conditioning.

Telmex Mexico

Telcel Mexico

Next comes the phone and internet. This service is provided by TelMex.  Basic service is about $30 USD or $387.00 pesos.  This is a pretty fast version of internet so I am happy with their service.   Cell service is with Telcel and varies by type of phone and plan.  I am not one to be on my cell phone a lot so I buy a pay for minutes plan, which costs me $200.00 pesos for 30 days with unlimited calling to the USA and Canada.  If you use a smart phone and have data plans you will pay more.


Our water is provided by the city called OOMPASS.  Normally it is about $2200.00 pesos of you pay for the year in advance.  OOMPASS has been upgrading their water system finally after years of doing anything.  Most homes and the condo complexes have water reservoirs to hold water in case of an emergency.  Along with this you have a pressure pump to get the water from the street to file up those tanks.

OOmislim MexicoWe do have garbage pick up thought OOMSLIM and it seems to be improving at least where we are.  Pay annually it is $500.00 pesos if you pay in January.  Otherwise it will double.

Property taxes are very reasonable compared to the USA.

When you own property free and clear you will get a bank trust. You pay a fee for the trust as well as pay an annual  fee.  The original trust is based on the cost of the property and annual fee is paid every year as long as you have thrust.  Although a costly item, you have to have it. All it means is the bank holds the trust but you have the rights of ownership, rent it or will it to your heirs.

The cost of gasoline in Rocky Point vs. Sonoyta is huge.  All the border cities have much lower rates per liter and here.  The price changes a lot, but gas is expensive!!!!

Probably the biggest thing is fine dining restaurants are less than say Scottsdale or Phoenix, even though you hear the complaining about the prices.  Compare a 14oz prime filet at Garufa at $380.00 peso to the same piece of meat there and you will see a huge difference.  For most of those living here full time, you don’t go out to fine dining everyday.  We have excellent meat, vegetables, fruit not to mention the wonderful thing Puerto Peñasco is known for SHRIMP and FISH. 

Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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