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Los Martinez Bacanora comes to Puerto Peñasco

Los Martinez Bacanora comes to Puerto Peñasco

Just in time for holiday giving or enjoying some for yourselves.  Los Martinez Bacanora is now on sale.  Choose from Special Edition Reposado, Blanco, Blanco Special Edition or Crema de Bacanora.  Each of these is 100% Agave de Sonora.

These are the 4 types that are available.

If you are not familiar with Bacanora, it is the drink of Sonora and only is produced in Sonora.  Most of the production comes from small cities to the east and northeast of Hermosillo. It is a little stronger than Tequila and is an acquired taste.

Martin Martinez is a native Sonoran and has his heart set on show casing products from the state.  He is passionate when he talks about Bacanora and all the other products produced in the state.  Recently there have been some changes in laws to help the businesses in the state show off their products with out huge license fees and this will include Bacanora.  While visiting with him, he expressed the fact that after the first of the year, he plans to open a small retail outlet for all of these products and it will include cookbooks as well as the native drink.  We talked about when a tourist comes to Puerto Peñasco and wants to buy gifts to take back, all you find are things made in the South of Mexico.  Now you will have a chance to purchase regional items and give them as gifts.

He and some friends recently attended the Bacanora Festival in Bacanora.  He said as you wander the little streets, everyone comes out of their homes offering you their Bacanora and their food.  Then you stroll back to the plaza where the festival is held.  This drink is an artisan made hand crafted drink.  They cook the Pina’s (as they are called) in a big pit.  The juice starts to drip through the 3 stages of fermenting and aging and  wen the elder tastes it and it just right, it is then that it is bottled.

The small town of Bacanora.

Los Martinez Bacanora comes from the town of Sahuaripa and is very close to the town of Bacanora.  There are 34 municipalities that produce mescal which is produced by the agave grown in these towns.

Crema de Bacanora
Crema de Bacanora

Currently he is selling the pint bottles but eventually will sell them in beautiful larger bottles.  Each of the labels represents a part of Sonora.  The Crema de Bacanora label depicts the sand dunes that are seen in the State of Sonora.  Although similar to Bailey’s you will find it a bit more stout.

Deer Man
This is the Reposada

This label represents the statue of the Fisherman.

The 2 bottles featured above feature the Statue of the Deer that you will see in many of the cities like Obregon etc.  It is on the Reposado and the label on the Blanco features the statue of the Fisherman that you see in the Malecon area of rocky Point.
This a Special Editon label featured on the Blanco

Lastly, the Special Edition Blanco features the beautiful Sonoran Desert Sunset.  The prices for these are the Reposado is $295 pesos or $15 USD and the Blanco and Crema are $250 pesos or $12 USD.  You can call Martin at 638-380-1088 or 602-449-8860 to place you order and he will deliver to your business or home.

This the back label telling where it is made
Come out and join the fun while enjoying the beautiful weather in Puerto Peñasco and the stunning  Sea of Cortez views.  Remember Rocky Point is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.
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