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Signage and lighting changes on the Sandy Beach Road

Signage and lighting changes on the Sandy Beach Road

Yesterday I saw a post on Face Book talking about “Spring Break 2019”.  I am still trying to get through Christmas and New Year’s.  However, I need to tell you a story that is close to my heart.  Myself and Rick Busa have the positions of what was called a “Warden” but is now called Citizen Liaison Volunteer for the US Consulate out of Nogales.  What this means is that if there is an issue where an American is in trouble or need of help, we are called to help with whatever is needed.  I am telling you this story so that we never forget a tragedy that  happened so fast. This tragedy took the lives of 2 young ladies, Amanda Korbas and Anna Wilson. They were getting ready to start another year in college and were really enjoying their time here before school started.

Yellow lights

I took this volunteer position in November of 2017 and Rick has done it for 10 years.  Well, 2 days before Good Friday and during Spring Break, I got a call from the US Consulate about the tragic deaths of 2 young women on the road where the black top ends and the dirt road starts by Esmeralda and could I help.  They were not the drivers but passengers in a vehicle.  One of the young ladies died on impact and the other in route to Tucson.

Indicating road divides looking east

This show that the divided road ends.

 On Friday I met both sets of parents in the Sam’s Club parking lot and we proceeded to where they were staying, which ironically was on the opposite corner of our home.  Here they retrieved the belongings and we proceeded to the mortuary where Rick met us and where we spent several hours and then off to the police department.  The Korbas family drove back to Tucson to make arrangements for their daughter.

I am telling you this  because if you live in Cholla Bay or travel out to Mare Blu or Wrecked, you are seeing some changes.  The family of Amanda Korbas has paid to have a overhead solar light placed there along with signage and by the time you read this there will be 2 flashing yellow lights.  Their hope is that this gets peoples attention, so that no other family ever has to go through what they did.  It has taken us awhile to get this done, but with the help of Juan Mesa from SBR and David Alanso Zazueta Torreci the liaison from Mayor Munro’s office, Mayor Munro and Rick Busa, we have finally accomplished the goal.

Wrong Way Sign
This indicates the road is divided and do not enter

I hope that every time you drive on that road, that you do so with caution.  We see so many people driving recklessly so please think twice before you become a statistic.  Our thanks go out to the Korbas family for their generosity in doing something so needed for our city of Puerto Peñasco.  It has been my pleasure to have been of assistance to the Korbas family along with the others involved.

Light at night
This light now lights up the area where the pavement ends and dirt road begins.

Solar Light
This light lights up a large area.